Spotted in BlackBerry Actionable Notifications, Wi-Fi Direct and more!

By Bla1ze on 2 Jul 2013 07:05 pm EDT

If you've hopped into the CrackBerry forums today, you may have noticed there is some time being spent on getting a newer BlackBerry 10.2 build up and running, to be exact. As we previously noted, it has some goodies in it such as a new native Evernote app, some updated applications but in addition to that, it's also showing off some new notifications as well as the previously confirmed WiFi direct

Actionable notifications has been one of my gripes with the OS for a while now so, seeing a new way of interacting with notifications is in the works pleases me immensely. You can jump below to see some screenshot of the OS and hopefully, we'll see a completely working build of it get pieced together over the next little while.

Actionable Notifications / Toasts:

Here, you can see the actionable notifications or toasts. As messages are received, you can simply pull down on the notification and respond however you do so choose. The notifications can be turned off / on and can be viewed on the lock screen of your device as well, providing you with options as to how you wish to see them.

Wi-Fi Direct:

This feature was noted to be coming at BlackBerry Live and it's finally now making it's presence felt. If you're not familiar with Wi-Fi Direct, it helps devices with the appropriate hardware to connect directly to each other via Wi-Fi without an intermediate access point.

In smartphones and tablets, it can be used to print, share, synch and display content from those devices to any other Wi-Fi direct capable hardware. For example, the upcoming Xbox One has Wi-Fi direct, so you could play content from your device directly to the Xbox One.

Video Walkthrough:

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Needles to say, you'll want to check out the thread in the CrackBerry forums where there is plenty more screenshots to look at and plenty of other things spotted are being shared. Anything on your 'want' list appearing?

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Spotted in BlackBerry Actionable Notifications, Wi-Fi Direct and more!


I know it's awesome right? Especially since AT&T is gonna get it well into 2015 at this point. Can't wait.

via CB10 (BB Z10 : BLK : OS 10.1) [ Follow me @EHZAY for BB News & Tech Updates ]

To be honest, I am still in shock and dismay and with feeling of betrayal, What they did with PlayBook.
I purchased PlayBook 64GB only for $500 plus taxes. And now I feel Thor is laughing at me. Picking on an idiot.

Posted via CB10

The playbook is over two years old, I hardly use it now that I have the Z10. Thor says he's not happy with bb10 on the playbook better to cancel it and offer something that utilizes bb10 to its full potential down the road. They are concentrating on selling phones. Once they have all the features built out it will be a lot easier to bring back a tablet.

Thor was an idiot on this particular matter, if he is going to leave the playbook as it is, he could just give us the capabilities of playing the same apps than BB10 and viceversa AT LEAST!.
Fragmentation is getting worse, there are even apps and games not available for the z10 that I have on my playbook not to mention the q10 or q5

Don't justify Thor, he is not some sort of God from out of space, he is a human and he makes mistakes, this was one. Thor said several times playbook was going to have BB10, he then, at the very end retracted. Making the people who bought it on that period of time look like idiots. Thor therefore, made a mistake. And it shall not be forgotten.

The least Thor could have said is that they will be offering a new PlayBook with updated specs who will be able to utilize the BB10 with FULL Bridge support so as not to leave us hanging. It was bad enough they took most fuction from the Bridge come BB10 and now they're leaving out and dry, he's a damn liar if you ask me and RIM will not get another dime from me till they prove themselves! I'm done with the lies!

Not completely out of the question that a PBOS 2.2 update might also carry WiFi Direct and Bridge fixes. Be patient.

Thunderbuck! Love the confidence man, but these guys are right. It was stated long ago that the PlayBook was not hardware capable. But he could have returned the bridge. He took that away. Hey I bought a lot of playbooks full knowledge of there capabilities on OS7 and as a corporate mobile solution they were great. When we switched corporate phones to the bb10 platform, no one said we were losing the bridge let alone forever. Now we have. These guys are right. Heins screwed us royally. The problem is his diehard BlackBerry fans, who basically market BlackBerry to people we know, who defend BlackBerry while they try to rebuild were stabbed in the back by Thor! BlackBerry is done. You watch the switch to other platforms cause of this. 20 million more will be lost forever is my forecast in the next 3 months! It's all over now guaranteed!

Where's my FULL BRIDGE Mr. Heins? Please return it!

Almost, BB10 was announced for the first time as BBX in September 2011. Very likely he bought it when it was announced.

