Sprint BlackBerry Curve 8530 Review

By David Boyd on 25 Jan 2010 03:28 pm EST

The new Sprint BlackBerry Curve 8530, or Curve2 as it has been referred to, launched on the Sprint Network last month. A solid month after the Verizon Curve 8530 launch. There was not much hype with the launch, and numerous people I have talked to weren't too excited about it either. They have the Tour, and don't see why they should be excited about this device.

Well, let me tell you, although the Curve 8530 doesn't have all the luxury of the Tour, it does have quite a few bells and whistles that the Tour doesn't have. In my opinion, those few things, make this the device of choice for me. We'll cover all these changes as you continue reading.

Sprint BlackBerry Curve 8530 Review

Sprint BlackBerry Curve 8530

What Comes In The Box 

Curve 8530 Box

Other than the obvious Curve 8530 device itself, it comes with a standard 1150 mAh lithium ion battery, micro USB travel charger, sync cable, basic stereo headset, and a 2GB microSD card. I was very disappointed that it did not come with a carrying case, but many people are seeing this more as an entry level device, and if that's the case, I can understand leaving out a case.

Specs and Features

  • BlackBerry Push Technology
  • Camera: 2.0MP for picture and video capture with 5X digital zoom
  • 256MB Flash Memoy
  • MicroSD Memory Card Slat: Supports cards up to 32GB
  • Full QWERTY keyboard and optical trackpad navigation
  • External multimedia controls
  • Network: CDMA Dual Band 800/1900 MHz with Rev. 0 EVDO
  • Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g)
  • Internal GPS
  • Display: 320 x 240 pixel display
  • Bluetooth 2.1 profile
  • Dimensions: 4.29" x 2.36" x 0.55"


Angled Shot 8530

The hardware of the Curve 8530 is similar to the Curve 8330, but yet it also has some great differences. Size wise, the device is virtually identical to its predecessor. The screen resolution is the same, the camera is the same, and so is the battery. Now enough with the similarities, let's talk about the differences. The Curve 8530 is the first BlackBerry Smartphone on Sprint to have Wi-Fi. This gives users the ability to enjoy faster downloads when connected, and the ability to have simultaneous voice and data usage.

External media controls have been added to the top edge of the device, giving the user the ability to play, pause, fast forward, or rewind whatever media they are playing at the time. This can especially handy if you carried your BlackBerry in a holster; there is now no need to remove the device from the holster to control the media.

What else could I tell you about the hardware, hmmm... let me think... Oh yeah, it comes with the new optical trackpad! In my opinion, this is the biggest improvement RIM has made to its devices. All too many times with my previous trackball devices did I have issue with the trackball getting dirty, and thus not working in some form or fashion. On the old Curve 8330, the trackball was easy to replace, but on newer devices like the Tour you had take the device apart to replace the trackball. Now that the trackpad has surfaced, I don't see navigation problems being an issue anymore because of a dirty controller.

Lastly, the internal flash memory has been upgraded to 256MB, which is considerably more than the 96MB that came loaded with the Curve 8330. The increased memory gives the user the ability to add more applications, and the user should not notice the device getting sluggish as it often did with the original Curve due to lack of memory.


As on all other new BlackBerry devices launching now, the Curve 8530 comes loaded with the new OS 5.0 software. To be more specific, it comes loaded with Even though the newer OS was loaded, it still had BBM 4.7 pre-installed. This was an easy fix, as all I had to do was go to App World and download BBM 5.0, but I still wonder why it wasn't loaded in the first place since it was available at the time of launch.

Many applications users have come to rely on are preloaded on the device such as the IM applications, social networking apps, and of course BlackBerry App World. Something Sprint offers that Verizon does not on their Curve 8530, is the inclusion of a folder they have labeled as Sports and Entertainment. Inside this folder is: NASCAR Sprint Cup Mobile, NFL Mobile Live, Sprint TV, Sprint Music Store, Pandora, and Pocket Express. Now the latter two are available to all BlackBerry users regardless of carrier, but the first three are Sprint specific. They offer some great content, and that content is included at no extra cost as part of your Everything Data plan. This equals out to more bang for your buck with Sprint. No other carrier offers that content as well as Sprint Navigation powered by TeleNav for one all inclusive price.

