Master your reflexes with Springy for the BlackBerry PlayBook

By James Richardson on 24 Jan 2013 08:51 am EST

It isn't going to take me long to describe Springy as it is an extremely simple concept but a lot of fun. According to the developer Springy is a kind of pet - i'm not sure what kind of pet looks like him but that doesn't matter. The aim of the game is to drag your finger around the screen and to not let Springy nibble it. Sounds simple - it isn't.

Unless you have ninja like relaxes this game is challenging. Each round lasts 20 seconds and just to spice things up a bit there are random walls that appear which can both hinder and help you. As Springy moves so fast it can take a while to get the hang of things but after a little frustration it is kind of a cool game.

The game is all about points. Clearly, completing a level helps but you will also get more points for allowing Springy to get as close to your finger as possible. Don't go off the screen onto the PlayBooks bezels though as that will result in a fail. Springy is free to download so go give it a try. It's a wee bit addictive.

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weird is your arms looking pinkish


lol when I clicked on this page and first saw the image for the video I was wondering why james was wearing gloves!


Thats what happens when you get caught in the Blackberry jam. Couldn't resist :)


Actually it's a Blackberry Jam oompa loompa. LOL


Free, you say? I'm down for that cause!


Wasn't this posted a few days ago? I even download it and deleted it a few minutes later.


You don't appreciate developers hard disk eh? SHAME on you. If you did it just to put a bad review of such a great challenging game that you suck at, you are quite rude.