Sprint Branded BlackBerry 9650 Essex Spotted

Sprint Branded BlackBerry 9650 Essex Spotted
By Bla1ze on 16 Dec 2009 01:55 am EST

Looks like we have another showing of the BlackBerry 9650 Essex / Tour 2 in the CrackBerry forums.  This time, Matt_25 was able to grab these pics of the Sprint branded version (OS, no device logo) and post them for everyone to get a look at. Anytime we start seeing branded devices appear, such as we have with the Verizon and now Sprint versions you know that launch is nearing close.

For some, it may not be as close as we want it to be but that's the waiting game for CrackBerry addicts. If we had to take a guess on an official release for the Essex / Tour 2 we'd point it towards sometime in the New Year. We don't think it'll be here for the last minute holiday rush. Could be February or we wouldn't be surprised to see it even hit later, maybe in March. But again, that's just a guess. Two more shots after the jump, rest of the details can be found in the forums.

Sprint Branded BlackBerry 9650 Essex Spotted
Shipped OS should be slightly higher.
Sprint Branded BlackBerry 9650 Essex Spotted
All boxed up, keep in mind official release will be different.

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Sprint Branded BlackBerry 9650 Essex Spotted


I was thinking that same thing. Looks crooked in 2 of the shots. Looks all right on the one still in the box though.

apart from the keyboard layout, what are the main differences between this and the 9700? a list would be appreciated.

That launch guesstimate is a little depressing for us Tour owners becuase I'm almost sure that the carriers will sit on an OS5 release until the Essex is ready to ship.

another tiny incremental upgrade phone by RIM with merely 2 things the original shouldve had 6 months later.

Question is are they more concerned with selling units @15 models at a time to keep up their marketshare or really innovate anymore.

Hard to understand why so many Tour owners are anxiously awaiting the Tour II! A trackpad and wifi are hard to get excited about since even low end phones have these features. Now if RIM would include a decent browser and be more responsive with OS updates/fixes that would be something to look forward to.

i feel like rim is falling way behind in the technology race fuck wifi and a trackpad i wanna watch videos on my phone and a better web browser!!!! and on another note i would love to have a crackberry app on my pone =)

Use to be a TOUR owner (now 9700), and that phone looks hideous! Looks like a fat, bloated version of the 9700. I don't get why ppl would buy this and not the 9700.

Stupid RIM...get crackin on the 9900 series already.

People like me with the 8330 don't want to switch carriers...Sprint has been verrrry good to me and my family. I've had 3G service in random places like Opelika, Alabama thanks to Sprint...while my ATT cousins could barely keep their EDGE service while roaming...I even see that happen in New York. Beyond that, Sprint has the most affordable plans for Blackberry...if you have the money to deal with switching carriers, more power to you...but do NOT belittle us that don't.

In Short, because there's no CDMA version of the phone. Plus I personally don't think it's worth it to switch carriers. Especially when AT&T has such horrible coverage in my area and I would never go back to TMO (bad CS experience).

Most people would rather be able to use their phone than care more about what it looks like. What is the point of having ANY smartphone if you can't use all it's features because your network lacks coverage?

Smartphones are wasted on AT&T's network. I don't get why people don't know that common fact.

Just like the Storm2 got a refreshed slicker look compared to the first Storm, the Essex needs to look like it belongs next to the 9700 and 9550/9520.

The Tour is a beautiful looking smartphone. I love it and it gets a lot of comments when I am on it. Or just holding in my hand

9700 doesn't work on CDMA. The 9650 will be the CDMA counterpart, although I could see the 9700 styling looking better.

Agreed. Compared to the 9700 I am not too fond of the Tour2's look. Think some re styling should have taken place. Not sure if it's still possible being that we are seeing carrier branded devices all ready but I wouldn't mind seeing a couple last minute revisions/surprises.

I'm for one super pissed about this, I got my tour back at the end of july and they already have this coming out!!!!!!!

I am officially pissed at rim for releasing something that the first tour should have been. It doesn't have enough features for me to drop my current tour for this but it still pisses me off that my current tour doesn't have this.