Hands-On Use

Curve and Tour
Curve 8530 and the Tour 9630

Many people have labeled all 85xx series devices as entry level devices. While I do beleive that the price point on these devies points in that directions, actual hands-on use dictates otherwise. Just because it does not have all the features as its big brother the Tour 9630, doesn't mean this device is the runt of the family.

For a long time, most BlackBerry users thought the Curve 83xx device was top of the line. The only thing that changed this opinion, was the introduction of devices like the Bold, Curve 8900, and Tour. My point to this is that at one time or another, most of us felt that what the device offered was great, and we were happy with it.

For my review, I did the best I could to imagine that I was a first time user with a BlackBerry. I found that the device can easily stand up to everything that a BlackBerry is supposed to do, and actually offers more than the alleged luxury device, the Tour 9630.

Call clarity was superb, email was pushed as it should have been, and my calendar never let me down on appointments and reminders. If any of you remember my Tour 9630 review, you will know that Sprint coverage at my house is not that great. This was not only an issue with calls, but also with data. Now that the Curve 8530 has Wi-Fi, the deficiences in data due to lack of signal have been eliminated. This does not solve my calling issues, but as I mentioned in that review, my coverage is exactly as expected at the house according to Sprint coverage maps. I apparently live in one of those cell phone dead zones, as I have this issue with every carrier at my house.

Like most other CrackBerry addicts, I always have my hands on my device. The new addition of the media controls made my life easier as I was enjoying media, and the trackpad made navigation much more simple. I had many of my co-workers ask me about the device, and I enjoyed getting to show off all the new features of the Curve 8530. I think there may be some new BlackBerry users coming on board soon.

Final Thoughts 

The BlackBerry Curve 8530 is a welcome addition to the BlackBerry lineup on Sprint. It may be thought of as an entry level device to some, but I know there are plenty of others who if were to buy a new BlackBerry today, would choose this device over the Tour. For me, it's the simple addition of Wi-Fi and the optical trackpad. The screen resolution is not as good as the Tour, but unless you plan on watching lots of videos, it is more than adeqaute for the job. Overall I think it's a great device, and it worth a look if you are interested in getting a new BlackBerry.

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Reader comments

Sprint BlackBerry Curve 8530 Review


I played with this phone at the store recently and the resolution is not cutting it for me (coming from an 8900). Still, overall a nice phone.

reviewer sounded a bit like Mr. Garrison at the beginning of the video hehehe. good review though, i like the media buttons up top.

Mr. Boyd...great review. As I am presently torn between choosing the 8530 or the new tour 2, I see more positives than negatives in choosing the 8530. I would assume that the resolution is not that noticeable, unless one is watching video's, which is not what I will doing a lot of, only occasionally...so can you be specific regarding the quality of a video compared to the present tour model?

The video quality on the Tour is much better. Best way to break it down would be to say the Tour is like watching TV in HD, and the 8530 is SD. If you won't be watching a bunch of video's, that shouldn't be a big issue.

If you really want to know what you would like better, go to a Sprint store and compare the current Tour to the 8530 and see what you prefer. The new Tour will be virtually identical. It will just add Wi-Fi and the trackpad. Hope this helps. 

As much as I love the Curve 8530,
everybody seems to be overlooking the 8520 ! -The original curve release after the curve series .
The two devices (8520+8530) are practically identical , and yet the 8520 receives a worse review !
Just because the 8520 hasn't got 3G , and the 8530's processor is slightly faster , doesn't mean that the 8520 is not a good phone . I hardly don't hear anything about the 8520 anymore , there isn't even an OS update for it yet .
The 8520 is still selling in the UK , and it is still quite popular . Is it not selling in the USA anymore ?!

-Just airing my thoughts , no offence intended .

The 8520's review may have seemed worse, but it was also from a different person. Each of us here has our own perspective on things, and we offer that opinion to the reader so they can gain maybe a little more information than they started with. I haven't used that device, so I can say much about it.

