Sprint WiFi BlackBerry PlayBook coming June 5 according to Sprint Market Director

BlackBerry PlayBook Sprint 4G
By Bla1ze on 2 Jun 2011 04:46 pm EDT

We've been wonering when Sprint was going to release the BlackBerry PlayBook and now we know it'll be June 5, thanks to Sprints Market Director Gerald Evans. No, the announcement didn't come from Sprint directly -- rather, it was posted to his personal blog where he announced:

The much anticipated BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet with Wi-Fi® connectivity and 16 GB of storage will go on sale in all Sprint direct ship sales channels, including Sprint Stores, Business Sales, www.sprint.com and Telesales (1-800-SPRINT1) on Sunday, June 5, for $499.99 (plus tax).

Not a whole lot more can be said there, except -- I guess we'll have to wait around for an official announcement from RIM and/or Sprint. We still don't have an date for the 4G version as of yet but, "summer" is still on target.

Source: TheBerryFix; via: Weekly Wireless Updates

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Sprint WiFi BlackBerry PlayBook coming June 5 according to Sprint Market Director


First! Sure would be nice to have an update prior to the 5th so there won't be anymore, "Be patient, that's coming in an update" conversations for me.

Agreed,it's been about a month since the last update too. The more places that the playbook is available, the more it will sell.

Wait, what's so special about Sprint's version that's worth making an article. I thought the 4G versions came until I saw the word wifi in the title...

right, two possibilities here: update before the sprint release or before the european release (15 june)...

wow...im surprised it shares the same $499.99 price tag with the wi-fi only Playbook models currently out now...I thought this would be more expensive since it has 4G. Or is Sprint subsidizing this to some extent?

oh, i re-read the article and saw that this isnt the 4G version. then its true, whats the point? Sprint's model is the same with what is out now.

Why is this news? I got all excited that it was the 4G version. But this is ONLY WiFi. What is the point of saying you're 6 weeks late in signing up for product launch.

I do consider this news. Certainly not earth shattering, however I do like knowing that RIM is increasing the sales channels for the PBook. Additionally, there are still some folks who only think of purchasing such mobile devices from carriers. The more folks pitching the PBook, the more it is going to sell. The more it sells, the more the dev community will accept it and build more apps. I don't know about u folks, but I'd like my apps rolling out at a faster clip. I NEED google chat ASAP!!!

It's coming early next month.

PlayBook will be sold 'world wide' before you know it.
They are pumping these things out BIG TIME.

MRG reports that its BIG selling feature appears to be 'flash' and speed.

And wait till you see QNX on the phones.
Everybody will toss out whatever phone they are currently using, and will rush out to get one. I hear that it is the " iPhone Killer ".

lmao , Iphone killer? doesnt qnx have to go past android first? Qnx wont be touching none of those 2. Because by the time RIM finally has TAT and the QNX guys cming out wit han interface reminding you of IOS 4 and honeycomb , those 2 will have moved on to better things.
Just like hwo rim is no finally catchign up with a fast singlecore processor ,wich htc, samsung an iphoen already had in there fones like 2 years ago?
With rim itss always........wait for this ......wait for that ..bla bla bla bla. I'm done waiting. I waited for that damn os6 for so long , finally i was going to browse normally on my phone. But it still sucked, even tough kevin hyped the shit out of that weak ass OS6.
So get off that cool-aid , dont be a drone

Did you type that from your iPhone? I know whenever people send me emails and messages from their iPhones there are tons of spelling and grammar mistakes too, makes them sound very dumb. I don't care about the 4G playbook, I'm obsessed with my 64gb Wifi model. Very excited for some updates/new features, mainly really hoping to use my bluetooth headphones which are amazing. My real hope is that a 4G verizon blackberry phone comes out so I can just use that with the bridge and have a free 4G connection on the PB.

Wait, why is this news?

I mean, if it's just the wifi model... no 3G or 4G network support, it's the same device you can get from the same price at any Best Buy, Staples, or Radio Shack; or online direct from RIM.

I just see this adding confusion... people buy this from Sprint, only to find they don't actually get data access...

Surprised that you guys did not report that Amazon.com is now selling WiFi BlackBerry PlayBooks. That gives many people a chance to get one without paying sales tax.

This is only "news" since a major carrier is attached to a device. It's just as if there were news on an iPad or iPhone and Verizon alliance. No 4G? No real news. I've been bridging on my PB with Sprint since I got it.

Sprint doesn't know if they are going to stick with Wimax or switch over to LTE for 4g services. RIM isn't going to make a 4g version of playbook for sprint until that decision is set in stone. I don't believe the two technologies are compatible. If RIM were to produce 4g wimax playbooks and Sprint switched to LTE 4g services, I'm thinking the playbooks 4g radio would be useless. I also believe that is why we haven't seen a 4g blackberry recently. My best guess...