Right thread. BlackBerry is not in a position of trust. Therefore everything that leaks of is being promised, has to be at least, revised or questioned.
It is BBRY only job to rebuild this confidence with its core fans.
Kevin Michaluk is a good example of a Bad fan, because he is a business man, he does business with this site, he is invested on BBRY, he has to say good stuff about BBRY. He lies about this being a good decision from BBRY to leave PB Behind.
I prefer a crippled BB10 on PB than a PB with no other video message app or all BB10 apps
The good fan questions its loyalty once in a while, criticizes actions, has opened mind that companies are just that, companies, and can made mistakes, it do that to assure the company is doing the correct thing.

This thread is not about the PlayBook or Kevin being an owner. It's about an update to OS 10.2. For your other points, I'll leave that for a different thread.

This thread is about 10.2 update and yet it is painful enough to remind us PlayBook owners that we will never have the same experience than on our z10. That's how damaged BBRY brand is for core fans, and I dare you to show how fan you are compared to the ones that are pissed off

...I don't like straying from the thread, but I am as hardcore a BlackBerry fan as it gets... I own two PlayBooks...both were purchased when they were at the peak launch with the WiFi model, and when the LTE came out. I didn't mind paying a premium, as I know the potential of these devices, even today. I also plan on buying more PlayBooks for other tasks around the house...(4-5 in total). I figured time time ago, that OS 10 wouldn't likely come to the PB after getting a peek at the specs of the Z10. It won't work well...unless you strip it down some, and then you have the PB what's the point? It operates just fine as it is. It still keeps up wit, or out works most on the market, it's tough and I use my LTE model from charged to dead every single day. It has most of the features that BB10 has that make it quick and easy to manage (usually not called what they are on BB10). Think Peek, it's there in a gesture, same with Flow, and the Hub. I suspect they will update to say 2.2 and bring some more function on board to keep up with OS 10....Do I feel betrayed...or pissed off? a BlackBerry owner since 2005, and owner what I like to call 'the House that BlackBerry Built'...not in the least...

Be pissed off as much as you want. Call people liars and question their integrity. You're probably going to live a good sixty to eighty years. You can chose to be like those who don't know how to let go or you can move on. Whichever way you want to cut it, it's STILL the wrong thread.

Most of the CB folks, as well as those who belong to the BlackBerry faithful, myself included, have at some point ripped BlackBerry a new one from time to time. People get over it. The company will make more mistakes in the future.

Go do something with your life rather than be bitter. Let go. Go have a family. For the love of God, give it a rest. Move on.

I believe he is totally right and I feel very comfortable to see this type of comments in every post, that tells me people is not fan blinded anymore and people has to be respected by any company. If we suddenly forget what BBRY did to core fans by promising something and then vanishing away then we will be treated like that forever.

Thor repeated his promise about BB10 on PB for the last time in March 23, 10 months later after BB10 was launched officially in September (but I believe it was in May 2012) and 2 months after the z10 was released.

I totally feel you. I bought 4 playbooks, I invested heavily, I bought apps, I supported playbook developers, I own 567 apps since then, which accounts for almost 1000 USD over a period of 2 years and now, not receiving bb10 on pb is just the tip of the iceberg, Not being able to have the same apps in BB10 as in my PB is just big deal. Big fragmentation and a big lesson, even that the PB was like a premium device for them for a while, you can never forget that BBRY can be trusted totally yet. You never know, maybe in one year they won't support BB11 on the z10. I'm still waiting to receive my 10.1 update while I'm still alive.

Well it doesn't justify it but at least they had the guts to tell people. I've owned maybe 3 Androids where the ICS was announced maybe 2-3 years ago and they won't even tell you the status of the update, they just let them die slowly in the background leaving everyone in the dark. Still don't have an update, they just dropped support for them. It's a little more common than you think too.
It's not like BB actually has too much extra money to spend to update it.

I feel your pain as I am on Verizon. I currently swap back and forth between Z10 and iPhone 5. The iPhone is mainly for a few must have apps. I would love to see BB take the updates out of the carriers hands, like Apple.

Shoulda been there right from the start. Not sure why Android is the only OS with true actionable notifications.

Posted via CB10

Oh my, you have another problem with bb. Would never have guessed.

It probably would kill you to say something positive. Maybe a neutral comment wouldnt? Please try to contribute something beyond your gripes

Posted via my Zed (not Zee) 10

I'm glad there's an option to turn it off... I've heard people wanting this a lot... good for them...

WIFI-direct? Sounds cool, but I would like them to expand on the DLNA capabilities... BlackBerry should try to focus on what sets them apart from the other platforms...

Cracked it out with the amazing Z

10.2 looks like the goody bag to look forward to...and I will insist and keep insisting that the 10.2 be a global release update and not a regional one BlackBerry please take note!

