Sprint 8530 Available at RadioShack Today?

By Adam Zeis on 8 Jan 2010 09:15 am EST

From the looks of it, RadioShack will start selling the Sprint Curve 8530 today (not Sunday as originally planned). Not the biggest news, but if you've been holding out on picking up a new 8530, now you can grab one fairly cheap. The device will only run you $29.99 on a new 2-year contract, or $49.99 for an upgrade, and both require a Sprint Everything plan with data. The device hasn't popped up on their website yet, but most stores should have them available already.

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Sprint 8530 Available at RadioShack Today?


just got back from my local radio shack. my wife wanted the 8530. so i went and got it for 32.99 with tax and all. the guy said the purple one will be in stock next week (friday). he said i can take the black one back next week and get purple one since ill be in the 30 days. wifey didnt want to wait any longer...ive made her a crackberry lol lol lol. i already have covers for her..fyi im in miami

will the blackberry 8530 be available in Canada for the rogers network? If so, do you know the date? I was thinking of purchasing the 8520 but now have doubts if there is a 8530 coming out.

feedback is greatly appreciated :)

I work at Best Buy and we also sell them (in multiple colors). Just making sure people know they don't have to go to radioshack they can come talk to us non-commissioned salespeople at Best Buy!! Trackpad is nice too!

The radioshack i work at, already went thru about 20 black 8530s and 10 of the purple ones in just two days.

I just got the 8330 about two months ago with Sprint.(2yr) Would I be able to trade in my curve for the 8530? No sooner had I gotten my curve,then the 8530 came out later on. I should've waited a little longer. Man that sucks!!!!