It is still available for purchase in the US, but I don't think too many people are buying it with the Curve 8900 and Bold 9700 as alternatives. 

I was initially torn between the Tour and the 8530, but ultimately decied I couldn't wait for the Tour2 and didn't want to risk the Tour's infamous trackball. That said, I'm loving this device. Admittedly, it's not high-end, but neither's the price! Great review!

Your review states "The Curve 8530 is the first BlackBerry Smartphone on Sprint to have Wi-Fi."

I have an 8350i and of course all 8350i's have Wifi, though its on the Nextel network, its still a Sprint phone so I just thought I would add a clarification re the Wifi issue.

You are technically correct, but even though Nextel and Sprint have merged, I still think of their available devices separately.

I like my 8530 very much. I liked the battery life of my 8330 better but that was out for a while and hopefully with time and os updates, the battery life of the 8530 will improve too. My wife has the tour and I put os 5 on it and it doesn't seem as fast as my 8530. I can live with the trackball but maybe that's because I am new to bb's (8330 in dec). The thing that will take me away from the 8530 is the keypad. When I use the tour I make WAAAY less typos BY FAR compared to typing on my 8530. Even on my 8330 I did better than the 8530.

Your battery life on the 8530 will be less if you have the Wi-Fi on and active all the time. Still, like you said, hopefully future OS releases will increase battery life a little.

As far as the keyboard... It takes some time to get used to a keyboard, but some people do better with the style on the Tour and Bold, than they do with the Cuvre series. Hopefully time will improve your error ratio.

When the Tour 2 drops (9650) it will have the best of both worlds, trackpad, WiFi, good resolution, and better keyboard. I wouldn't know why Blackberry wouldn't drop the Curve line entirely and stay with a Pearl flip, Tour 2, and the Storm 2. That's plenty of choice for everyone on Verizon.

Because they sell more Curves than flip + tour + storms combined?

Just because it doesn't make sense to some people doesn't mean it actually doesn't make sense...

I think it must be because there is still a base of users who prefer the Curve-style keyboard, i.e. separate keys. I have the Tour and I'm one of the people who is sorry he bought it (on the day it was released by Telus back in July). The trackball is a nightmare!

Seriously, if you have a release Tour and you havent got a replacement yet it is your own fault! The trackball issue has been acknowledged by RIM and carriers for months, they will give you a new/like new phone with NO PROBLEMS. Once you get past the initial build issues, the phone is an outstanding device. Dont be a martyr!!

I had a Tour manufactured sometime in August or so and the trackball failed 2 weeks after owning it, brand new and in a clean environment all the time.

I have to say that being a long time Blackberry user I was really disappointed in this offering. Where, to start; the keys are smaller than the original Curve, the alt key is half the size of the original Curve, no contacts on the battery cover which equals no oem desktop charger capabilites. The screen cover which continues down to cover the call and end and BB and back button feels totally cheap. The cover of the phone is loose and creeky. No flash for the camera and no EVDO Rev.a

I just don't get it. This really feels like a kids entry level Blackberry. I'll wait for the Tour 2 thank you.

This new 8530 is a fast, reliable device. The trackpad is great and the battery life is near as good as the 8330. I would suggest this phone for anyone wanting a sturdy device that does all the great things a Blackberry is known for.

i am shocked but i like the curve a LOT more than the tour..except of course the camera but i dont use my phone for getting the "great shots" anyway. So far so good but i do wish i wasnt in desperate need or i probably would have held out for the tour2...simply bc having both devices active it seems to me if the 2 were put together it would be PERFECTO!

My Tour was giving me more issues and I just got the 8530 and I LOVE IT!! I read all the reviews and how this phone was not up to par with the other new releases, but I really am happy with this phone..The trackpad is great and is just as fast as my Tour was..I have no complaints..

I currently have a Pearl. Reviewers on other sites have commented on the "cheap" feel of the Curve. When I tried it in the store it felt okay to me. Anyone want to comment on the feel and construction of this device.

Any validity to the rumor that the Tour2 will be coming out sometime in February?

Has anyone tried the wi-fi capabilities with wi-fi capable devices such as printers?


