Sprint BlackBerry Q10 landing page invites pre-registration

Sprint BlackBerry Q10
By Simon Sage on 9 Aug 2013 11:13 am EDT

After catching a less-than-official glimpse of the Sprint-branded BlackBerry Q10, we've caught wind of a proper pre-registration page. It doesn't mention device pricing, though Sprint's touting their unlimited $80 and $110 plans. Rumor has it that we'll see this thing on store shelves on August 30, and with a proper landing page available, that date is seeming more likely. 

It's taken eons for Sprint to offer a BlackBerry 10 device, and it's hard to say why, exactly. They passed on the Z10, though other U.S. carriers happily snatched up both. Sprint customers, have you been itching to upgrade? Has avaiability of the Z10 and Q10 elsewhere tempted you to switch? 

Those interested in getting updates about Sprint's Q10 availability can hit up their landing page, which also includes a tour of the big device features.

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Sprint BlackBerry Q10 landing page invites pre-registration


Hell yeah! Been tempted to switch more times than I can count. I'm not sure what keeps me with Sprint, (other than 5 contracts) Can't wait for BB10 to finally land here on Slug, oops Sprint.

Yeah, like you I've been so tempted to jump ship since the Z10 was released and Sprint declared they wouldn't be offering it. I have had Sprint forever and not big on change....which I guess makes me a sucker. I am holding out a sliver of hope that the new Z30 will be coming to Sprint, since they passed on the Z10. I was very tempted to go for the Q10, assuming Sprint would actually release it sometime before 2014, but once details about the Z30 started dropping, I decided to hold on a little while longer.

I couldn't wait, I now have the One. Although I'm not very happy with it and pretty PO'd that Sprint took this long to release BB10 device, I'm happy to keep the old rates before the Sprint family plan rate hikes.

Sprint is late to the party, why are they even trying to bother? Its clear they want nothing to do with BB10 and wish it fails low key. Their network sucks and it's expensive No thanks sprint!

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Yeah most people over the years that I encountered with BBs were usually Sprint customers. Obviously Sprint didn't expect the demand, and they got caught slipping.

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Yeah, they really got caught slipping. Especially since Verizon isn't going to stop selling the Z due low sales. Yeah, Sprint really missed out on that one.

My gf has Sprint and hates it... had the Q10 come out when the other carriers were selling she'd have one. Instead she has an i5 because her last phone broke and she couldn't wait for a few months.


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I skimmed over the fine print. I couldn't find a specific cap but they "reserve the right to limit, suspend, or constrain any heavy, continuous data usage". Also you owe me $250 in legal fees, but since I am not a licensed to practice law, your fee is waived. Relevant bits below.

tl;dr: yes. Truly unlimited data, within reason. No cap disclosed.

"Sprint may terminate service if off-network roaming usage in a month exceeds: (1) 800 min. or a majority of min.; or (2) 100 MB or a majority of KB. Prohibited network use rules apply. See sprint.com/termsandconditions."

From sprint.com/termsandconditions (the bit above is also in the terms and conditions):
"Specific Terms & Restrictions On Using Data Services
In addition to the rules for using all of our other Services, unless we identify the Service or Device that you have selected as specifically intended for that purpose (for example, wireless routers, Data Link, etc.), you can't use our data Services: (1) with server devices or host computer applications or other systems that drive continuous, heavy traffic or data sessions; (2) as a substitute or backup for private lines or frame relay connections; or (3) for any other unintended use as we determine in our sole discretion. We reserve the right to limit, suspend, or constrain any heavy, continuous data usage that adversely impacts our networks performances or hinders access to our networks. If your Services include web or data access, you also can't use your Device as a modem for computers or other equipment, unless we identify the Service or Device you have selected as specifically intended for that purpose (for example, with "phone as modem" plans, Sprint Mobile Broadband card plans, wireless router plans, etc.)."

I personally have used a lot of data per month a few times (I mean over 5 gigs on my line and a total of at least 9 gigs between the three lines in my family plan) and have never seen any overage charges and never experienced any throttling or cuts to my data...now that may be out of the norm and it maybe happens only a few times a year (generally we total around 4-6 gigs a month) but I have never had a problem...I am one of the lucky ones where I do happen to get good Sprint coverage so I have to say they are the best (for me).

I left for T-Mobile, after being with NXTL since 99 through the transition. They try to hard to fish with bug nets and dynamite. There is no individual when it comes to their customers, and they're never going to reward your loyalty. If you don't have a contract, they will regularly find ways to justify raising your monthly bill or remove services until it makes sense to lock one in.

