BlackBerry Curve 8350i: OS Now Available

By James Falconer on 12 Feb 2009 09:32 am EST
Sprint BlackBerry Curve 8350i

You may remember last week that Kevin posted a letter from Sprint saying a new OS was coming for the 8350i. As the letter predicted, the new official OS has been launched. Original details of the letter:

We've seen several posts on Crackberry discussing Sprint's BlackBerry Curve 8350i. We wanted to share the information below with you for your readers.

Sprint is working very closely with RIM to develop maintenance release software to resolve issues identified on BlackBerry Curve 8350i. The first software maintenance release will be available on next week. Sprint will notify BlackBerry Enterprise Server customers the maintenance release is available through their IT administrators, and Sprint BlackBerry Internet Service customers will be notified through a PIN to PIN message.

We are diligently working on a fix for the known echo issue. It will not be fixed in this first release, but we are doing our best to identify the issue and correct it and hoping to include that fix in the next software release. One option that helps alleviate the problem would be to use the headset that comes packaged with the phone.

Sprint is also working with RIM on a second maintenance release to address the remaining issues, and hope to have it available shortly. Any customers have issues during the upgrade they can call care at 1-800-639-6111.

OS for the Sprint 8350i is waiting for you. Use the links below for help or to get started.

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Reader comments

BlackBerry Curve 8350i: OS Now Available


Ok so its been over a week sice they told us the update was coming out and that it would not address the "known echo" problem. The update has been out for almost a week and I think the time has come to let us know when the "known echo" problem will be fixed or in the alternate what is being done to address it.

8350i new operating system ver. (128) is great… However it is true that the Echo is bad and the other issues we are having are unacceptable for what we pay as NEXTEL users, however I think its great that some of the other communication stopping errors are fixed like the MMS. (16 direct errors from what i hear) And mine seams to be smoother and faster... bringing up aps quicker.

Now lets see the next update will make the 8350i even better.

Been using Nextel for more than 10 years and this phone is great!

Well, downloaded the software and found no changes, no improvements, . Still cant watch video, still have delays, same old same old.

So what now another software upgrade to fix this upgrade.

Att and looking better and better everyday

I just upgraded my software and the MMS issue is resolved. One other thing I am noticing is that I am not able to use the GOOGLE Maps/Latitude. It keeps telling me that my location is not available. Anyone have any idea if this is an issue that Google is working on? I read that it is a problem they are encountering with the 8350i phones. Not surprising though.