It's very, very light. The call/end/menu/back buttons are a bit harder to press down because they share the same piece of plastic that covers the screen. Once you get used to that it's not really an issue.

Other than that, it's not really cheaply built though and everything is fairly similar feeling to the 8330. The construction is quite solid and the device performs as good (or better than some like the Tour) the latest BB's out there.

I think a lot of people are just assuming light is synonymous with cheap crap, which isn't very accurate.

I was debating between Tour and Curve 2 (8530) coming from 8330. I couldnt wait for Tour 2. Seriously. I had easier time deciding on names for my kids. At any rate, I love the Curve 2. This thing is much faster than my old curve. I had issues with how "plastic" it felt compared to old curve, but once in hardcase it feels fine. It feels, not cheap, but lighter and like I said above, more plastic, than other phones. I don't feel like it is fragile or like it will break easy if that is the standard by which we define cheap.

Trackpad, OS5, processor speed, memory, all are great! I liked Tour too, but in the end, went curve due to older OS in Tour (I have bricked phones messing with them, couldn't do it again to a berry), and trackball.

Only gripe is battery. It is good if I am using it with email, calls and text and most apps. If I use BBM alot (like today) I have to change batteries. I have had new curve 2 weeks, so am hoping battery gets trained. I do have run it BIS and currently BES and notice no difference in battery life.

I had the 8330 and liked it just fine. However I love my 8530 except that I can't find a clip or case that I like for it. No problems with with the battery and as for the resolution I actually use Sprint TV and it shows fine for me. I have never been big on watching movies on my phone so the resolution is not a big problem. I do however need a good camera for backup at work and with the 5X zoom this one does the trick. I just need to make sure the lights are on. The phone does not feel cheap it just feels light. Typing took a little getting used to but after a week of emailing & texting I am good with it. Overall it's a good phone that does everything that a Blackberry is supposed to do. Matter of fact I am typing from it right now.

I wasn't really thinking about the 8530 until this review. It seems like a great BB. Thanks for the review. I may have to check one out for my wife. She will like the music controls on the top.

Awesome review. I wish that my 9700 had this keyboard. The one thing i miss from my 8310 is that keyboard with the spaced out keys :(

This is my first blackberry and I love it. Having Wi-fi for faster speeds is great. Keyboard is a bit cramped but thats just to me, I have kinda fat fingers. A good case to get would be from daydeals.com, Body Glove Shield Protector Case for BlackBerry Curve 8520 8530.
That's the case I have and it works very well for me, the belt clip is so-so, but you can always buy a better belt clip attachment if the standard one doesn't work for you.

I understand the term "if it aint broke don't fix it". I get it. But Research in Motion comes out with device after device and it seems like they add one or two pieces of hardware. This is a curve with a trackpad and wifi. It's become so boring to me. Storm 2 is a Storm 1 with wi/fi and a slightly better screen.

There are so many BlackBerries on the market and they're all exactly the same. Obviously it's not hurting RIM as they're doing better than they ever have, but it's just so dull at this point.

I love RIM, but I'd really like to see some flash out of them (I mean showmanship, not the internet plugin). No smartphone company has the capital they have, so why not swing for the fence for once?!

I have the 8330 curve which is a little heavier then the 8530, The good thing about the 8530 it's lite weight, one only thing i think that should have been added to the 8530 curve is the flash just so that you can take pictures in very low light. All in all i like the 8530 Curve. It will be my next BB.

This device is the sleeper Blackberry. Bump the Tour and get this one. I have a Tour right now for demo and my 8530 outperforms it. Okay, it doesn't have a cam flash but with decent room lighting it takes very good pictures. Not to mention the WIFI it's chip set supports Open GL, (when we get it) The keyboard is very nice on the Tour but the Curve feels alot better in the hand and the device is durable. Mines took a nasty flight 10 feet in the air and crashed into the concrete screen side down and didn't miss a beat; no damage. If that had been that heavy Tour, you bet something would at the very least been cracked. Also look on the bright side Sprint users; Verizon's 8530 didn't come with a head set or a SD card which ticked my off when I just read it! Since I have it and the Tour, I'm totally happy that I went with the Tour. Oh, that darn Tour still has some memory leaks; the 8530, nada! Batt pulls, what battery pulls. Get this device!!!

