Sprint EOL list leaves a lot of room for new BlackBerry smartphones

Sprint EOL
By Bla1ze on 26 Jul 2011 12:18 pm EDT

If there was any doubt about Sprint getting some new BlackBerry smartphones this should be enough confirmation for anyone out there. Pretty much all of their current BlackBerry offerings have now hit their EOL (End Of Life) llist. The BlackBerry Style 9670, Bold 9650 and Curve 3G are all on their way out, only to be replaced with the BlackBerry Bold 9930, Torch 9850 and the Curve 9350 in the next little while. We're still hearing constant rumors of August for all these devices and thus far -- nothing has come along that conflicts with that information. Poor BlackBerry Style -- we hardly knew ya buddy!

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Sprint EOL list leaves a lot of room for new BlackBerry smartphones


Looking forward to some new devices, but really, they have to get rid of the Style? My users love that device...we have almost 200 of them deployed (which really shocks me).

Not really surprised about the style.. I have one and its the only one I have ever seen in public. Don't imagine sprint would wanna keep a poor selling blackberry around especially with OS7 devices around the corner.

I have a style and really like it. I can't believe they're dropping it after 9 months, but continue to sell the POS Storm 2, which was one of the the worst devices they've ever sold, for a SHOCKING $200 at Verizon. They're actually trying to sell it at the same price as the latest 4G superphones and the upcoming iPhone 5!

And too bad we're not going to get any info on upcoming OS 7 devices today. Just a contest announcement for an upcoming fan night. RIM...

I'm shedding a tear for the Style (seriously love this device) but since I have an upgrade available come Aug/Sept, I was going to get one of the newer devices anyway and give the Style to my oldest daughter.

I really believe the Style will make a comeback this year! I personally feel the Pearl should disappear, or at least the SureType keyboard! What's the difference between the Pearl & Curve if they both look and cost about the same?

There are people that I know who love the SureType keyboard and think the width of the pearl is perfect. Personally, I think the Bold 9000 is the best keyboard, but they make different ones for different people.

The Bold 9650 was okay. Would have had a better experience with it if it would have had the same processor as the Bold 9000, 9700 or (my current phone, Bold 9780). The time my 9650 took to reset after a battery pull was 3-4x's that of the 9780. Aside from that and the lag time to take photos in comparison to the 9700/9780 it was a great device :o)... I switched to T-mo because of the option of having white BB's

I think RIM/BlackBerry should streamline its product line, cut down on the number of different devices it offers... this would surely speed up Apps development time...

And it's exciting to see new BlackBerrys being rolled out soon hopefully in August, let's hope RIM can get significant quantity out to catch the tail end of the Back-To-School season!

They only list the Style Gray. Since they list the various colors of the EVO separately this would lead me to believe the Style Purple will continue on for a short while longer.

Too bad about the Style. My wife has one and she loves it. We were just saying this morning she should do an early upgrade so she has a new one. :) Hopefully Telus will have them around for a while.

I have a 9650 and I guess 15 months is the average life expectancy of any smartphone these days. I notice that updates are still coming to phones that have reached EOL.....I wonder if we will still receive updates for the 9650 now or in the future.

I have a Blackberry Style and I like it. It is nice that it is a flip phone, accept or end calls by opening or closing. Wish it were going to continue with new hardware and maybe a touchscreen and ability to change the background on the outer screen.

Too bad about the Style, I think it has the potential as a lower end counterpart to the torch. Considering it's CDMA on Sprint only and not a touch screen what hope really did it have. I'd like to see an updated GSM version, it would be a great companion to a Playbook!

The Style's marketing was a major fail for RIM. Their TV ads should have targeted 18-40 year old females. Picture a teen BBM'ing with her friends, a group of ladies out on the town uploading a photo to Facebook, or a professional woman emailing and managing her busy schedule with her Style.

They could have had one about phone envy. A woman goes to work with her new Style and her coworkers admire it so much they want to go out and get one of their own.

RIM could have even played on the name... "Be stylish" or "Be stylin with the world's only flip smartphone...the BlackBerry Style."

Instead it starred a guy who sells sneakers. He flips his Style closed and slips it in his shirt pocket displaying the back of the phone on the outside. WTF???

Maybe there's a new touchscreen Style in the works. Add that and a front camera and the phone could be quite popular. Also, only the Gray one is listed as EOL meaning the Purple may still be available. There's always a possibility that there may be a different color replacing the Gray as well (think standard Black)

I sure hope the new Blackberries drop on Sprint in August. I brought a bunch of phones I had that were new (but i didnt want to fiddle with ebay) up there to use towards a credit on my account for when the new berries drop and was told if you put the credit on your account you cant use it to purchase a new device.

So I ended up buying a device and just decided that I will return it within 30 days (and hopefully the new berries will drop before today in August) because Sprint needs to make that buy back program clear, and state what you can and cannot use the credit for. When she said that, I was like well what about a gift card, and she said it will not let me put the amount on the gift card, so I was like what about paying off my contract and then when the new device comes out, using the discount to get the new device and she was like no you cant do that cause you have to wait x amount of days. It was just the biggest hassle.