Sprint commercial shows off the BlackBerry Q10

By Adam Zeis on 3 Sep 2013 08:57 am EDT

Even though Sprint is way late to the Q10 game, they dropped a new commercial that shows off over 90 seconds of Q10 goodness. It's honestly one of the best spots for the Q10 (or BlackBerry 10) yet and it makes me wish that someone had thrown it up months ago. The ad itself shows off the Q10's Super AMOLED display and keyboard as well as BlackBerry Balance, the Hub, BBM and more. 

Overall it's a really good spot and hopefully one that will entice many Sprint users to pick up a Q10. 

Check it out above and let us know what you think in the comments!

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Sprint commercial shows off the BlackBerry Q10


Can we actually get someone talking about and demonstrating the OS in these ads, instead of screenshots and slides? Please?? Feels so impersonal.

I rode the Palm ship til it sank ..... i feel a DejaVu ..... I am real close to getting the Q ..... part of me is saying "Hold Back" .....

I'd suggest not to hold back. I've had my Z10 since March and it really is showing no signs of slowing down. I've really enjoyed the leaks! I'm running and loving it; the most stable/quick release I've had so far.

The z10 has been great. I'm getting the q10 for my staff and do far they love it. I was going to get the Q but think I may get the A10.

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Foolish? Think again.

Breaking news: MS is buying Nokia's cellphone business for USD 7.1 bn - WSJ.

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What does MS buying NOK have to do with buying a BlackBerry phone? Most people buy a phone with the expectation that it will last about two years. Even if you consider the worst case scenario, someone will own BlackBerry and your phone will not self destruct.

Has nothing to do with MS buying Nokia - this is a Thread on the Sprint Q10 advertisement...... I have sprint and a 9930 - talking about the Q10 .... when I had the last Palm - support for it went swirling down the tubes - apps were non existent .... just making comments here

I too had a Palm (WebOS was the best). But fwiw, I have the Q10 and I really really like it. As with the WebOS phone, the BB10 is the best OS today. It may not compare in every respect to WebOS, but it reliable, fast, and there are things that BB10 can do that WebOS didn't do. Plus the hardware on the Q10 is just really high class. Check it out at your store and I think that you might be swayed. The Q10 was my first BB device and I have no regret and would still get even if BB sank. Like I said: It's the best OS today! And the phone is a real beauty. Oh yes, if you're coming from WebOS, I think you'll really like the Hub.

AT&T did one for the Torch years ago that was funny and cute. I wish BB would do something like that again. I'm with you guys!

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I don't know, I think people now-a-days want to think they are techy people, so they might be more inclined to go for ads that talk about how "advanced" their phones are. All day at work I over hear people reciting the BS commercials advertise as if it's something they know about the phone... Kind of sad, kind of funny, but I guess the advertising works... Whatever makes these ignorant people feel like they know something techy seems to have an impact.

I'm not sure this is a commercial that will air on TV. This looks like the video they have on their site on the product page for the Q10.

1200 whole views.

No matter how good the commercial, it's not going to be very effective if it's limited to youtube channel distribution.

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This is what you get when you take the marketing outside and away from everyone at Blackberry, something that doesn't make you feel ashamed to be a BB fan.

I will keep banging on about this, after 15 years of horrendous marketing that has hurt far more than it's helped, they should outsource the marketing and give them a board seat.

Great AD Sprint actually very very good in fact !! Nothing competes with the QWERTY BlackBerry Q10.....maybe BlackBerry should build a 3.85 inch QWERTY for Samsung !!! Maybe a High throttle, High spec High Biz QWERTY called the QS30 !!! Q for QWERTY and S for Samsung and the number 30 for the 3.85 inch screen, 3G RAM , 32G internal storage and yes this will be a high end consumer and enterprise phone. Yes ....BB10 and BES 10 support !!

Now I would like to see something that will air on TV. Maybe one during America's Got Talent, like I saw with Verizon in the past?

Don't know why it would sell it hasn't sold anywhere else it is really just a status symbol. Although the US is a rich country are there enough who want a status symbol to make the Q10 a success. The Q5 would have been a far better choice for Sprint.


How the hell is a Q10 a "status symbol?" If anything, the new GS4 and the iPhone 5 are status symbols because they are the "cool" phones right now.

Nice commercial and hopefully we see it on TV soon to get people talking and buying it. It's a little late to the party but still time to have some fun with it I am thinking.

CEO of Verizon on CNBC said " he would not right off BB just yet, they have a great service and product offering "

along with this great Sprint AD I would also like to see an AD like the Inside Hook AD and the Q5 AD where we see actual people using the phone !! Busy and on the Go !!

the screen should show cast how the phone works whilst they are describing the functions! I think i will actually feel confused if i do not know the functions already...

Very good AD and even though I left sprint to get the Z10 I have been missing my 9930 and unlimited service which was great in my location. Since they finally released the Q10 and seeing this AD is making me want it more. Besides I think the Z10 and Q10 look good together and depending on the future may upgrade the Z10 to Z30.