Now if this gets the opengl and my tour doesn't I'm gonna be super pissed and will be using my upgrade eligibility I have to go to a different phone.

PMSL dude you might as get pissed at all the major phone companies out there...i mean lets take the iphone??...hmmm not much of a change from the 3G to the 3GS other than copy n paste, mms and a slightly faster processor...not groundbreaking changes but changes that were needed nonetheless.

Personally go get pissed at something a bit more worthwhile...if u want this one then sell the one you have now and buy it outright...otherwise stop getting all worked up over something that isnt that important.

This place makes me laugh at times with some of the idiotic posters we have amongst us.

Green call button is upside down. Trackpad looks f'd up for sure.

For those that suggest getting a Bold 2 - the Tour is CDMA and a world phone - so unless many of us drop VZW or Sprint this is the best thing going...

the track-pad is crooked...and the device is all smudged...and I smell sumpin' fishy...knew the green call button would be diff but these pics have me doubting this is a real T2 ....hmmmmmm

Any specs on this? RIM needs to stop releasing so many phones so close together with tiny incremental upgrades from the previous models and start making big upgrades instead, like a totally new and innovative OS and a touchscreen phone that everyone can love and adore.

I tried to tell one of my co-workers not to buy the Tour because the Tour 2 was quickly approaching (he is not a CrackBerry addict as I am). He bought it and when I told him again (bought it in November) he was not too happy but he still loves the BlackBerry. He said he would check in to see if he can trade it. I am cool with my Bold 2, loving life! By the way, great looking phone (despite the trackpad looking funny). :D

Looks like someone pasted a pad over the trackball and did a bad job of it. That pad just does not look right.
I have no problems with my current tour, and see NO reason to update until next December when my every 2 is due.

yea...that has got to be a photo-shopped screen cuz something ain't jiving....that trac-pad looks reeeaaaallll funny like

Besides the crooked trackpad I LOVE it...for the 9700 people who thinks the 9700 is sexier...maybe so but the 9650 is for CDMA users so the 9700 is not an option......


this tour 2 looks nasty as hell. leave me with my tour 1 with the track ball. this essex is uuugggglllyyyyy!!

Well, people won't have trackball problems that's for sure. RIM needs to stop making all blackberrys look the same! Maybe a little carbon color model or i don't know...an universal model if this is what they're going for?

The thing is CDMA carriers do not have as many device options as GSM ones so i see a lot of people getting one of these.

I'm sure this will be another rushed POS in the recent line of crap released by RIM. Seriously RIM, slow down the phone releases and concentrate on building a few solid devices and improving your QC a bit instead of releasing another new device every other month.

thats a tour rigged to look like a tour2....stop it...just stop...no new device is gonna be all smudged and crooked like that right out if the box...jokes on us...

i just noticed what another user mentioned. the track pad was photoshopped. you can tell on the crooked one since the track ball ring is visible on the upper left corner of the supposedly "traackpad" fake!!!

They keep making new phone but they all seem to do the same thing. There is no significant improvements.

Once my contract is up on my 8330 I am going to stick with sprint (for the cheap plans) & get an Android phone. Android is doing big things.

Good luck with battery life. I recommend you keep a spare battery and several charger options in your pockets.

They keep making new phone but they all seem to do the same thing. There is no significant improvements.

Once my contract is up on my 8330 I am going to stick with sprint (for the cheap plans) & get an Android phone. Android is doing big things.

They keep making new phone but they all seem to do the same thing. There is no significant improvements.

Once my contract is up on my 8330 I am going to stick with sprint (for the cheap plans) & get an Android phone. Android is doing big things.

Wow what a bunch of idiots that are saying the call button is upside down. The bold 9700/ Storm 2 are the same way. Maybe you should take another look. Lmao.

dude...we all know the green key is upside down...chill with the name calling. WE are all just saying it's just like the 97xx and 95xx and it looks fake...

Too bad this is a photoshopped picture...although the Essex/Tour II is basically gonna look like that. I'm waiting on it to come. Got a Tour right now and I'm up for contract renewal (thanks to a screw up @ Verizon I can get this when it comes out at the 2 year price!!). And I hope all you people out there who are saying, "Forget the Tour and get a 9700" understand that this is basically the CDMA version of the 9700! Sorry but I want good service and a good phone....not just a phone that sometimes has service and doubles as a paperweight.