I use a BlackBerry because it makes sense

Wow. I have never had this experience. Maybe because I am on a contract but I have never had any problems with customer service or feeling like an "individual" with them...In fact, I have often called to check on any new discounts available and often are given them without even qualifying for them...heck, I've even asked to speak to representatives' bosses, not to complain but to commend them for being so helpful...Why am I so special?? lol

It's truly unlimited. And sprint is the cheaper of the major networks. I'm not a big sprint fan but I'm glad bb10 is almost here

Are you saying that's Sprint is cheaper than the new T-Mobile or are you saying that T-Mobile isn't a major network?

I'm just saying that sprint is cheaper. Unless tMobile got cheap over the last month or so and I wasn't aware of it.

T-Mobile has come out with some plans recently that make them very tempting. If Sprint passes on the Z30, and T-Mobile offers it, I am finally going to divorce Sprint.

I had sprint Nextel for over ten years and left for TMOBILE and theZ10 . I have unlimited everything and saved over thirty dollars a month

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I am on Sprint, and while i WANT a BB10 phone, i find that i really no longer care about the Q10. with the Z30 launch right around the corner, and using a Torch 9850, I don't want to go back to a QWERTY phone. so i will continue to use my BBOS phone, and wait for the next full touchscreen BB10 to show up. My contracts all end a week after Sprint FINALLY launches the Q10, so i will wait. and my GF has listened to me complain about wanting the new BB10 phone for more months than she cared to deal with.

but at this point.....meh

Waiting for the Z30 is a logical move. However, I'd go with whichever network that carries the Z30 first.

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I couldn't do it. I would get the Q10 at launch, then pay full price for the Z30 while selling the Q10 used on ebay to defray the cost. I am so tired of my 9650, I need BB10 yesterday.

I see your point but I agree with Jon Tessler, I am in the same boat and while it has been rough to wait this long for BB10 (in ANY form) to show up at Sprint, I've (we've) waited this long, to get what I (we) want, I (we) can wait a bit more...my 9850 is still trudgin along just fine ;)

Unless of course you are just ballin out of control and like to throw money around and in which case buy me a Q10 also and I'll cover the cost of my own Z30...Deal? lol

You and I are in the same boat. I am holding out hope that Sprint will be smart enough to offer the Z30. I have been using the Torch 9850 since it debuted on Sprint, and I do not want to go back to a QWERTY phone either. I was starting to get it in my skull that i was going to have to settle for a Q10 if I was going to stay on Sprint, but lo and behold, details about the Z30 started appearing. Somethings gotta give soon though. I'm on my third Torch and enough is enough.

I'm annoyed of all the talk - not in this post or thread - about BlackBerry and "too little too late".

We really need some deep deep DEEP undercover investigation about the USA carriers not really giving much of a rats ass.

I got tired of feeling hobbled by the OS. I couldn't switch my carrier so I switched platforms. I moved from the Torch 9850 to the HTC One. Love it so far.

Part 3 Service is Horrible data almost non existent. This is truly false advertising and this experience seems to be in many other markets. 2 more months .No Blackberry Z30, then Goodbye Sprint.

IMO, the problem with Sprint is they think they are #1. Well wake up and smell the coffee, you are not #1, you should have jumped on BB10 as soon as it was available to you.
Also in regards to iIuvtrinisoca's comment, if this is true and Sprint specialists are telling people that BBRY is dead or dying, that is IMO a law suit against them from BlackBerry for telling people false information.

Have had Sprint since it was Nextel... Was DYING for the Q10 for a while but wasn't going to buy until Bridge works as good as it does on my Style... Now that it may NEVER come.. I may just jump ship to the Note 3 once available. So sad - i like my BB's. :(

I Too wanted a Q10 util I heard about the Z30. I think what I really...truly want is a blackberry with a screen like the z10 but with a physical keyboard. But until then,I guess I'll get a Q10

A bit of good news I think. Love my 9930 but so ready for BB10. Really wanted a Z10. Changing carriers is not an option for me so I will see what's available in Jan when I can upgrade. Maybe Z30...really didn't want a phone that big though. Q10...perhaps. Will be happy that at least something will be available!

Nt300 . I am on Sprint since about 1997 and I am now pretty disappointed with the service. I have 5 lines. I just waiting on the Z30. it will be Sprint's last chance with me then I am switching to another GSM carrier as I too limited with CDMA. I have been waiting on a bb10 phone for almost 4 years. I thought we would get Q10 first since they passed on Z10. Some days I have no service or data and I am in an area where LTE upgrades have just been completed. Seems like the data speeds are worse. Spint specialist will tell you that "Blackberry is dead" or " the company is selling out". "BB wont be here in a year"and other crap like that. They just do not care about this group of users so long as they can push an Apple or Android device. They should rebrand to "Crawl" or " Dropit" or "Useless Wireless" as the name Sprint is hardly in keeping with who this company has become. This is a repost that was removed.

