The Sprint 8330 Curve is Here! BUY IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

Sprint BlackBerry Curve 8330 Now Available!!
By Kevin Michaluk on 9 May 2008 05:30 am EDT

The wait is finally over, you can now BUY YOUR OWN SPRINT BLACKBERRY 8330 CURVE! Good job on the patience was tough, but you all survived the crazy waiting games. Be sure to take a minute and say your farewells in the Sprint Curve 8330 Coming Soon thread... the Sprint 8330 Curve IS NOW HERE :-)

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The Sprint 8330 Curve is Here! BUY IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!


Thats Strange i work for Sprint and we were able to do direct ship on a bunch of them today with no problem at all. they will be in the stores early next week.

I just went to the Sprint website to order the 8330 and they want $579!!! I currenty use the BlackBerry 8703e. When I switched from Nextel to Sprint the FORCED me to renew my contract. Now they say I need to wait almost a year in order to receive the full discount. Sprint doesn't seem to care about EXISTING customers.

You are right about them not caring about existing customers. I just spoke with them and as an existing customer they only want to give me $150 off the phone and extend my contract. Are you kidding me?

How long are they saying that you have until your eligible for the full discounted price? or yet when did you purchase the 8703?

I have BlackBerry 8703e as well, order my curve today and I got it for 179.99 I spoke with customer service and talked a lil trash and w00t 179.99 Thank you for calling sprint.

It all depends how you talk to them. I would not say be irate but be professional and it will work out. I called and they offered me $150.00 off the full price of 599.00 I sad HA and call Customer Service not retentions and they gave me the phone for $179.00 2 year agreement.. now I am just waiting for it..

I'm an existing customer(since 1998) currently under contract and didn't have much of a problem getting the phone at the $179 price. I called telesales and told them that I wanted to buy the phone for the new plan price and i wanted to switch my plan to the everything $99 plan. They were great about it and didn't put up a fuss at all. They even gave me the free shipping and free activation deal! They can ba a pain but they are definitely trying to improve their retention numbers from last year so go get what you can right now!

I went into the Sprint store today to switch over from Palm to RIM (so excited) and they don't even have a store model out. BUT! They did have the picture up at the spot the model will be at and it's this one/color:

Sprint is only going to have one color and it's not going to be the one pictured on their website which I thought was weird (/lazy?)

Anyways. There is like no stock available for this phone. I left my name and number with the guy at the store because he couldn't even order any from the warehouse. Now I gotta wait but I think it's gonna be worth it (until my boss comes back from the expo this weekend with all the info on the 9000)

Thats Strange was it a corporate store or authorized agaent cause we have been allowed as of 10am this morning well atleast Eastern time but all corporate stores can do direct ship so we can have the phone sent to you and will not have are shipments hopefully tomorrow but by the way it looks we may not have them until early next week.

I heard thy are not shipping it till June, is that true? I dont want to walk to my Sprint store and here that thy dont have it.

All corporate stores will have there shipments hopefully this saturday but it looks more like early next week they started shipping to stores on the 8th so they should be there soon.

I order 5 of these unit for my staff 3 month ago! Now there at the office on my desk, and I'm home on vacation! C'Mon Monday morning!! :-D

At least they better be there? That what my Business Sprint Rep said... Is he lying? I kill him, then send Sprint nasty emails, and explain that I should have going iPhone and ATT. Mmmm....iPhone.

'I been lost without my crackberry, my Sprint 8307 was a P.O.S always freezing up, and not syncing correctly.'

The 8330 curve is also available for verizonwireless customers. I got mine may 9th! whoo hoo! loving this phone!!
SOOOO worth the wait!

Can anyone confirm the color of the Sprint 8330? The website has it looking like one from Verizon but supposedly the Sprint store promo docs have it looking black. What gives?

I will post all I can about my experience.....
and the color. :)))
I am actually really happy I did this. I had a curve from T mobile. I sold that, canceled my contract and figured it was worth the ETF because the service from T mobile leaves a lot to be desired. One thing that is really nice with Sprint is the CDMA network....faster, and more coverage. Also EVDO which is fast!!
So, its a real selling point for this phone! And GPS is included. Yay! Makes it a nice Mother's Day!!

Looking for some advise. I have finally given up hope that sprint/nextel will come out with a new blackberry with direct connect so I have decided to leave my 7100i for either the new curve or pearl. Looking for some advise as to which direction I should go. It seems to me that the biggest difference is the keyboard and I think I am pretty good with suretype. Any thoughts on going one way or another?

Hi, I've owned both, am getting the Sprint curve this time, had the Tmobile curve and pearl. The curve is so much easier to use when it comes to texting. Its just more of a substantial phone in my opinion. It just depends on whether you want something smaller or dont mind the width of the curve....I like a bigger screen personally.