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im not sure whats worse, the music in the ad, the fact that its just screenshots (even the camera and phone icons move), the fact its terrible or the fact people on here are saying its good!!

The BlackBerry ship is still strong, don't underestimate the power of the black berry, the phone is solid and the best business tool our there.....just need to know how to unlock it's power.

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That was perfect, why did it take them 6 months to release this? Maybe it is to counter the iphone...kinda like HTC, they are releasing these HTC One commercials half a year late.

Guys, it's a terrible commercial. You never see any interaction with the screen or signature features like hub or peek actually displayed an screen as an animation.

Heck, people may miss that it is a touch screen phone, because there only is a verbal reference to it early on; it is never demonstrated!

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Considering it's a Sprint video, I don't think it's that bad. In the video they explain a lot of interesting features. Once you go into a Sprint store and get it in your hand, THEN the rest comes alive giving you that WOW factor you say the video is missing.

That's how BlackBerry needs to market their products! That commercial explained all the great features of the device. If I didn't know about BlackBerry, I would be interested now. I know what that device is capable of and I want to check it out!

That's the problem with BlackBerry, nobody knows about it... or knows how much better it is now..

What's holding me back is something stupid. I used to plonk my 9900 into its cradle and, boom. sync with desktop Outlook. I would resent having to use two hands to connect the Q10 to charge. Am I missing something about ease of charging here?

Not that good of a commercial, I thought I was seeing another BlackBerry OS phone. Instead of the flowing and high end video game capable Q10

Marketing is everything

The commercial is weak but its better than nothing. Why is there a virtual Q10 instead of using a real one?

Huh? No mention of BB10! Nothing that differentiates this BlackBerry from the old. They should start out and emphasize this is not the same old BlackBerry!! Highlight Web browsing which was always slow
On legacy devices. It may be a good commercial for the converted but not good to attract new or prospective! BlackBerry users. Pretty low key as well, no emotional attachment like the Apple and Samsung ads. Still better than nothing. There should be an opportunity for BlackBerry with the intro of ios7. Apple has to make sure they do a near perfect rollout or they will have literally millions of passed users. It will be interesting!!

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Well, a couple of the screens were simulated. But otherwise, imagine if this was the commercial at the Super Bowl.

Wait, imagine if the "Z10 Keep Moving" commercial was the one at the Super Bowl. The one with the catchy music that should have been the default ring tone.

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Super nice, they well crafted this one. They showed a lot of BB10 features. I like it. FireUp Sprint :) Is about time.

The ad is okay, still too cut and dried. At least it's not too arty like previous ads, but they still need to ramp up their marketing way more than they've been doing.

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Why the Canadians can't produce this kind of advertising instead of super Bowl hoo rah rah that didn't generate the sales they expected?? Why wait for a second tier American phone company to make justice to the phone???

BB10 - great product, awful sales and marketing!
Grade average 5... you know where I'm going with this.

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it was possibly THE worst commercial iv seen.
The superbowl one at least tried to be hip and catchy, this was boring, lethargic and that music! felt like it was from a 70`s porno or something.
Watching that advert says to me `still boring and businessy`

I like this approach to advertising bb10, showing the phone's unique capabilities, not just sliding screen ads they usually show on tv. Probably they need to switch to another ad agency.

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I keep saying: I'm new @ BlackBerry with the z10... and I never had such a great device before... go BlackBerry, go Sprint. The ad is a good move...

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The commercial is better than most that BlackBerry or any others come out with but it's still a little too robotic, it lacks emotion and that human element. BlackBerry needs to find a way to market to the consumer on level that tugs on the heart and it's ability to connect with people and not just to the device.. be it a Z, Q or any other.

People that love their iPhone feel a "sense" of connection to their friends and Apples commercials convey that sense. BlackBerry NEEDS to do the same, the technical approach was right with business and many years ago but in the age of consumers and a younger demographic this has to change in order for BlackBerry to gain relevancy as a contender to Apple, Samsung and now Windows Phone.

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Who is responsible for this spot (in its entirety, meaning storyboard, footing etc.): Sprint or BlackBerry??? can't imagine that this one was made by Boulben et.al.

Seriously, this guy is the wrong one... when I saw his presentation at BlackBerry Live back in may I kind of had a feeling that this turnaround story will not be perceived well... And Brand Perception is key in this situation... I get more and more the feeling that the Media and the PR dept at BlackBerry hate each other... you can only loose engaging in a fight with the media...

And by the way, when advertising a Q10 aiming at the qwerty diehards YOU MUST show off the touch cursor...!!!!!

