Spotify for BlackBerry smartphones crops up in App World

By James Richardson on 22 Jun 2012 11:47 am EDT

We posted about Spotify back in December of last year where we said that the popular music app had come out of beta for some devices. Today while I was browsing App World Spotify showed up in the 'new arrivals' section.

I think the description in App World may be out of date though as it is saying Spotify is only available for certain OS5 and BlackBerry 6 devices, yet clicking on the supported devices tab it is showing some BlackBerry 7 phones. I have just downloaded to my Bold 9900 with no problems at all. 

Could this signal the app is nearly ready for us all?

App World is showing that Spotify has a free 48 hour trial, however you can extend that trial by 30 days once logged in. I'm not sure if this is up to date also, but only one way to find out and that's for me to test it out. 

If you download Spotify please let us know which devices you have it running on via the comments section below. 

Download Spotify for BlackBerry smartphones

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Spotify for BlackBerry smartphones crops up in App World


haha, the release date is showing in the future "Release: July 19, 2012".

EDIT: even though the webpage lists my 9650 as supported, it says that it isn't supported on my device and I can't download.

It's out! Downloaded it on my 9900 yesterday, been using it since, works perfectly, bloody awesome really! The extra 30 day trial - much like the bbm extended free trial - is based on entering in payment information with the intention of becoming a subscriber after the expiration of the free period.

Not available in my country (Mexico), this is one of the reason's everyone here is buying and iPhone, we can buy songs from iTunes. I'm not saying Itunes is good or bad, just that it's available here and most music apps for Blackberry smartphones are not.

No support for the 9800 either. I tried downloading it directly from and it would install but not open.

Spotify still requires you to connect with your Facebook account (afaik), which is something I don't agree with, so I'll look for something else for my phone.

I've sideloaded the Grooveshark Android app on my Playbook and I'm happy with it so far.

No love for VZW 9930s. Lists 9930 as supported but not Verizon. Tried to download anyway but App World gives the "device not supported" message. Should say carrier not supported to be more accurate.

On a national level I'm quite use to Jersey getting no love in regards to anything...just comes with the territory I reckon.

I've had it on my phone (9900) for at least three months, but I hadn't used it because I'm not a premium subscriber. I finally logged in with another account I made up last year a couple days ago and it works fine (with the 48 hour trial, I'm assuming) What's the version number of this release?

The one I've been using is

Bad news for me.

The Item is not available for your Device Model, Device OS, Carrier and Country combination.

From Mexico on my Curve 9300

Been using it for best part of 6 months on my Bold 9900 and it works well. Not quite perfect but not too far off. Well worth a tenner a month for the content available.

It says not available for this device. I'm using 9900.
wonder how you could do it. Also, I wonder if u saw my request for that "RIMPIRE stikes back" GIF and "let's rock and roll this" badge. Is there a chance u can mail the GIF to me @ and Please let me know where I can order the badge.

Spotify doesn't show up in my AppWorld app at all. So, I went to my browser, typed in the full address shown in the browser on my PC, and got the page. With a notice that my 9810 isn't supported. :(

Since I can't seem to edit, at the moment, I'll reply. Same basic lack of support for the playbook, too.

Haha selected "non-cdma" bb from, it installed, but I go to run it and it opens up a black screen with a delete-type window that says "disk is full. Please free up some space" with an ok

Same happened to me at one point when I was syncing for offline mode. I removed some apps I never used and after that it worked just fine. I really love Spotify, especially for the apps.

I have been using Spotify on my 9860 since february. Just downloaded it from the mobile site of Spotify. First it stated that it could not recognize my device as supported but if I was sure it did I could proceed and download it. I did and it works perfectly. I have a premium account. Therefore I can also listen offline. I've connected my 9860 through bluetooth with my Pioneer F930BT entertainmentsystem in my car. Great, and it got even better when I discovered that alongside the connection with my 9860 as an A/V-connection, it was also possible to connect my Nokia 2700 Classic from work as a handsfree connection at the same time. I'm considering to purchase a BB Music Gateway for my stereo at home. That would surely make the excellent experience complete ... And as for the Facebook-account : I'm pretty sure it is not an obligation. A friend of mine is running Spotify on his I-Phone without having a Facebook-account.

I much prefer Rdio. It's available in Canada and worked well with my Curve 8530, and my current Bold 9900. And, no need to sign in with a Facebook account, which is a plus.

I much prefer Rdio to Spotify. First, the need for Facebook is flat out stupid. Really do I need everyone to know what I am doing all the time ... No! Rdio's app seems to be much nicer than Spotify's. For some reason, it doesn't show album art when your not online. Also if you play a song that is online and then play an offline song the album hangs on to the online one. Another thing is that the app is SLOW! Painfully so. The app seems a little stripped down in terms of what you can do with it. Again, Rdio is best for me.

I've been using this on my 9810 for over six months. It is the beta version, though. I found it on their website and it has worked for my phone and on a 9860, both on at&t.

I could not find it in app world.

This better be on bb10. I use this more than any other app (in the background).

Can someone with a 9900 who successfully got this to download and install from app world tell me what version it is? You can do this by opening spotify for blackberry, hit the blackberry menu key, go to settings, then scroll down to version. Thanks!