Sprint-branded BlackBerry Q10 spotted

By Simon Sage on 8 Aug 2013 09:59 am EDT

Sprint BlackBerry Q10

Hey, remember back in January when Sprint said they'd be getting the BlackBerry Q10 in the spring? According to the latest from the rumor mill, it's in testing now and we'll be seeing it in stores at the end of August.

We've already seen launches on AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint doesn't even have the Z10, which leaves a lot of customers without a BlackBerry 10 option. On the flip side, this lines up nicely with the back-to-school season.

Any students on Sprint and considering picking up a Q10? Check out our full review to get an idea of what you're in for. 

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Sprint-branded BlackBerry Q10 spotted


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Oh, you were trying to feel special and not commenting on the article about Sprint? Oops, sorry...

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Don't listen to haterz who also chose the opportunity to post without commenting on the article. First wins a cookie everybody knows that.

Onto the article: Sprint cannot be considered a partner in BBRY business based on their lackadaisical approach to putting BBRY product into Sprint customer hands.

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Honestly though why would you want a 4G LTE phone on a network that only has 3G?and even that's slower than a turtle

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I posted "first :)" one day and they removed my comment . . .

such a popularity contest . . .

i thought this fan site was an unbiased environment

Seriously, are there any BB users left on Sprint? I would think they all would have jumped ship by now...

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I left for many reasons, one of which was them not getting the Z10. Another was their terrible service where I worked. Would kill my 9930 battery in under 3 hours.

BlackBerry Z10 | Verizon |

Make that five left. However I am looking at the S4. I think my time with BB has come to an end. If only sprint had the Z10.

I switched already, what a joke the One is! See my posts in android central forums about rooting and removing the bloatware (like Udove) to get decent battery life.

I left back in April. I refused to wait that long for the new BlackBerry, not to mention the fact that they weren't even going to carry the Z10. So I cancelled my plan with them and hopped on over to T-Mobile.

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There are a few of us left waiting patiently not making choices that will cost us more money.

Agreed...I have been sitting on my hands waiting...and now I might as well wait for the Z30...what's a few more years right?? LOL (I hope not)

Yes...still waiting here too! My Bold is about on it's 4th flat albeit from hard labor. Hurry up already!

Sad. I left Sprint in March (first day of the Z10 release) because of mess like this. I like their unlimited data, but give people have phones they want when they want them. Happy the Q10 is an option, but please market this Sprint; especially if you're "supposed" to be getting the Z30 first...

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That's why I switched from Sprint to AT&T and I was with them for over 8 years, no Z10 when AT&T had it = I'm out!

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I switched from Sprint to VZW because they didn't have BB10 and I didn't want to wait. Unfortunately, my wife had just gotten her S4 and wasn't too keen to move, so she stayed. Having been with my Z10 for a while now, though, I think I'm going to go back to Sprint when they come out with the Q. Sprint now has 4G in our area. Couple that with the unlimited data and cheaper to have just one cell plan instead of two. The Q is the phone I really wanted, anyway. I was just too impatient to wait.

I'm glad it's coming to Sprint now.

Left Sprint a couple of weeks ago and went to T-Mobile to get a shiny new Q10. GREAT decision, even if I had to pay an ETF. Sprint's terrible coverage made my smartphones about as usefull as a flip phone from 7 years ago, and even that is stretching it. Good riddance.

You would think after the fuss they made about passing on the z10 for the q10 they would be the first out with the q10

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KB phones are a niche market. I would suspect that the majority of consumers, at least here in the states, that are looking for a full KB phone already possess one.

So, IMHO a keyboard phone for customer RETENTION purposes. The number of those who jumped ship because they got in late are insignificant considering who would be buy theses phones in the first place.

I forgot all about sprint to be honest. Can someone tell me how sprint is the third largest carrier in the u.s above t-mobile? Sprints network is so slow

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I think it has to do with coverage. T-Mobile coverage in my area is terrible. Sprint has more national coverage, making them the 3rd largest.

