Sprint BlackBerry Style goes on sale today. You getting one?

By Kevin Michaluk on 31 Oct 2010 01:23 pm EDT

Happy Halloween!!! October 31st is here, and in addition to all the trick of treating that will be taking place today it also means that the BlackBerry Style from Sprint is now on sale! We called around to a few Sprint stores yesterday and it looks like most have it in stock and ready to buy TODAY. If you're getting one, drop us a comment and be sure to let us know how it goes and what your first impressions are.

You can check out my video first impressions and overview video of the Style above. My full review will be coming this week. I've actually been rocking the Style all weekend in Las Vegas (been getting a few weird glances though - maybe I should have grabbed the Steel Grey one instead of Royal Purple) but all in all have been really liking the phone. BlackBerry 6 is snappy on it, the camera has been taking good photos and the battery has been getting me through the day ok. If you're a flip phone fan the Style is a no brainer -- especially at Sprint's attractive $99/2year contract pricing -- and I could even see some non-flip phone fans getting won over by it too. It's a nice little addition to the BlackBerry lineup. 

If you're looking for more info on the Style, check out the press release here and head to your local Sprint store!

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Sprint BlackBerry Style goes on sale today. You getting one?


Played with one at sprint earlier and all a can say is DAMN!!! This phone is amazing. If tmo picks it up I might be a solid convert

Played with one at sprint earlier and all a can say is DAMN!!! This phone is amazing. If tmo picks it up I might be a solid convert

Am I missing something here the screen looks like its bigger but it must be smaller... Or crappier since it has less pixels. Kevin please feel free to chime in...

I'm a longtime user of Blackberry, and i've had the blackberry tour from the start of it's debut,and i haven't had a flip phone since the nextel era? But i read all the cool features and though i would go to "Best Buy" and check this "New Blackberry Style" out? The moment the Saleswoman placed it in my hand i thought? This is really a nice phone? Then when i began to use it? I thought? Hmmm this might not be that bad after all? So i purchased it...and so far?? I love it....small in size? but big on delivery!

agreed, just checked it out @Sprint store, the phone feels a lot better in person than pictures. OS 6 is blazing fast on this device when compared to torch.

played with a dummy model at radioshack yesterday. I have to take back some of my earlier comments. the phone doesnt feel too bad in hand. One thing I don't like is the button. They seem a bit too close to each other without any real separation.Imagine the curve 2 cheapo buttons without the lighted strip that separates the call, menu, back, and end buttons.

Checked out one at the local Sprint store,all I can say is sweet. Looks better in person and feels good. Runs smooth, screen is a nice size, might have to trade in my 8350i for this one.

If Sprint doesn't get a 9780 or Torch I will consider the Style. I still need to go to Best Buy and play with one. I can't wait to have a device with OS6.

The wife and I are finally able to trade in our tired, but truesty, 8330's. She LOVES flip phones and when I showed her the Style, SHE flipped! And Purple too! She is sold. I wanted to wait and get a 9560 once it comes with OS6 pre-installed, but may cave and get the Style. One purple, one steel grey!

Ive been stalking the videos online just trying to get a look at this phone...feel the same way ive had mine for almost a full day with heavy usage battery life is great, 8 gig memory card...better than expected! Best value by far!

Ive been stalking the videos online just trying to get a look at this phone...feel the same way ive had mine for almost a full day with heavy usage battery life is great, 8 gig memory card...better than expected! Best value by far!

It just goes to show from these comments that seeing Blackberry smartphones in person is so much better... Esp with the style and the torch with their new form factors (less so the style but the pearl didn't use the traditional qwerty keyboard)

And the only reason people state 2005 or some crap like that when viewing the style on the internet and not actually holding one of these is that they either got burned, dont know any better because its not the flavour of the month in their suburb. I've traveled a bit and well United states does not equal the world and flips are still just as popular.

I was one of them who thought this thing was ugly but i definitely take it back. Looking at the online videos,and Kevin's review,i actually think this phone is pretty nice and do see a place for this on the market. It should sell well.

Wow what a grat device. I'll tell ya. I didn't think this device would be as great as I thought. U gott just hold it and play with it I guess. If sprint isn't gonna offer another BB in march. I am upgrading to this style. Extremely fast. Not as big and bulky as one might think. I even took a pic of the version and platform it's running if anyone wants it. Just PM me. It's running .248. U gotta see it to understand what a great device it is. Blows the torch outta the water if u ask me. Good job RIM. All the skeptics out theres. Experience it before u knock on it. Trust me

The only thing missing is a SIM card (GSM), and 80 of 480 lines of inside screen resolution! Plus it has 2 screens!
I'm enjoying the "newest Blackberry" with OS 6 - A Retro Jewell- Show some love!!

I gotta say, I'm impressed. I didn't think I would be. I'll reserve final judgment until I'm able to hold one myself. I dunno about Sprint though. The service is horrible in my area.

I was one who was absolutely against this phone when it was first rumored; after all, it's a BlackBerry -- who wants a flip Berry? (And this is coming from a girl who was a HUGE RAZR fan just a few years ago while hubby was hooked on his Samsung slider -- now he wants a Style and I want a Torch!) We are really happy with Sprint and just got our 8530's in February, so we're probably not upgrading for another year, but this phone looks really nice. Darn it, Kevin, I was so set on hating this phone!
One question -- does it have a wallpaper option for both screens, or just the internal one? Oh, and another question -- how does the screen size compare to the Torch (I know it's smaller, but how much smaller? I was hoping for more comparisons to all 3 phones in the video, but otherwise it was a really great review).

