Sprint announces Voicemail 2 Text app just for BlackBerry users

By Kerri Neill on 30 Sep 2011 01:01 pm EDT
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Sprint officially announces their Voicemail 2 Text app specifically for BlackBerry users. The official press release can be read here but, here's the gist of it:

Wireless devices give consumers the freedom and flexibility to stay connected from anywhere. With voicemail-2-text apps, customers can efficiently identify and respond to messages in a manner that is convenient for them.

This week, Sprint launched a voicemail-2-text app for its BlackBerry users. Sprint BlackBerry customers now have an easy and convenient way to receive and respond to voicemails. With Sprint Voicemail-2-Text, customers can quickly and easily read their voicemail messages via email or text message and then respond to the message with just a simple click. In addition messages can be easily forwarded and saved – no more writing down messages or misplacing them.

The application has a 30 day FREE trial (standard text and data rates will apply) and after that it is available for a monthly fee of $1.99. After your trial subscription has ended, you can simply open the app and select Subscribe to continue using the service with the monthly fee. Sprint's Voicemail 2 Text app supports select Bold, Curve, Style, Tour & Touch (I'm thinking they mean the 9930 or 9860 here).

I haven't been able to get the download to complete as of yet (keep getting an error message halfway through the download). Curious if anyone else has gotten the app to download and how accurate the SMS messages are so drop a comment below! 

For more information / download of Voicemail 2 Text 

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Sprint announces Voicemail 2 Text app just for BlackBerry users


Funny I clicked on the Source Link and it reads: Posted by KRISTINCW on Sep 30, 2011 8:56:54 AM

Doesn't BB have the capability to do Google Voice? If it does why bother with this?

Takes me to getjar and I get the following"No compatible version found for Java" can anyone brealdown what this means to a slow poke like me?

I have it on my 9930. It does what it says just doesn't seem to do it very well. By that I mean it will alert you via sms (and email if you want) but it does not pick up all the words the caller is saying. Sometimes says "unable to decode" and other times turns it into a word that doesn't make since. The alerts and emails come through to the device just fine though. The email comes with a .amr file of the voice mail just like visual voice mail. One thing is it doesn't use your devices phone number for voice mail. You have to set your VM up all over again. Then you have to dial a different number to get tour voicemail (if you want to listen to it).

All in all I guess its kind of neat but its not for me especially if its going to cost more. It would have to work everytime for me to be worth any money. And right now it does not. Out of about 20 voice mails left only half came through correctly. It was however very easy to set up. Was also easy to unsubscribe and go back to original voice mail.

Umm.. isn't this called Google Voice, and wasn't it released a LONG time ago?

Oh wait, Google Voice is free, and Sprint wants to charge you for this, I see the difference.

i guess i want to know same question, why wouldnt people just use google voice, its free and does same thing??????

I've been using it for a few days now. It downloaded nicely and works really well. It's really surprised me how accurate it is and I've called myself trying to trick it: accents, cussing, slurring words, etc.....not bad! The ability to get a voicemail and simply read it kicks butt! The Sprint Torch 9850 doesn't have visual voicemail so I've been using YouMail. YouMail also offers a voicemail text option, but it's expensive! I'm thinking of dropping YouMail all together and keeping this at $1.99 a month. I like it!

Voicemail-2-Text works on Blackberry 4.2 OS devices and higher on the Sprint (not Nextel network). Devices include the Curves, Bolds, Torches, and Style.

I read above that some customers are having trouble downloading, if there are still troubles downloading, let us know. If your device is not one of the listed devices above, it may not be on the compatible list.

I finally gave up after 10 attempts to download this app. If I need to work this hard just to download the app... it wont work for me!

It appears to be an issue with the getjar website. I have submitted a ticket, but no sure how long it will take to resolve. Stay tuned.

I was one of the original testers of the program and have been using it for the past few months. There are some issues with the translation being off, depending on who calls. It is typically dependent on accents or mumbling.

last week i just saw this app on my phone without any notice from before - i tried to complete dowload a few times i continued getting error messages so i gave up, (i have the tour 9630)