I could be wrong, though.

I believe that you are correct in general but in my neck of the woods (Vancouver, WA/Portlandia) T-Mo is hands down the better network. Sprint has been promising to catch up for the last year but I got tired of waiting plus saving quite a bit on new "Simple" T-Mo plan even with 4G LTE.

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Depends on where you are. I'm in NYC. Population 8mm. Sprint's speeds are great here. even the Bronx has 4G. Though I'm sure that can't be said for everywhere else.

Wait this is a real article? Lol I thought sprint had the Q10 already damn they are late those mofos

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Sprint may not be to entirely blame for this delay. This phone did just clear the FCC in June. BB must have submitted it late, and that's not on Sprint.

I have heard the people who manufacture the radio for the sprint version had delays... Either way, I have been waiting a long time...

It could be that, or BB making a business decision not to make the Sprint Q10 a priority (relatively speaking) as this Q10 is a very specific model for a small carrier/small BB user base, etc., whatever it may be.

I wonder what the difference was between the Verizon radios and Sprint? No one is giving a clear answer on the delay so who knows. I've waited patiently since January. Few more days won't hurt. The timing is actually good. My upgrade is at the end of the month. Been pushing my curve 9350 to the max. No native Pandora? looks like I will load Apollo. Dam.

I read in the comments to another Sprint Q10 blog post here that the LTE radios for Sprint are hard to obtain. I don't know if it was difficult for just BB or if this is true in general, or even if it is true (not just speculation,) but it kinda does make sense given the relatively obscure band (25) that Sprint uses for LTE.

That's interesting. I don't know how that stuff works. I thought the LTE radios were the same just required different programming.

The radios Blackberry have in stock for months (Qualcomm has delivered the radios on time, as well as the processors). The problem is the manufactuers of the boardsets and components for those boards who have delayed the launch for the Q10 for Sprint and several regional carriers due to unknown reasons (more likely needing to get those components up to FCC standards as well as several carriers including Sprint which is the strongest enforcer of Qualcomm CDMA standards).

August 30 is approaching, and if the launch is delayed again, I think it will be the right time to ask Blackberry the hard questions, and not just focus on Sprint which has been waiting for delivery since early June. Blaming the carrier can only go so far.

That ole phone? Ha. I left Sprint when the Z came out for AT&T. I never thought they'd make my decision look so good.

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Too late. Already gone and happy about it. Thank you T-Mobile for fully supporting BlackBerry! To Sprint, my other two phones will be gone and my account closed as soon as the contracts are up. You no longer deserve my business.

Z10 on T-Mobile, 32 GB PlayBook - Posted via CrackBerry 10

Blackberry seems to be making a stronger case for choosing never with each panned launch. Patience is something that cannot hold onto forever.

I left sprint for Verizon because they wasn't getting the z10. But I will be heading back to sprint when they get the A10/Z30. Verizon service is horrible. I can't enjoy my Verizon Z10 the way I enjoyed my Sprint 9930. Can't wait for December to cum.

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I left sprint in May after 14 years solely because they were not going to carry Z10. And no indication of when Q would release. Switched to Verizon and now own a Z10 and a Q10 and soon as it arrives my third line will be a Z30. No regrets on leaving, never going back that's for sure!

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The Z10 was never going to be a device sold by Sprint based on what Blackberry has done in termsof sales for full screen devices (and the Sales figures of the Z10 prove them right), besides the fact the suppliers of Blackberry made it very clear there are bands the boardsets for the Z10 will not support due to technical issues facing several LTE bands (Sprint was not alone on this as you have come to find out other carriers were never on the Z10 list, and some are not even on the Q10 list).

Leap has been waiting, as well as several other regional carriers in the US for the same issues Sprint faced. The Q10 was supposed to be launch on several carriers in June, but only three had them thanks to the unacceptable delays for chips, conductors, and boardsets needed for the LTE bands used by the suppliers of Blackberry.

