Spotify coming to Canada, possibly Asia and South America as well according to new company filings

Spotify on BlackBerry
By Bla1ze on 22 Aug 2012 04:05 pm EDT

For years now, Spotify has been one of those services that has been just out of reach for many folks. Not only did it take forever to arrive on BlackBerry, it's limited by location so not everyone can get in on the fun. Over time, we've heard on many occasions that Spotify was "soon to be launched in <insert your country>" and soon never really came.

Now though, according to some new reports coming from the WSJ, Spotify's European parent company - Spotify Technologies SA - has filed the information pertaining to not only the launch in Canada but possibly Asia and South America as well.

Personally, I've moved onto different services such as Rdio and Slacker that are already available in my area but for those holding onto the dream that Spotify may soon be released in their country, there is now some hope found in this recent information.

Are you using Spotify? If not, what are you using for streaming music on your BlackBerry smartphone?

Source: WSJ; via: Android Central

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Spotify coming to Canada, possibly Asia and South America as well according to new company filings


I can't imagine life without Spotify anymore. TuneIn only now and then, same goes for Soundtracker.
No, for me there is nothing better than Spotify. Premium account so I can listen from every device offline as well, and with the BB Music Gateway it's even greater.
Hope all countries in the world will get Spotify eventually.

I'm evidently a subscription-music junkie, laying out cash every month for Slacker Premium, BBM Music (which I found myself using to a degree I hadn't expected by the time my trial was up), and my old favorite Sirius.

If Spotify comes here, I'll try it, but I have to say that I've become VERY fond of Slacker...

I used Spotify pre-facebook when it first became open in the US. I loved it, but after they required FB I deleted my account. I now use Pandora and Grooveshark. (to be perfectly honest, I primarily use mp3s to listen to music on my BB)

"Not only did it take forever to arrive on BlackBerry"

Still waiting on my Verizon 9930.... not sure why. What does CDMA have to do with anything? Let me use it on wifi only, I don't care. Just want to load some of the music onto my phone for off-line listening.

Is Spotify coming to BlackBerry 10?? I heard from one member of staff it may be but that was about 2-3 months ago.

Please can someone provide me info on this.

I really want Spotify on my BB10 and PlayBook in the future!!

I also heard that TuneIn might not be bringing their app to PlayBook OR BlackBerry 10!!


So guys how do I start a thread on a forum or a petition. That is one beautiful radio app that I want to use on future BlackBerry Devices!!

Would love to have it on my 9930 but it's not available. Would be perfect n the PlayBook too. I love TuneIn and was very disappointed that it has not come to PlayBook. Slacker is not bad and is my go-to for PlayBook.

I don't know if there are any streaming music or personalized Internet radio station apps here in the Philippines. However, I use Nobex Radio, which only comes with Internet radio stations, but no way to make one of your own that plays only the songs that you like.

I was interested in Spotify, but since it wasn't available here in Canada, I signed up for the free trial of Rdio. Was hooked immediately and have been on there ever since. Won't leave Rdio for Spotify now.

Hopefully Spotify will launch their services in Mexico anytime soon.

Also, I didn't know that TuneIn announced they weren't comming to BB 10, that's a bummer, since it's my fave music radio app on my BlackBerry, and I was hoping to see it on my PlayBook once BB10 was released.

thanks for the article. For those who live outside US and want to access Spotify, you can use UnoTelly as I do to get around the geo block.