Was the trackpad REALLY that jacked up then and the call button upside down???? Because if it was, RIM REALLY needs to do some QC damage control. DAMN!

The trackpad isn't "jacked" up. The call button isn't "upside down", that's how it is on the 9700 too, ROFL.

1st....the trackpad isn't straight...it's crooked to the right side of the phone. 2nd...I have the 9630 and the call button is pointed with the phone down...not up. And to all accounts, the 9650 is suppose to be the EXACT same as the 9630 except for the trackpad, WiFi and more application memory. If that is how the 9700 is then that leads me to feel like this is photoshopped. Sorry dude...ROFL

The call button is not upside down. I have the 8530 and the layout is the same. Also the trackpad does have some play to it. Come on people get your facts straight before you post.

It's a hoax.
But I do hope Sprint gets the Tour 2 quickly.
I'm up for upgrade in June, all the crap should be worked out by then and hopefully a new browser.

these pictures have to be fake. engadget.com even thinks so. the trackpad isn't on there straight at all, and if it's a branded phone, why doesn't it say "sprint" below the keyboard? the box it's pictured in doesn't even say sprint on it anywhere. nice try matt_25

Why are we ignorant for saying what WE think? Some of us think it's fake...some of us say it's the real deal. Because we THINK it's fake, photoshopped or whatever then we're the ignorant ones? For someone who says this is the real thing then you sure are getting pretty defensive over it aren't ya?

Ignorant in their reasoning for believing its fake.

Yes, of course I'm defensive? Duh. Why wouldn't I defend the product I'm saying is real by backing it up? Wow, just wow. Please, if you or anyone else thinks it fake, that's fine. But come up with reasons I have already dis-proven to be false.

Why do people post these pictures? Obviously its more trouble than its worth because of jealously and ignorance. Enough said.

I am happy with my Tour. It is sharp looking and works great. I don't mind the trackball. Yes, I have to admit the phone had to be replaced due to the trackball, but it has been corrected and all is fine with this crackberry addict.
I don't mind not having WIFI I am fine with the browser.
Nothing lags and all is well.
No one has to be jealous over someone having a "newer" model when indeed it is released. Be happy with what you have.
Quit trying to keep up with The Jones so to speak. If your device doesn't work, then by all means replace it, but just because there is a new model coming out, doesn't mean the one you have doesn't work well. My laptop is 3 months old but I am not upset that I don't have Windows 7. I like Vista so why change something that works ? If it isn't broke then don't fix it !
That's the problem these days. People can't be happy with what they have. They constantly have to have the best and top everyone. Take a deep breath people. Be happy with what you have and that you are alive to enjoy it.

BTW, Verizon is becoming 4G next yr so again there will be changes. Nothing stays the same !

I have a 9700 for T-Mobile and I guess the Tour is Sprint's and Verizon's version of the Bold? To be honest, whats the big deal? Like many users already said, WIFI and a track-pad aren't going to cut it! RIM, if your going to give us WIFI give us wireless N. Or how about putting flash-lite or dare of say at least a gig of memory! Or revamp the crappy web browser!

I love Blackberries simply because of their messaging capabilities, but for the high price you pay, you only get a machine that's ill equipped and has many minor software and hardware issues.

RIM get your act together or you have a lot of users switching to IPhones and Android devices

i have one of these bad boys in my hand right now...and plan to get a few more tomorrow!!! so dont hate on a phone just cuz you cant get it!!!

I'm wondering what the REAL DEAL is with the battery life on the new tour/bold 9650. On the blackberry pg it says" exceptional battery life" under the Bold phones and thats partially true since the 9700 does have a good battery life but the 9000 is just as bad or worse than the tour and I had both so I know this from experience. According to what i read online it will also have a 1400mAh battery which is the same as the tour 9630 so if putting 0ne and two together im thinking it will be the same awful baterry life as the 9650!? Shed some light on the issue please!