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SPRINT, you were slow (in order to provide BB10 to your customer), so we did switched to T-Mobile and pay ETF with Sprint, in order to have BB Z10. Eventhough we only have 2G coverage here, but no worries, I work from home anyway so I am connected to wi-fi. VOILA! Thank you for having us for a little over a year now. We had no complain what so ever. Now we will abe able to upgrade our devices in 6 months or so, if we need to :) woohoooo

Not so familiar with the US advertising, well not beyond the occasional TV while 'over there' on vacation, but to me it seemed OK. No more than that.

I felt it was too long - needed to be 30-60 seconds and far more punchy. The ad, while better than nothing, just didn't seem to be dynamic - lacked impact.

Agreed. It still did not show how PEEK, or enter the HUB, because they kept spinning the phone, so nobody would see how smooth and quick it is to switch from app to app. The flow in BB10 is remarkable.

They need to make adverts that evoke an positive emotional response (a connection with the viewer) whilst showing the features of the phone. That is really the only way to get someone to want it.

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THIS is good, and hopefully does generate sales, a tuff situation being faced is when people are drawn into the stores are the carrier reps changing the minds of people?
A co-worker of mine saw my z10(miami fl) and asked if that was one of the new blackberrys? and said both her and her husband went to get q10's and after talking to the rep , they were convinced to buy htc 1's .... all this after she wanted to get q10's because she preferred the q10 for the keyboard.

This was not a bad commercial, not a great one, but it is better than the ones I have seen so far. Defiantly needs some tweaks but a good start

Nice commercial. Sad to see Sprint launch the Q10 so late, just from a marketing perspective. For the consumer, the Q10 is still a fabulous choice for someone who wants a phone that makes them more productive and simply gets stuff done fast.

Adv is good but not as good as my q10 is.. love this device. Got in love with bold 9700 than hated 9900. I've decided to give BlackBerry a chance.. and that was right choice! Device is fast, im loving new op. sys. feels good in my hand and basically I do not see myself with any other device now. Period.

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Well, it's not made for TV. So, you have to keep that in mind. So frustrating that we have to find any kind of commercial at this stage of the game. BlackBerry is either waiting for 10.2 to make any kind of meaningful push or knew all along they were just going to hold back and sell the company. Not sure though? They have never been gifted at marketing or understanding the current landscape of customers. Shame

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That's a better BB10 commercial than BlackBerry has done yet. WTG Sprint! Better late than never, but you're definitely far past fashionably late. This is a good start in making up for that

Marketing of Blackberry 10 has been terrible. They should have rolled out both the Z10 and Q10 together and had all carriers on board. Rumor has it US Cellular had 100000 subscribers and Blackberry played hardball and demanded they purchase 250k. In 6 months USCC has less than 70K as people are jumping to Android or IPhone. As a long time Blackberry user at USCC I hope Blackberry will sell what USCC wants now before they have have no Blackberry users. Blackberry could still be the No.3 player with good ad campaign. I applaud Sprint for highlighting the Q10.

The add is good and enticing, I can't believe AT&T didn't really do any marketing for the Bbq10, I only saw it once and decide to go for it. However blackberry can still make a difference and be aggressive on the marketing side for both the Q10 and the Z10, these are outstanding phones!!! BlackBerry MUST be targeting the young crowd, I can't imagine that blackberry doesn't have at least one competent person marketing for this group. Come on BB, you're doing great things, however, there's always room for improvement.


Probably the best advertising from any of the BlackBerry parties including BlackBerry. Sad but true. This along with the QNX advertising should have been running on North American TV for the past 8 months.

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At 1:04 the typing speed is clearly exaggerated. I'm not a fan of such marketing trickery. Cool commercial though.

As mentioned a couple of times above, this doesn't look like a commercial, it looks like a product video they would show in the store. Anyway, just think if they would have done these back in January and rolled out promptly and got staff at the Sprint locations on board.

Im pleased to see an American carrier put out a full length commercial talking about the specific features of the device. Hell BlackBerry's own commercial doesn't.

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Although various media reports on collapsed Q10 sales are anecdotal at best, it appears that enterprise has rejected OS 10 on the Q10.....can sales be turned around with ongoing OS development? Media reports on auctioning the company quickly doesn't sound encouraging......

This Q10 is an amazing phone, its super fast. iphone 5 and samsung s4 is no match for the blackberry 10!yes the Q10 is different from the iphone 5 and samsung very different because its not a TV DVD its a phone for calling and emails for people on the GO! i dont want to look like an idiot with a very LARGE phone to my ears,just the right size is good enough so you will not look stupid on the streets of san francisco or beijing or baghdad or lebanon or wallstreet,I DONT CARE WHAT THEY SAY! STOP!QUIET! i love my Q10!!!

Theres barely any reviews on q10 at at&t site- I think some of us who has att q10 should spread the word and write some reviews at att.com ... It doesn't requare registration- Just leave your good/ bad honest review- spread the word!!!

Got mine a week ago yesterday, February 13th. BUT Sprint NEEDS to release the 10.2 update ASAP.
It's running on 2 cylinders without it. It's still great though.