Am so confused as to what are the differences between 8520 and the 8530. They are in my eyes exactly the same fone. Can some 1 please enlighten mee??????

They are practically the same phones. The 8520 is the GSM version with EDGE only speeds, and the 8530 is the CDMA version with 3G speeds.

Sprint is circulating this device with a 2gig microSD? Must be nice; when I upgraded myself to the 9700, I replaced the girlfriend's Pearl with the 8520 (same device) so that she could use WiFi where available as opposed to always using up our shared data. Great device, but Rogers does not distribute microSDs with it. I found that odd, as we cleared up the problem by digging one out of a previous phone; we had a samsung slider and an LG shine slider, both distributed by Rogers, both with 2gig microSD in the box.
Even if the 8520 is an "entry" BlackBerry, it is still 10x the unit that the Samsung or LG devices are, and should have come with this amenity. It's not like they are worth anything; in a carriers budget, a handful of 2gig microSD cards has about the same value as a handful of cornflakes.

I have not been really impressed with the Tour, since I came from the Bold with AT&T. There are a lot of things missing that I was use to like WiFi. Since the Curve 8530 showed up in the store I have been eyeing this device. This review has helped me out with deciding if I want to switch or not. Thanks for the review!

The review failed to mention that the camera on the 8530 doesn't even come close to comparing to the camera on the Tour as it has no flash. Battery life is considerably worse with the 8530 also. The device also feels more cheaply built and after some use the buttons that are part of the same piece of plastic that the screen is made of start to become loose.

How is it that buttons which are "part of the same piece of plastic that the screen is made of" BECOME loose? It is one continuous piece of plastic. Does to whole piece of plastic become loose? I own this BB Curve and have not had this problem, but I want to be able to recognize it when/if it occurs. Also, for those who confuse "feeling light" with "feeling cheap" buy a hardshell cover for it for under 10 bucks.

I am currently a Palm Centro user going to make the jump to Blackberry. This looks like the phone for me. Thanks for the review and information!

The 8530 has two advantages over the Tour, wi-fi and the touchpad. Both are nice (though wi-fi is of limited use on a BB since many third party apps don't use it).

OTOH, the camera and screen and keyboard are inferior to the Tour's. That makes the Tour a much better smartphone IMHO.

The curve 2 is small, terrible resolution, forget WIFI Don't need it! Sprint has the largest network, My Tour laughs at your WIFI and track pad. My Tour can handle any network GSM and CDMA, media, and apps are smoothe!!!! The bottom line the Curve 2 is Baby's........Don't wait for the Tour 2 get a great deal on a awesome BB, the Tour.

Trust me you'll be Satisfied

got tour when it was released by sprint. 20 days later i got me a replacement. having the trackball issue and no os 5.0 i was sad and bored with tour. then i finally installed os and finally fixed the trackball issue myself...what i did was get the entire trackball hardware of a bold 9000 and add it to my tour. i took apart the trackpball and cleaned it well. after that my trackball kicks ass again. love it! in love with my tour again. my wife has 8530 and no way! tour wins hands down! =]

is anyone else haveing a problem with the 8530 while texting i have this phone and am on my second return when i send text to certain people the screen is black and cant read there text hey david can you look into this i think it is a bug in the os. this happened when i had tour and was trying out the leaked os coming out. phone is awsome all but for this.it only happens on 3 people on my contacts. any help would be grateful as i am waiting for 3rd curve

yeah really irking the crap out of me the phone is a good phone and funny thing there being made out of the same place where the tour was made and had the trackball issue. worked with sprint technical support did hard reset nothing this will be my third hopefully last the one i have is a mexico 4 where it was made. well just letting people know this is an issue on some phones.

