Sprint BlackBerry Curve 9350 arrives October 2nd, price remains as planned

By Bla1ze on 21 Sep 2011 05:57 pm EDT
Sprint BlackBerry Curve 9350 arrives October 2

For some, the news of the BlackBerry Curve 9350 being held back on Sprint might have been a bit bothersome but no matter -- the device is now set to launch on October 2nd and still remaining at the originally planned price of $79.99 after MIR. That's a pretty sweet deal for a BlackBerry 7 equipped device. You can check out our full review of it's kin, the BlackBerry Curve 9360 here. Also, I don't normally say I told you so but -- I told you so.

Source: Android Central



WOW, and AT&T still not releasing any other BB OS7 phone other then the 9810 torch....


Maybe AT&T has sold their soul to Apple. I'm thinking they must be waiting for the new Iphone to come out :(


Why does it say faster touchscreen?


The Sprint Playbook, is often full of minor errors.. they likely just copied and pasted the info from some other phone. Make it no wonder reps barely know what they're talking about.


Do you guys realise that the 9360 review has been posted in the News section and not in Device Reviews?


Any info on Sprint contract renewal options, price wise. like upgrade? and i thought Sprint didnt do MIR? i thought i saw that advertised before. nice job Sprint though haha AT&T, sorry really


I was at a Sprint store last week and the rep was telling a customer to buy the new BB torch because it can run Android apps.


is artificially inflating sales of their "exclusive" BB handset.


Hey Bla1ze nice call. You were right!

As for AT&T, I hear they're testing the Torch 9860, Bold 9900, and Curve 9360 all right now. I expect them to all launch Oct/Nov. Maybe they'll wait to launch them all together? Otherwise it's likely in the order of

1. Torch 9860
2. Bold 9900
3. Curve 9360

I expect AT&T's Curve to be cheaper than T-Mobile/Sprint's. Their Torch 9810 is $50 so there's no way a Curve would be more. Leaked documents from wireless giant showed $30 for AT&T. Let's see if it's true!


If ATT does sell the Curve at $30.00 bucks then it is an awesome deal. As mentioned the Torch 9810 (1.2Ghz, touch screen, etc.) is going for 49.00 dollars. That is just awesome.

I would actually forgive ATT for quite a bit if I see this kind of competitive pricing.

This device is a very nice entry level smart phone and for $30.00 bucks or less you really got something.


i c a come back for sprint....lets go sprint...i jus got some stock make me proud


does anyone know if sprint will do a pre-order or will they wait until october 2nd to order this phone.


LG puts a better front facing camera in then rear facing???