Posted via CB10

Dude that is already out for 10.1. It's in beta and will be released fully when it's out of the beta stages.

via CB10 (BB Z10 : BLK : OS 10.1) [ Follow me @EHZAY for BB News & Tech Updates ]

10.2 is fine and dandy but if Verizon wireless in the United States can't get the 10.1 then what makes people think they will get 10.2

Posted via CB10

Majority of consumers aren't going to install a leak. Some of these features really improve the user experience and could even help "sell" devices. Having to wait for updates (like for rebooting issues) hurts BBRY more than it does carriers.

All BlackBerry needs to do is advertise the new features as soon as the first carrier releases the new OS. Then when people go to Verizon, they will have to explain why their bullshit update system is keeping features that people want away from those that want them.

I have been using leaked OSes on my Verizon Z10, and I can guarantee that the user experience is greatly improved and the phone is more stable and has longer battery life.

Maybe BlackBerry needs to start making stable leaked OSes more known and easily accessible to the average user. What are AT&T and Verizon going to do, give them 4th billing in their stores? Well that is already done. Maybe they will refuse to officially update the OS? Haha, can't get much worse than it already is....oh oh I know what they will do...they will have their sales people tell their customers that BlackBerry is going out of business and that they should look at the iPhone or Android phone....whoops, already done....

Posted via CB10

Yeah, I was right there with ya, but seriously, take advantage of the leaks, if you can. Opens new doors, man.

Posted via CB10

Bla1ze is attempting to stop the negative nonstop BlackBerry train that has been happening since Friday, I for one appreciate it! Maybe BlackBerry should take notes from him!

Posted via CB10

I look forward to testing our these handy new features, I just wished that blackberry offers them out of the box.

Posted via CB10

You can't expect it to have every bell and whistle right out of the box. This is a brand new OS. It's already leaps and bounds passed where Android and iPhone was this early into their lives. BB10 is improving nicely and at a rapid pace.

Posted via CB10

"It's already leaps and bounds passed where Android and iPhone was this early into their lives."


I'm sorry, apparently BB10 is not from the same BlackBerry company that has been making smart phones since 1998. Keep lying to yourself pretending BB10 is some brand new thing that has nothing to do with the oldest smart phone maker of all time. There is no excuse for BlackBerry any more. They sat on their laurels in the early to mid 2000s and now they are paying for it.

And making it proprietary so that it only works between iOS/Mac devices. Well, they do know how to make money, that's for sure.

Posted via CB10 on my white Z10 & lovin' it!

This is the main reason why I banned apple from my personal life and dumped my iPhone 4 and switched, for my first time, to blackberry... and don't regret it at all...

Posted via CB10

A lot of people seem to keep forgetting these points. Apple have people by the short hairs and people blindly let Apple do it. It's a brillant way to get its dna into people.

Wi-Fi Direct is able to link devices from allsorts of manufacturers, and on allsorts of platforms. AirDrop does not offer this.

The xbox one sucks get a better console bro. PS4 I'd just the way to go, we all know xbox I'd going to finger bang you all down the line.

Posted via CB10

Still no word on if 10.2 will address the home screen one button speed dialing issue??

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10

Hm, not in my current build from AT&T. Let me connect to link, heard there was an update that isn't ota yet...

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10

Looking good - stay positive folks team BlackBerry has been doing some nice stuff lately.

Posted via CB10

This is Wifi gone ballistic, a sort of super Blur tooth and has a special hook when it comes to NFC (trigger by tap).

Looking out for more NFC activity in the market. Card vendors would be good to hear about. We're ahead of the game right now in terms of what's out there... but yet to see how it will work for consumers. Big things are expected of NFC though.

Posted via CB10

Nice nice, looks good. They should work on the music player too, i'd like to be able to pick the next songs I want to listen to while listening to a song, like creating a temporary playlist. That'd be cool.

Posted via CB10


I've been thinking the same for a while. You have no idea how much easier this would make my job!!!!

My Tech-Fleet: Q10; Z10; PlayBook; Surface Pro; Xbox 360; HP TouchPad; iPod Touch 5

And BlackBerry continues to listen to their users, giving us more useful features and making our phones better.

BB10 on the PlayBooks won't happen, but that's fine with me because BB10 on my Z10 and Q10 just keeps getting better.

Sounds great hut in retrospect I don't really give a damn cause many of my fellow Z10 users are with out the 10.1 update. So this is like look the geico commercial with the old dude teasing the chicken with the dollar on a fishing pole.

Posted via CB10

"Dude teasing the chicken with a dollar" Lol pardon me, I had to laugh at that.

Posted via CB10 on my white Z10 & lovin' it!

