Sprint 8330 Curve: Coming This Week? or May? or June?!

Sprint BlackBerry 8330 Curve Coming This Week?!
By Kevin Michaluk on 21 Apr 2008 01:08 am EDT

The last few days have brought a lot of apprehension, anxiety, anger, confusion, uncertainty (you get the picture!) to Sprint customers itching to get their hands on the new BlackBerry 8330 Curve.

Sprint's Official Press Release said the device would launch later this month - with later this month meaning sometime in April. Information obtained from Brightpoint put the device as hitting distribution centers on the 16th and available for sale on the 20th. But over the past few days it seems the word from Sprint Reps is that 8330 Curve's release date is being pushed back until JUNE!!! Apparently software issues with EVDO have set the target launch date back.

Some people have called into Sprint and heard that the phone will come out in May. Engadget Mobile called into Sprint and was told the 8330 Curve is still coming this month. There's not a lot of time left in April, so HOPEFULLY that means we will still see the launch of Sprint's 8330 Curve this week (or maybe early next week).

Time will tell, and I feel for everybody on Sprint as I know there's a LOT of you waiting. The Sprint 8330 Curve Coming Soon post in the forums has over 800 responses and has been viewed some 31,000+ times in the past few weeks. Be sure to join in on the discussion and let's hope the Sprint BlackBerry 8330 Curve gets here this week! 

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Sprint 8330 Curve: Coming This Week? or May? or June?!


yeah right, software issues? with EVDO? anyone notice it working on EVDO on both Telus and Bell? hmmm.... maybe Canada's EVDO is just more stable, (but I doubt it)

man i dont know bout Sprint some times.... why the hell are they lagging behind, in this race? they have the best rates so far and always a wide variety of phones.... i like em, but this Curve Crap is the pits.... lol i have a 8830 now i want a damn camera thats all....

Sprint does have good rates, and as for me in Metro Detroit, good service coverage. But as for variety of phones, they might have a lot of low end models(and I don't count the Nextels), but they are always last or almost last to get the newest phones, if they get them at all.

You are dead on they always come in last. For example they came in at the end of the RAZR craze. I like Sprint I've had them for eight years, but their delay in having the latest and greatest is so frustrating!

fresh off the phone yesterday, the long awaited 20th, with Sprint Telesales…….. June release date for the Curve 8330. My 7100i BRICK still works, today any way!

I want to wait until “later this year” for the BB on the Nextel side but.. it’s only been 3 years since that rumor started!! I guess myself and the other 23 or 24 Nextel BB users better band together, lol!

Well, just like everybody else with Sprint I'm impatiently waiting for the Curve's arrival. Today I went to a Sprint store and they had advertisements up for the Blackberry 8330 with pictures and a phone slot with an actual price breakdown and everything. It was listed in the store at $349.99 with a $100 mail in rebate which made it $249.99 with a 2 year contract. So I'm not sure what is going on, but it would seem that it's going to be in released pretty soon, I hope.

P.S. I have a picture for proof, so come to my page to see it


i've heard that price is going to be $179 after rebates. also, BrightPoint says it will be May 7th for them and May 9th at the stores.

I have received my BB 8330, you will have to purchase a BB everything plan if you want it (Unlimited)....It's a great phone... I'm coming from a Windows model phone, a little different but its a beautiful phone...My first BB... Sprint surprised everyone with there release...

But it is available.. Just in time For..

Sino aka yungsta ("The Cook up") coming soon....