I thought about switching to Big Red but have a family plan with three devices on it, all with different contract ending dates, so it would have been extremely costly for me to have left. I just got my upgrade at the beginning of this month but the way I see it now, I might as well wait for the Z30 to show up since I prefer all touch devices and let's face it, I've waited this long, I can wait a bit more to get what I really want I suppose...

The Q10 is hands down the best computing experience I've ever had. I absolutely love this phone. Everything about the Q10 is awesome in my opinion. I'm using 10.2 and it's even better now. Amazing device. I love my Z10 as well, but the Q10 has stolen my heart in a number of ways. I highly recommend the BlackBerry Q10. Best BlackBerry ever built, best mobile computer ever built. I love it.

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So Sprint basically is selling the Q10 3 months after it first launched on T-Mobile June 5? Glad I left when I did.

3 months too late! I was with them for 12 years. But the lack of adequate Web browsing was killing me. But the real killer and nail in the coffin was no 4G LTE in my area and no word on when it would come. What's the point in having a Lamborghini if you can never drive over 55?! Needless to say, I'm enjoying my 4G LTE service on the Verizon network. :D

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I was tempted to switch to T-Mobile when the Q10 first handed in the US but resisted and decided to wait till I qualify for an upgrade. I figure by that time, early next year, more bugs will be resolve from the Q10. Question, if the Z10 never came to Sprint, what makes people believe the Z30 will?

Too late. Already gone and happy about it. Thank you T-Mobile for fully supporting BlackBerry!

To Sprint, my other two phones will be gone and my account closed as soon as the contracts are up. You no longer deserve my business!

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Long live Sprint! In NYC ND their rocks here. Sorry if it sucks where you are, but all things being relative...

According to Blaze Verizon has dropped the black Z10 and has it listed as EOL. So as a Sprint shareholder, I think they made a wise decision not to order large quantities of a phone that hasn't proven to be a big seller. Maybe the 30 will perform better for them.

Sprint had a pre register for email notifications when the BBQ10 becomes available. I registered and they still haven't sent notification of any sort. Not even hype which I would have settled for months ago. Now as it is, it is too late. Hanging on to my PB and Torch combo with a nice bridge feature. All you 10 users should try it. Oh that's right, doesn't work with 10, and PB not supported. As you can see I'm bitter. Not upgrading, not renewing with Sprint and searching for my future phone and pad. who knows what I will end up with but hopefully the companies I go with in the future will do a better job than BB and Sprint.

I left sprint right around April this year. I just could stand the fact they were taking sooooo long while other carriers were getting the Z and Q's. Back on verizon and loving every minute of it on my Q device

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I have a Sprint SERO plan, and I haven't found a carrier that can offer me better than $50/month with unlimited data and Google Voice. The Google Voice integration is very nice for calling my friends in Canada. While my Samsung Galaxy S (with a keyboard) is quite sluggish, I think waiting it out is worth it when my coverage is fine.

The US carriers are sabotaging BlackBerry's come back! *fact?*

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They sure didn't do them any favors. I blame BB too though. You have to find a way to make the deal. Most posts I've seen blame the carriers. But at the end of the day you have to get your product in the stores. It was said the reason was the Apple deal Sprint had kept them out but even so you got to find a way and BB failed on the US roll out and now they are paying for it. Unfortunately.

I don't see it, all.i see is iPhone and HTC ads...not BlackBerry like usual...

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Hello, I have BlackBerry Q10 but I can't Install Viber application, can you tel me Why ? If you have Link Send me plees. Thank you.

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Sprint is going to hurt the blackberry name (Again). Sprint data speeds are slow but unlimited. My employer switch from Sprint to T-Mobile because of the poor data and voice service. If your are not in a major city or highway Sprint service will not work. Sprint is making claims of unlimited data which is true but I dont think it has the high speed data to support the iphone 5, S4, Note II, and now the Q10. When my employer switch from sprint to T-mobile. T-mobile 3g gave better speeds over Sprint unlimited 4g. The q10 is an excellent device and if sprint can support it like it should it will help BlackBerry brand but we all know how sprint does BlackBerry devices. Bottom of the page on the website, no working demo in the stores, and no technical support.

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I got tired of always being last to the table for new devices. I'm sure they lost plenty of customers over it. On a side note, coverage in my area had also gotten spotty, so it was going to happen soon. The lack of BB 10 only sped it up

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I switched.... but I had more reasons than they weren't offering the Z10. Their in-store customer service teams were rude, however their plans were reasonable but what's a reasonable plan when you had no constant network coverage. One of the in-store associates suggested that I move... to get coverage. SO I did right next door to Verizon and the whole dang network is behind me now..... As for the store ASSociates, they live up to their titles.