From my subject i assume the 8520 & 8530 are one and the same? It is a fantastic handset and although some may consider it an entry level device, it's a winner for sure! Unless RIM introduces a 3G version of this, I'll be loving this handset for a long time. :)

in india they are not selling this new curve and listening all the gung ho over 8530 is letting me feel like we are the odd one out!!! over here they are still promoting the old tour the old bold with the newer version alluring those who are ready to change ...well seems like crackberry also does not know much about this market so we will just read all the cacaphony and will look at our 8520 the lesser mortal i guess :D

I have the 8520 and my track pad freezes constantly. I think this is ridiculous. Obviously I should send the phone back but i have NO time for this. Is this happening to ANYONE ELSE?

I'm trying to get into this Blackberry 8530 phone, but, its very difficult right now!!! I downloaded the 'Sprint TV' app went to unlock the phone and it didnt accept my password so ALL EVERYTHING was WIPED OUT!!!
How can I get the TV app back?


I know some have said that the new curve 8530 is a starter BB but I must disagree. I have owned and used the World Edition and the Curve 8330, and I must say that the 8530 blows them both out of the water!!!

The 8530 is super... SUPER fast when it comes to web and downloading/uploading. There has been no lag what so ever and in the two weeks thus far I've had it I have only had to reboot the device twice, so say once a week instead of twice a day like with the world and 83 series.... memory is awesome lots of space... plus I love how their is folders for everything instead of it just floating around the screen like with the other two models I've listed above... more put together. I love the slim look and the light weight. That was one thing that bothered me with my other BB's was they were soooo big. But like I said this BlackBerry is no way a starter phone. It's just more for the picky BB user when it comes to other little things... I love it.. will keep it for awhile... :)

Oh yeah... and Love you CrackBerry where would I be without you!!!! ;)

I had the Tour and after 4 of them a real deal breaker
there is no way the trackball issue was fixed. Also the new 5.0 OS was so buggy I have no issues with The Curve
glad to know someone else likes it as well

This is my first Blackberry and my first time on Crackberry. My wife and I just upgraded our phones to the Curve 8530 from a basic LG Slider and we love it. We never knew what we were missing.

I have the new Curve from Sprint--just switched from Verizon and I LOVE it. Love the service, love the people at Sprint, and the phone is great.

This is my second Blackberry(upgrade from the 8330 and overall is the best Blackberry experience I have ever had! First off, I absolutely love the threaded SMS texting! It's great. Screen looks much better than the first Curve. Optical trackpad is an A+++++ great improvement. The speed of the device is phenomenal. The keyboard is a little cramped but is still easy to type on. Love the media keys on the top and the flash memory is great compared to the 8330! 256mb is more than enough for all your applications. One flaw I did find that began to get annoying was the back cover was slightly creaky and loose out of the box and the battery life is not great either. Overall great phone and would recommend to anyone!!!

I recently switched from the old Alltel/new Verizon to Sprint due to the cost factor, Loved my BB 8330 from Alltel/Verizon, when I first came here I picked up the BB Tour from Sprint, the reception sucked in my home compared to my Alltel/Verizon Curve, so I traded it in for the HTC Hero, Love the phone wth all the numerous totally free apps that would otherwise cost for the BB, but the same exact issue, signal strength sucks in my house, and I live in a good Sprint coverage area. So my question is after reading reviews on Sprint's web site, the BB 8530 has less dropped calls reviews than my Hero does, and with all the dropped calls I have had, Sprint has offered me a replacement phone, so my question is, should I go with the 8530, or stick it out with the Hero, which indeed does way more than the BB curve can, and just tough it out on the dropped calls, which only happen at my house??

I have been through 3 Tour devices. I love the BB It is stunning in every way but the trackball. I just can't deal with it anymore and the last one locked up on me and would not release. Was not going to do a 4th.

I have had the Curve 8530 for two days and the trackpad is amazing. Yes, the device lacks a flash on the camera and it is smaller than The Tour, but I like it. The 5.0 OS is not buggy and I actually like it better than on the Tour. I had downgraded to the 4.7 on my Tour because the 5.0 just wasn't to my satisfaction. I miss the size of the Tour but it is like anything, have to get used to it. Still is an attractive phone and it does what I want. And no more trackball issues.