All I can say is Blackberry needs to be a whole lot more serious when it comes to the A10/Z30 launch, because if they fail to deliver on time to these carriers, they are going to lose contracts and get sued for breach of contract due to failure to meet a specific performance.

I jumped ship when the z10 came out on tmobile. I wanted it so bad I even paid the early cancellation fee to get out! Ever since then I've been migrating all my family over to z10/q10s on tmobile. :)

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Really sad that that it's only coming now. Even if it's back to school season, I don't think many will even be looking for a Q10 let alone have Sprint steer them that way. Too much will have come out and will be on the way by then.

For those complaining about why Sprint didn't carry the Z10 and "behind" on the Q10, ask Blackberry why their suppliers had such a rough time to address several LTE bands for LTE. The Z10 was never designed to be a device on the bands Sprint use because the suppliers of chips and boardsets made it clear LTE Band 25, 26, 41, and other bands will not work well under the current boards the Z10 currently use. And let's not forget those same suppliers have missed three delivery dates, which have put Blackberry in serious trouble with Sprint and several regional carriers which are still waiting for the first shipments for the Q10.

Also, have in mind the Z10 has been a flop in sales base on data by the Gartner group which takes sales figures from every carrier. Shipment numbers mean nothing if the sales are not that great. If Blackberry would have launched the Q10 at the same time the Z10, we probably still have carriers waiting for shipments today, Including Sprint and several regional carriers.

Wouldn't you agree that we as consumers do not care too much about logistics? All we want to know is, "Will the Z10/Q10 be available on my carrier within 1 - 3 months of its initial launch?" If the answer is "No", then wouldn't it be logical to make the decision whether or not to go where it IS available?

Have in mind the launch set is based on when the delivery date has been officially set by the manufacturer. If you want a carrier to give you a date and then expect delays from the manufacturer for variable reasons, the carrier gets blamed as it has happened for several major devices like the Galaxy S3 and S4 just to mention a few.

Logistics may not be understood by the average person, but it's time tech sites, carriers, and especially manufacturers become more open, and if August 30 comes and no Q10 shows up on Sprint, then Blackberry has a whole lot of explaining to do, and I only wish crackberry goes in a different way compared to precentral and wpcentral have handled the issue (meaning not going into smear and libel-esque reporting, and choosing to go to the heart of the issue and ask the hard questions).

I am on Sprint and basically, the way I see it, I might as well wait to see when the Z30 shows up and get it instead (I prefer all touchscreens). Sucks that my carrier has put me through this but it is what it is. Little do they know that I would have bought the Z10 and then still went out and bought the Z30 at full pice when it came out...their loss I suppose...in the meantime my trusty 9850 and PlayBook keep me moving forward lol

There was no way Sprint would have offered the Z10, due to the boardsets not being compatible with the LTE Bands used by Sprint, and other regional carriers.

I would have accepted this as a reason! Do you have an article on this? Did Sprint or BlackBerry use that as the reason?

I announced the August release date back in May, and got bashed for it. I only stayed with Sprint because i really can't afford to pay to switch all my lines. but at this point with my contract ending in September, and the Z30 right around the corner, i no longer even care about the Q10. I will just keep rockin my Torch 9850 till sprint or another carrier drops the Z30.

Damn, you just literally echoed my post a few before you...here is a paddle, you can help me row since we are both in the same boat ;)

I left Sprint for Verizon. Definitely worth the switch if it took them THIS long to release the q10. However I'm sure many legacy BlackBerry users are on Sprint. Hopefully they sell! BlackBerry sales teams need to really capitalize.

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Better late than never I guess for the few Sprint customers left out there. Now will they get the Z30?

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Well there us something you don't see everyday. Sprint is finally moving up in the world with technology. It has only taken them longer than everyone else. I had Sprint but there is no market where I am from. I had to go back to Big Red to get my needs of great signal quenched.

