Sprint Adds BlackBerry Pearl 8130 to Holiday Lineup

By Adam Zeis on 16 Nov 2007 11:27 am EST

BlackBerry 8130Just in time for the holidays, Sprint is set to offer the Blackberry Pearl 8130 on November 23rd.  The device will be available for as little as $199 with contract and discounts.

Sprint is also introducing a new Power Vision BlackBerry Pack. Available only for BIS users, this $30 per month plan gives customers unlimited web and data access, unlimited text messaging, support and integration for up to 10 IMAP or Pop 3 email accounts, Sprint Navigation, Sprint TV and access to .99 cent downloads via the Sprint Music Store.

More information at Sprint.com

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Reader comments

Sprint Adds BlackBerry Pearl 8130 to Holiday Lineup


I have been a Sprint Nextel sucker for 3 years, they let me switch from the $40 plan to this, no questions asked. currently I am on hold with bb tech support to re-program my 8830

That doesn't even seem like it would be possible. I think you better re-check the facts on that plan.

First of all, why would it include mobile tv??? The Pearl is not mobile tv capable.

And Unlimited data, text and everything other feature you named for $30. Doubt it.