I got the Tour in August 2009 a month later had to replace it. Two months later had to replace it again. This past week it completely froze up on me. It is my only phone. I need a phone that is dependable. I love the Tour. It has been amazing but now 3 ? The trackball is becoming a serious deal breaker for me. I can't be without a phone. I am very careful with my phones. I am careful with everything I own. I also have my internet with Verizon so I upgraded that number with getting the 8530 Curve. I am very pleased with this little power horse of a phone. I don't think it is cheap feeling or entry level. I consider myself tech savvy and this has been great so far. I did receive my warranty replacement Tour but am selling it. And while I had the Tour before the trackball issue on this one, the new 5.0 OS was horrible and had to downgrade back to the 4.7 The Curve's 5.0 is perfect. I have no issues. So even though the Tour is high end and everyone seems to think the Curve is not......it hasn't performed to my satisfaction.The trackball, the freezing, the lousy 5.0 OS I know the successor will be awesome, but I can't wait. I need a dependable device and this little Curve is doing it for me at the present time. I also have a hard slip on case and I like it a lot. I have a couple of friends who plan to get it. So, am with the Curve for the time being.
I am sure a buyer will come about for the Tour. I have it for sale.
So we all have our individual tastes and the bottom line is what works for us. The Curve is fine in my opinion.

I had got the 8530 2 weeks ago and the battery lasted all weekend. Then Monday came around and it dies at 10 am i charge it fully and it dies at 4pm i charge it fully and then again it dies a 7pm. None of my backgrounds are on and i have full signal. So for its a great phone just sucks at battery life.

changed carriers a few months back. took me a month to learn, but worth the learnin curve.Fabulous phone for me. don't blackberry and drive you might just hit a curve!!!!ONE LOVE

Okay, I really wouldnt listen to people that are plugging the tour, and saying that the 8530 is a babys phone. I originally purchased the 8530 when I switched from ATT to Sprint. I was dumb and listened to a friend of mine who had the Tour and said I should switch to it within my 30 days. I had the Tour for 3 days and its not near the device that the Curve is. The Tour is big and sluggish, It is very slow and the battery life is not any better on the Tour. Once you use a trackpad you will hate even a fully functional trackball. I will admit that when I first got a hold of the 8530 coming from a 8310, I was concerned with how fragile it felt. Anyone reading this has nothing to worry about with the keys being part of the screen or with the phone not being durable. My brother has this phone and works in construction and he beats it up daily and it runs like a top. The screen resolution is not a big deal, the only issue I have is the lack of flash but when I had a flash on the Tour the rest of the phone was lacking.

I want to sign up for mobile banking through my bank (US Bank) In order for me to do that, i need to download the Mobile Wallet software (from my bank's website) to my phone (8530 Curve) The "supported devices" list for Sprint only shows the 8330 Curve. I would like to think that since the 8530 is really just a "new and (much!) improved 8330, that this software should (in theory) work. Am I wrong?

Why doesn't the camera have a flash like my 8330 blackberry. I loved that blackberry so much, even though it took Sprint 3 blackberrys to get it right. When it was time for me to upgrade I couldn't wait to get my 8530, but I'm disappointed in the camera. I was in a club wanted to take a pic and no flash. Can someone give me a solution?

I'm not on sprint. Have this phone with US cellular and it has terrible reception. I have to drive 4 more miles to get service than I did with my old model curve. I'm not happy.

I will admit to this being my very first "smart-phone", but I will say it was easy to learn and in the few weeks that I have had it. I am very impressed at what this phone can do. The phone works flawlessly for me and all the apps that I do have on the phone work great. My co-worker has the same phone and alot of the guys i work with have other models that they also love. Sprint, Blackberry, and RIM all did a great job putting this phone together. I'm looking forward to the next blackberry I get as I am sure I will be over joyed with the next one just like I am with the current.

I have this exact phone but in purple, and I've had it for about a month and I LOVE it. But, today I rebooted it and these weird icons popped up on top of the screen. It was a 7 then a black circle with an arrow pointing south-west and a little red dot on top. So I finally figured out that it meant I needed to update some apps, so I did but I also deleted some and I finished doing that then I rebooted it again and refreshed the application list, but now its the number 2 instead of 7, I keep rebooting and refreshing, but it won't go away, its driving me NUTS.