Sprint Announces the BlackBerry Curve 8530 Smartphone

By Kevin Michaluk on 5 Nov 2009 01:18 pm EST

Sprint BlackBerry Curve 8530

You didn't think it was only Verizon that would be getting the BlackBerry Curve 8530, did you? Sprint users looking to get there hands on the new Curve can sign up now to be notified of its release, which we'd imagine is coming soon... no pricing and release date have been announced just yet. Oh, and in case you don't like the Royal Purple color pictured above, it also comes in black.

Press Release

BlackBerry Curve 8530 smartphone Coming to Sprint Featuring America's Most Dependable 3G Network and Affordable Price Plans

Next generation of popular BlackBerry smartphone adds Wi-Fi, external multimedia buttons and BlackBerry App World; visit sprint.com/blackberrycurve8530 to pre-register for BlackBerry Curve 8530 from Sprint

OVERLAND PARK, Kan.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 5, 2009-- Sprint (NYSE: S) announced today it will add the new BlackBerry Curve 8530 smartphone to the wireless industry's best lineup of devices. Beginning today, customers can visit http://www.sprint.com/blackberrycurve8530 to pre-register for this next generation of the popular BlackBerry wireless device on America's most dependable 3G network1 with the affordability of Sprint's Everything Data plans featuring Any Mobile, AnytimeSM. Pricing and availability will be announced at a later date.

BlackBerry Curve 8530 smartphone makes it even easier to enjoy music on-the-go with dedicated keys to skip to the next song on a playlist, pause or play. It comes preloaded with several multimedia applications including BlackBerry Media Sync, Sprint Music Store, Sprint TV and Pandora. It also boasts dedicated applications for a smoothly integrated social networking experience with Facebook, MySpace and Flickr. BlackBerry Curve 8530 will be available in three color options - Black, Royal Purple and Red.

"BlackBerry Curve 8330 has been a tremendous success for Sprint. BlackBerry Curve 8530 continues that legacy with the addition of several important features that make it a winner for both entertainment and productivity," said Kevin Packingham, Sprint Senior Vice President of Product Development. "This is one device that can really do it all with the email, calendar and contact synchronization BlackBerry is known for as well as the latest multimedia and social media features. We are anxious to bring it to our customers who also appreciate the strength of our network, the affordability of our rate plans and our Ready Now customer service experience."

Sprint's BlackBerry Curve 8530 will offer BlackBerry App World for instant access to thousands of applications. Sprint has employed an open Internet approach, and the Sprint Application Developer Program has been providing tools for third-party developers, since Sprint first launched the Wireless Web on its phones in 2001.

Sprint's affordable Everything Data plans now include Any Mobile, Anytime, a feature that removes restrictive calling-circles and provides unlimited calling on the Sprint network to and from any U.S. wireless phone regardless of carrier, at no additional charge with Everything Data plans starting at $69.99 per month (all price plans exclude surcharges and taxes).

Sprint's Simply EverythingSM offers nationwide unlimited calling, unlimited text and unlimited data, including email, social networking, Web browsing, Sprint Navigation, Sprint TV, streaming music, NFL Mobile Live and NASCAR Sprint Cup Mobile, for only $99.99 per month (plus taxes and surcharges). That is a $1,200 savings over two years versus a comparable AT&T iPhone® plan2. Both Everything Data and Simply Everything plans are available to existing customers without extending their service agreement. New lines of service require a two-year service agreement.

The Sprint Mobile Broadband Network (inclusive of data roaming) reaches more than 269 million people, 18,652 cities and 1,838 airports. The Sprint Networks (inclusive of data roaming) have twice the coverage of AT&T's current 3G network and 14 times the coverage of T-Mobile's current 3G network, both based on square miles3.

According to Sprint performance data, Sprint Mobile Broadband connections are successfully connected and maintained better than 99 out of 100 times. According to a recent independent network test conducted by PC World, Sprint tested as the most reliable network overall among US carriers in a 13-city performance test4.

Sprint is the first national carrier to test, launch and market 4G technology. Separate from its 3G investment, Sprint has announced plans to extend its 4G leadership by launching the next-generation service in numerous markets in 2009, including the recently launched markets of Atlanta, Las Vegas, Philadelphia and Portland, Ore.

Sprint is also the only wireless carrier to offer Ready Now service with trained retail associates to work one-on-one with customers to personalize their BlackBerry Curve 8530, set up features and demonstrate how it works before the customer leaves the store. Customers have the choice of sitting down with a Sprint retail associate at the time of purchase or they can schedule an appointment for a later time at www.sprint.com/storelocator.

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Please tell me this is not the only color this device is available in!!