Getting closer to direct device printing. Hopefully sometime soon.

Please don't start with print to go. That's not direct device printing.

BlackBerry goes "ding" and the red light flashes. I check the message(s), and carry on. Not sure what the issues are with notifications. Again, BlackBerry goes "ding" and the red light flashes. I'm not that popular I guess, so I don't need disco cop lights to notify me that somebody tweeted something with the hash tag #wackness.

Posted via CB10

Hey, how about don't print? Maybe g o digital with your paper shuffling. Seriously "bro", stop printing crap to paper, it's a waste.

Posted via CB10

It's 2013 and guys still print stuff to paper? WOW! There is absolutely no need to print anything.

Posted via CB10

What a sweeping statement. I will be sure to tell that to my bank manager when I apply for a mortgage

Posted via CB10

haven't read other comments but. . . Accessing the messages from lock screen. . . Doesn't that bypass the password when locked? How does it look like when there are multiple messages?

Please make the update faster :3 more updates, more fun :3

Posted via CB10

To be quite honest most consumers won't care. These things have to be global and in unison. The average consumer will get ticked off if you tell them Hey there's jellybean support!...just not in your area

Posted via CB10

Speaking of Jelly Bean...

Here's how behind BlackBerry is and why they are struggling today: I just got a LG Lucid 2 9 weeks ago on a 2 year contract FOR FREE. This is a mid-level smart phone (1.2GHz Snap Dragon, 1GB RAM, etc..) and it shipped with 4.1.2 day one. For free. That's what BB is up against trying to justify a Z10 for $199. What a joke.

Would direct wifi allow you to connect and screen to the phone? Ie wifi enable tv's and other tablets?

Posted via CB10

I wonder if 10.2 will release with the possible A10 in November or another device earlier on.

I can't wait to see what's in store for 10.3

Posted via CB10

Can someone tell me whether or not these Actionable Notifications will be with just BBM? Or Text and BBM?

What about WhatsApp?

Can I attach things with it?

What if I only want Actionable Notifications for some contacts? Is there a place in the contacts menu where I can Toggle Actionable Notifications for certain contacts to Off?

So many questions, so little time!!

My Tech-Fleet: Q10; Z10; PlayBook; Surface Pro; Xbox 360; HP TouchPad; iPod Touch 5

What is with the xbone plug? I know Microsoft need all the help they can get but I didn't expect to see it here :P

Posted via CB10

Because the Xbox One supports Wifi-Direct and PS4 does not. Xbox One actually uses it for its controllers..

Now if you buy a Sony TV with your PS4 you can use Wifi-Direct, just not within the console.

You can buy a wifi dongle that supports it if your PC/Laptop doesn't..

"Because the Xbox One supports Wifi-Direct and PS4 does not. Xbox One actually uses it for its controllers.."

Because we all want Wi-Fi Direct for our controllers. That wont have any interference at all. There's a reason Sony and Nintendo both went with Bluetooth for their controller connections.

That's exactly why it is so rewarding to use BlackBerry 10. Updates are flowing in from time to time and I just couldn't wait for this one. Go BlackBerry go!

Posted via CB10

How does wifi direct differ from "Play On"? We can already display music, videos, pictures on DLNA supported software like xbmc.

Because you need a wifi router or access point in between them in the current incarnation. wifi direct goes directly to the other supported device without that piece connecting them.

Great news on 10.2... I would really like to be able to create a blank page with no icons on it, and to rearrange the other pages. Is that possible in OS10 environment?

? Just curious why you would want a blank page with no icons.

On 10.0+ you can create a new page by dragging an icon all the way to the right (past the current last page). But you need at least one icon on a page.

I've used this to help organize my icons onto groups that I've put into folders (e.g.: Social, Games, News, Work, etc...).

Folders are great and allow you to keep up to 256 applications on one screen. Also, the animation for going in and out of folders is quite cool :)

Posted via CB10

Just personal preference, but I like the option of a screen with just my wallpaper visible. That prevents accidentally launching an app when I'm carrying my phone around in and out of my purse or pocket. With my 9850, I could pull all the icons down with the menu bar, or just have one row at the bottom. I have my Note II set up with nothing on the first screen except the permanent row of 4 icons at the bottom.