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i jumped ship from sprint to verizon in june for the Q10 -- and although it's a little more money, the network is incredible. data screams, and coverage is terrific. for those still on sprint you'll love the Q10, but unless you're in an area with LTE, the experience is really hobbled compared with verizon. at least in my experience. :-)

Correct, if my service still sucks when I get the Q10, I'm leaving Sprint. I will have to pay a bit more $ but crappy service isn't worth a hoot. I do live in a LTE market so we will see really soon.

I wanted a Q10 on sprint many months ago.. This delay and the dropped support for the Playbook landed me in a jar of jelly beans.

At this point its just comical to launch the device.

My roommate and I left Sprint on March 30 after 2 weeks of lost service at our house. When they "updated" the towers near us they turned the repeaters to a heavier used area and killed service for a bunch of us here. We had no choice but to go to another carrier. Verizon worked here so I got a black Z10 and she picked up a white one. Signal is good and customer service is better as they are not outsourcing to another part of the world like Sprint does. It is nice to speak to someone who understands our concerns. On Sprint multiple calls had to be made to get an issue resolved as there was a language problem 8 times out of 10 calls. Bad thing is, they are charging her an Early Termination Fees of $350 and $50 for me as they had recently offered her a AAA discount of $7/month just before service quit. A new agreement by her for 2 years was signed at that time to get the discount. She is appealing that $350 and they sent her account to a collection agency also. Not fair,Not good, Bad Sprint. Any way to get the fee dropped let me know. Shoot me a PM please.

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I left Sprint in May and went back to T-Mo for far better network locally and better customer service as well. Saving a bunch of $ to boot, about $90/month (family plan--4 lines) despite now having benefit of 4G LTE.

Posted via CB10 on my Q10

Sprint are BlackBerry haters.... that's why I left them over 3 years ago and went to US Cellular.....who are also BlackBerry haters..... that's why I'm chillin on TMo..... hey, they were wacky at first.... but they've gotten a heck of a lot more professional... until I feel TMOBILE is getting over me, I shall stay.... if they search away their re-up program, then I'll just be simple mobile for life.

Just FYI to all crackheads. Having major issues with the z10 and q10 and exchange 2003 active sync. Contacts and tasks are not syncing properly. Have been on tech support for 2 days. When adding a contact or task the device doesn't sync with exchange. Toggling contacts sync off then on re-populates the contact list and syncing restarts but after a while it stops. Logs files sent to BlackBerry have shown a 403 error code. This code is basically a denial of service code from the server to the z10. The phone is trying to sync but the server says no. Having my IT guy work on the issue. There may be an issue on the server side but may also be an issue with BlackBerry 10. Could be a permission issue, a corrupted log file or anything causing it. There supposedly is a fix but who knows.

With tasks when editing a task in the note field it does not sync and update tasks on the server thus on outlook.

So to summarize, if I add a contact to the BlackBerry it will not sync. It therefore does not show up on my PlayBook or Outlook. When I add contact on PlayBook it will sync on server and outlook but not be pushed to BlackBerry. If I add or update a task it is not syne to reflect the addition or annotation. Interesting yet troubling issue(s).

Also the q10 will not attach to the exchange 2003 server at all. When trying you will get a network error.

The BlackBerry level 2 tech created a test device with both the q10 and z10 to test the issue using the login credentials that I supplied him. The q10 will not attach to active sync service but the z10 will. He is creating a ticket for that. One of my partners ordered a q10 2 weeks ago and couldn't get it to attach to active sync service.

I am on Verizon with the most updated official version. Not on the bes10.

I am not trolling just giving my fellow crackheads a heads up on this problem.

Im still with Sprint with my 9930 and really considering leaving to someone else where I dont have to be stuck for 2 LONGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG years before I want another phone.

Any suggestions? I have for $68.00 +- for unlimited everything