Spread the CrackBerry.com Word - We Can Take It!

By Kevin Michaluk on 14 Nov 2007 10:34 am EST

Super CrackBerry.com!CrackBerry.com Server Upgrade Complete!

Yiipppeeee! It's a big week for CrackBerry.com as the site made the move to its new location in Smartphone Experts' Data Center. A big thanks to CrackBerry Tom and all the SPE folk for working hard to get this done.

Our daily traffic has been growing at a rapid rate, and our old server was simply maxxed out - during the peak hours of the day it would slow to a crawl as we simply had too many visitors and members online.

We are now set for growth - the new server setup is Pimp'n, with our capabilities increasing more than ten fold. So spread the CrackBerry.com word, we can take it!

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Reader comments

Spread the CrackBerry.com Word - We Can Take It!


you bet I am.... Im also making all my friends buy blackberry phones and leave their old phones...
My husband has an Iphone and now wants a blackberry :D

Congrats for the improvement :D
I love crackberry.com :D

What is up with this site now? I no longer can get any ringtones at all sent to me. I also work for AT&T an no one I work with can get any of the great crackberry ringtones.

We're on top of this. Some of the emails being sent out from the new server to individuals (ringtones, wallpapers, forum notifications) are getting caught in people's spam filters (even though they are all requested by the user).

We know the reason and are addressing it. Will be fixed soon. In the meantime, check your junk/spam folder as they most likely ended up there.

Thanks for the Patience!!