I know about the one icon minimum and will have to make that work. Not a big thing but just throws off the visual... :)

As a workaround, you can leave only one icon on the first screen and move all the others to other screens. As a side effect, all newly installed apps will appear on the first screen and you'll have to drag the away every time you install a new app :)

Have 10.2 improve the email attachment (photo) re-size function? I am struggling with this function as it is the basic / useful function in all old blackberrys

Posted via CB10 from Q5

Besides, I also facing another problem that my company email can't send out a few attachments (e.g. Photos) even I have already buy a software to re-size to smaller size. And now I have to send the photos from my Gmail to my mac, or upload it to dropbox and send from my Mac. This really turn me down as a loyal BB user that have been support them for quite a long time, BlackBerry really need to focus on fixing those "BUGs", as the MAIL is one of the major selling point, isn't it?
Can't really accept this!!!!!!

Posted via CB10 from Q5

I installed the leaked 10.2 but wats app didnt displayed ' this virsion of wats app is too old for 10.2. waiting for the official release..

Posted via CB10

Bring me the ability to send a video without 2seconds being 8mp come on i always send videos now cant

Posted via CB10


This is a step in the direction that proves the point that you are the best of the best in communication between devices. KEEP THIS BALL ROLLING !

PS: Please start pushing out updates across the world, so the fragmentation ceases.

Posted via CB10

I want to be able to add custom notifications for each contact....when is THAT coming back so I won't feel like I downgraded from my 9850???
I'm on the leak (because I'm on VZW) and I know I can set it for emails....but big whoop....on my 9850 I could set profiles for each contact on email, calls, sms, mms, BBM....EVERYTHING.
I think I know why....because, like the PlayBook, they released a half-a$$ed OS. They figured they would finish it as they went. Good thing BB doesn't build aircraft....I can see it now..."Ok everyone....once we take off and cruise to 10,000 feet, we'll finish putting it together...sound good?" *facepalm*

Are group emails and WiFi calling finally coming with 10.2? Those are at the top of my wish list and should have been features by default. What's taking so long?

I hope the saved search functionality from OS7.1 makes its way to BB10.2, along with an enhanced Bridge. Anyone know if this is in the works, or did BBRY kill the Bridge too when they killed the PB?

Are we ever going to get text message pop ups that are built in and viewable from the home screen and elsewhere? I'm using an app, but that's lame. Should be built in.

Posted via CB10

It looks more advanced. "Well Duh it is." I know that, but do you think it will compete against iOS? Because iOS 7 is going to come out soon, and BlackBerry 10 needs to get more attractive features. And no, I am not loosing hope. It's just that BlackBerry needs to get more attractive, even tho how attractive it is.

Posted via CB10

More forward looking rubbish. Forget this new stuff, get the basics working first.

The ability to create groups within contacts is still not here - a basic tenant of OS7!

Would like more robust spreadsheet and document features. There is no way to add a new sheet! Also the ability to digitally sign pdf documents.

The absence of these features do not represent individuals that want to "Keep Moving".

Posted via CB10

I like what I'm seeing from BlackBerry: keep these improvements coming and show just how strong of a framework you have in this OS and start really showing people what you offer with it too! How many non-tech people could have their interests piqued if they saw these features in action?

Oh, and in terms of carrier pushes, will those of us with a Q10 get it before the Z10 folks ever get to 10.1???

Wifi direct sounds great. Actionable notifications should quicken the BB10 experience considerably.

But all I really want to see is a "swipe up and right" gesture from the lock screen, in order to immediately enter the hub.

Posted via CB10

This is a joke. AT&T have not even updated the z10 to 10.1. We won't see 10.2 for a long time. Who cares anyhow. Z10 going up for sale soon for the new Samsung or iPhone! That's right Thor! Another hard core BlackBerry user is leaving. PS thanks for the great F last Friday.

Where's my FULL BRIDGE Mr. Heins? Please return it!

The only thing that matter at this point if Blackberry wants to save itself is getting Gmail (especially Apps Accounts) to work properly and Instagram. Every other improvement is nice to have but will be meaningless when they go out of business.

Any chance that the swipe up from bottom gesture is improved on the Q10? It seems to be hit and miss when playing around on demos and I have seen it listed as a complaint for some users. There just doesn't seem to be enough bezel with the fret impeding on it.

Is the wi-i direct a similar feature to the one presented by apple on ios7? If so, its great that BlackBerry is responding quickly

Because of too many type of BB 10, Blackberry become slower developer OS. How they can catch something left behind from IOS n Android ?

Developing new features not to important, more important to fix some bugs :
1. Restart Problem, sometimes it cannot restart it self
2. Battery change problem, it will not start directly. Have to pull in n out couple times before starting
3. Clear BBM chat history per contact are missing

Hope next release can solve them

BB talk to sony to make a controler to put your mobile in. Then it's posibble to play the game form your PS4 on your mobile screen and with the controller.

I've been saying a Blackberry and Sony partnership would be one for the ages. They would make a dominant team imo as both seem to be lacking what the other has.