LOL, that was my first thought too!


It comes in black too...it's on the link to sign up for updates


i like the fact it MATCHES! finally.


i love this color! wish i had one already :)

Jerry Hildenbrand

Excellent. Now all I need is an orange velor suit and a silver tipped cane to complete my look.


Sprint needs to step up with more BB's besides this one...


get real dude, not only are they getting the 8530 but also the essex so, what else is different than verizon's line up of blackberries? the storm 2? that it! just one less phone. I don't count the Storm 1 since it failed in so many levels...


Either Sprint gets the Storm or hello Android..


Sprint has 2 android phones already. The HTC Hero and the Samsung Moment. The hero is strictly touchscreen while the moment offers both a touchscreen keyboard and a physical slideout keyboard.


Can anyone tell me why they wouldn't decide to get the 89xx?


they did, the 9630. The 8900 is GSM only, Sprint is CDMA


i dont see sprint getting the storm anytime soon


I think I just vomiited a little.

Good choice of color.


ugly color, very ugly at that....but its nice to know Sprint users will have this Curve upgrade also


wifi is nice but the same slow EV-DO IS A WASTE........


where does it say rev 0? I missed it


under 8530 specifications CDMA Dual Mode: CDMA 2000 1X with Ev-Do which is Rev 0

the tour is Dual-Band: 800/1900 MHz CDMA/EVDO Rev A networks

if it had Rev A they would specify it.....


Thanks. I can't believe they're still making phones with Rev 0. Looks like I'll be going for the Tour 2 when thats out. This will be nice for the memory and OS and all but I may as well spend the extra $50 or whatever it'll be to get the Tour 2.


Why can't they ever come out with the cool colors?!? *sigh*


Who knew Barney was a Blackberry!


Nice color so how many dose sprint plan on selling?


My daughter would kill to have this in purple. Then again, she would kill for ANY blackberry at this point.


how much do you all wanna bet that this is gonna be availble not only in black & purple, but also yellow, green, orange, white, bronze, & blue? after all, sprint is known for making sure their phones come in every damn color.


It'll also be released in red.


Happy to see Blackberry in something other than black. The more colors the better.

We need to suck the children into the Crackberry world.

Get 'em young!


Will Kevin be able to take off the battery door??


Nice phone....do they make them for men?


I wish I could have thought of that phrase. Nice one!

Plazmic Flame

What a complete turn off. It's extra virginal...right up there with purity rings.


And I'm not being sarcastic - I really like the colour of this BB! It's certainly a lot nicer than the lavender version that I've seen in Canada.


It's missing the crystal encrusted bezel...


Does someone knows if blackberry will release this model with direct connect like the 8350i?


It'll have WiFi, but Sprint doesn't do the UMA calling feature. Only T-Mobile has it, I think.


you guys are funny.....


That color is horrendous... but i actually know a couple of people who would prefer plasticy purple to black


will this phone be able to make calls over wifi?


Looks like Sprint is attempting to allow Wifi finally...I also wonder if it will come preloaded with the album "Purple Rain" and if Prince is anyway aware of this lovely color???LOL!!!



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reaalllllly purple.
Seems like a really specific target market. Almost too specific...
I'm sure the black version will sell great, though.


I am still a Big fan of the Curve 8330. The shape of this one, and the overall feel isn't to great in my opinion. I sure wish @sprint gives it's users a BOLD or something cool like that....otherwise, I will stick with my Curve 8330! REAL MEN LOVE CURVES ANYHOW!!!!!


Sooo...while I am very glad that Sprint, and Verizon, have come down to earth and are now offering wifi...does this mean that there will be wifi calling too?
If the answer is no for this device, could that be a possibility when the Tour2 rolls out? On that note, I personally love my 8330 like jerseysoprano, so I would wait for the Tour2 to come out before I use my upgrade...but yea my question still stands, does 8530 have wifi calling and will 9650(???) have it?


I like the purple! I'm curious about the camera, the convenience buttons, and the location of the SD card slot; will it be under the battery, or on the side like the Bold? I don't know the diff between Rev A or Rev O, but I'm glad it has OS 5.0 and WiFi.

I have a Curve 8330 with OS 4.5.175 and it has the crappy web browser that can't render a web page decently. I love my Curve, but I wish I could tweak a few things; this new Curve 8530 looks to be those tweaks.


Sprint is really slow with coming out with new BB- they need to seriously try to hang with Verizon. They seem to come out w/a BB every 3 months. STEP YOUR GAME UP SPRINT!!!!!!!


the release date is going to be 12/18/2009


the Sprint release date is going to be 12/18/2009