Awesome phone. I have the 9650 and I love this one too!!!! Nice and small yet a full featured BB! Easy to use and very nice feel to it. Just picked it up. I would say anyone who currently has a BB will love this phone, and so will anyone looking to go to their first smart phone.

Just yesterday or so I looked back at the reactions to the first announcement and people thought it was horrible, making fun of the word "Style", etc. I had fallen in love with it at first sight and don't think this video makes it look any better, but I guess it must for some, because these posts are a whole 'nother story.

When I was shopping for my 9700 last December I really wanted a flip phone but wasn't thrilled with anything out there. I wish this had been available then. I don't think it would be worth trading in now (even if I was on Sprint) but part of me is sad.

I like purple but not for a phone. Black please!

I actually went in to scope this out, didn't really have the intent of getting it and bailed out of a torch for it. I like this way way better than I thought, obvious plus of blackberry functionality plus really impressive form and design...if you were railing this device (like I was) I encourage you to go see it for yourself. Great stuff, especially for $99

Absolutely loving this phone.. Screen is nice and big, os6 is super smooth and fast, new web browser rocks, keyboard is perfect.. BB definitely has a winner here and its a Sprint exclusive!

hey can anyone tell me if it has the font that you can increase like the other bbs to change the font size like for texting . want to know if the cut this down because of the screen size.

I have a friend that works in sprint and he told me they sold out today. I have to admit I was bashing this phone when it was a rumor.

Just got it today and I've had a lot of blackberry's the last one a 9650 Bold and I have to say it is awesome, not like any flips from old at all. Internal screen is much larger than I expected and had seen in pics, runs fast and sharp so far the blackberry 6 is better than any leaks I ran on the bold. Feels good in your hands also much better than I expected. Went in just to check it out been holding a full upgrade since Aug. Glad I went and so far really glad I got it.

The last 2 models BlackBerry has come out with were bashed when leaked photos first came out on each device (Torch & Style). Now that they're out, they're going to be hot sellers.

Feels so good in my hand. Tried a torch, felt so " top heavy" , literally hurt myvwrists ti use it. But the style is light, great qwerty, and os6 is fast!

whent to 2 different best buys and 2 radio shacks and when i ask if they had the style for sprint all the working just scratch there head and where like HUH? STYLE? which one is that one.... so guess tomorrow ill just order it online from them

The BB 9670 looks like a great phone, but I prefer the candy bar style of my 9650 to the 9670 flip phone. I'm glad to see another option for other users though. I'll probably test it on my next trip to the Sprint store.

So many people trashed this phone when it was first announced.(Granted the early pics/sketches looked bad.) I said all along to keep an open mind and wait. The Style is really winning people over.It's a shame Verizon won't offer this. People remember how bad the Pearl Flips were but the Style is like night and day compared to those steaming pile of crap devices.

Personally I think it is a really nice phone. Pictures and videos don't do it justice. Up close it is just as slick as the bold 9700 but in flip form factor. Only problem is that RIM did not ship the royal purples yet, but they told her if she bought it today she could exchange it for the purple with no restocking fee when they get their first purple shipment.

If you like flip phones this is hands down the nicest one on market. It is pretty styling!

Got mine yesterday! Phone is amazing takes awesome pictures, feels good in the hand, looks sleek, and NO BUTT DIALING!

Still lots to try out on it! But I think RIM hit it out of the park with this one!

I was right all along, I knew this phone will sell well. I remember starting a thread asking for this to be built long before it was announced. I can only hope they'll make a gsm version, I can't see why the wouldn't.

Can't wait to try it out.

Wish it was an international phone. I've had company VP's already asking me for it, but they travel overseas so no dice for them. It's mine, all mine buwahahahha.

there have been at least 3 different leaks of 6 around for the 9650 thought everyone had known that, but this is about this new very nice surprise of a device still loving the style.

Cmon really Dude? you must work for sprint or RIM. What is so amazing about it in comparison with other phones............

How does this phone/OS6 have 5 columns on the home screen? It only goes to 4 on the Torch.. Is there a way I can add more on the Torch? The phone options list a max of 4 columns..

Don't know for sure who you meant but in any case I worked for RIM for a long time and now am a IT manager don't think I used the term amazing but it is quite a speedy and sharp device runs above it's specs and I for one am really glad I even went to check it out in person. Given my past I think it makes even more critical of RIM and all their devices and software seeing as I wrote some of it myself. Just my opinion.

Played with it at the Sprint store yesterday and I'm really impressed with it. I've had the Curve and the Tour now, and I really want something different if I'm gonna drop $ on a new phone.

I really want to get it, but I'm still waiting on the development of the 9930 Torch that is rumored to come out for sprint.

OS6 is really cool, no butt dialing, feels great in the hand and a 5.0 MP camera.. it is a nice phone.

The screen is narrow compared to the tour but the resolution is just as good. Then again the whole phone is smaller than the tour, which is part of the appeal to me.

I would suggest going in to play with it, you might be surprised!

I'm reading all of the "Stan" opinions and reviews, but give me some stats. In a side by side comparison with other phones in its price range. What makes the style stand out?

Got one for my mom and wife...no more butt dialing...yesss

RIM does it again. Slick and powerful

I took back a Droid and iPhone ...they suck

love my style

Both sprint stores and best buy
Don't have here and not sure when
They will get them (don't even have
Dummy phones)

All I can say is that I'm pleasantly surprised. The visual voicemail is awesome. The phone is a lot faster than my old Tour. Wi-Fi is sweet.

Cons: The camera lens is in a bad position.
Fingers prints are all over this bad boy, I'm glad I'm clean because they've be able to lift them from my phone. The trackpad is taking some getting used to.

I am the only person I know who is excited about this phone, it won't be coming to Verizon so I'm out of luck. Sigh. Oh well.