Sprint Curve Updates: Sunday Advertising, Coming in Red and Available on May 7th?!

Sprint Curve Coming May 7th?!
By Kevin Michaluk on 4 May 2008 07:56 pm EDT

Big Thanks to everyone who sent in tips and images on this (I received over two dozen emails on it today!!!)... it seems ads for the Sprint 8330 Curve popped up in a lot of newspapers today, AND... the color availability includes not only Titanium but RED!

As for availability, the talk in the forums now suggests May 7th! Keep it locked to the Sprint 8330 Curve Coming Soon thread for the latest details.

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Heard pink was coming to Verizon. Wonder if Telus will get any colors.
Happy with my 8330 and paid $199 CAD. So not bad. But wish the GPS bug gets fixed soon! :)


Very nice ad, makes me wanna switch to Sprint um nevermind HA


Returned my pearl to Sprint today, went to alltel for the curve. Was told by the salesperson at sprint mid-may for release. And there goes another Sprint customer.


Does this phone have a camera? I really want a Blackberry but I need a camera with it. I see that the 8300 has a camera but couldnt find one for the 8330.


i still have that burning "we're all being lied to" feeling

Jon G

It will be available to order on Friday May 9th


According to three different Reps in their Tele-Sales Dept. the curve has been pushed back to a Mid-June release.


so i spoke with telesales this morning and they told me it will not be avail. til the 12th of May and that this particular person was going to call me when they phone was ready for purchase ha lets see how true that is

Khadijah J.

It was available for purchase on the Sprint website last Friday! If you call telesales, you'll find that its available, but only in the dark gray, not the red.