Get Spotify on your BlackBerry PlayBook!

Spotify PlayBook
By Adam Zeis on 16 Apr 2013 11:12 am EDT

While an official Spotify app is currently MIA for the BlackBerry Playbook and Z10, forums member jeroen_13 has come through with a bit of hope today. He's managed to develop an app for the PlayBook that should have Spotify users jumping for joy. The app unfortunately isn't yet working on the Z10, but if you have a PlayBook and are itching to get at your Spotify tunes - this one's for you.

It's a web-hosted HTML5 app that essentially runs the Spotify web player on your PlayBook. You'll need to sideload the small BAR file to get it up and running, but I've been using it for a bit now and I have to say it's pretty awesome and is working great so far.

With the app you can access your playlists, search music, play Spotify Radio and more. The best part? It's totally free.

So if you're dying to get Spotified on your PlayBook then hit the link below to download the file (if you need help sideloading we have you covered there as well). Be sure to hit up the forums for more discussion and to say thanks!

Download Spotify for the BlackBerry PlayBook
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Get Spotify on your BlackBerry PlayBook!


Fantastic! Even though I don't use Spotify, it is great to see the BlackBerry community working together!

Posted Via CB10 on my Zed10

Its a good start. I'm happy for Playbook users. I have a Z10, and I'd love the offline caching of my playlists as I ride the subway everyday.

Not to detract from this developer, he has done a nice job. Still, I assume that the web player does not allow for offline caching.

Oh man this awesome but bittersweet since I just sold my PlayBook. I'm a proud Z10 owner so looking for it too come to the Z10.

Posted via CB10

Its amazing how spotify has come to countries like Hong Kong, Lithuania, and some other European countries besides the ones we already know: Germany and UK. Just seems baffling to me that they can take it from US to European and Asian countries but not that country that is right above them: Canada.

Hi. Remember that Spotify started in the EU and then started giving their service to the US in read of the other way around how it usually is :p

The reason it is in some countries and not others is primarily down to territorial rights. Many of the music labels have agreements for key areas such as UK & Commonwealth, USA, etc. Maybe Canada is falling between the cracks a little bit, but I am sure it will get there eventually.

It is an excellent service. I've been using it since the day it came out pretty much. My only criticism of Spotify would be how they neglect Blackberry, which is stupid as Apple fan boys think the only option is iTunes as far as music is concerned and Android users probably pirate everything *wink*, whereas Blackberry users are ripe for the taking, particularly now that the BB10 is out.

Come on Spotify. Lets have some Berry lovin' :-)

Can't, get past the startup screen :( Tried the online player on my pc and it worked, but I can't find the play button on the PlayBook to open the player :(

Posted via CB10

@Jeroen_13: is this the same trick/experience as used in the tread from the forum few days back? Signing in with a Facebook account and using their bèta webplayer did the trick for me, works like a sharm on my PBs, and play well over Bleutooth to either my Jambox or Surround System with Logitech received. Who needs an expensive SONOS or other system anyway?

BTW, are you Dutch by any chance with that 1st name?

And what is the issue with Z10 browser, to small screensize to use the webplayer effective? Or is it fully blocked?

Will continue to press my buddy @Spotify here in their Amsterdam area HQ to release a native BB10 App for Spotify, they should with such a user base; unfortunatly The Netherlands quicly became an Apple/Android dominated market, so they are still holding off on develloping for other platforms.. Keep the faith ;)

it is the Webplayer-beta, but with a different authentication method

"BTW, are you Dutch by any chance with that 1st name?" -> Thats right

Dankjewel! Will sideload it later and give it a try, must be better then link to webbrowser on homescreen

I just sideloaded it and jamming to it! There is a bit of lag with the UI, but bearable.
Thanks Adam!

ps. When are you going to post more of your "Sideload This" for BB10?

Hi, can you lend me a hand please, I see you are up and running :) when i open the app I can't seem to get anywhere, it just loads the website homepage? Thanks

Posted via CB10

Interesting, I dod not get the website homepage like you mentioned. However, the app froze the first time I opened, I then closed it and re-opened, signed up for a new account and I was up and running fine. Try deleting it and sideloading it again. Sorry I wasn't much help.

ps. Also want to note that I wirelessly sideloaded Spotify using the Mac OSX command terminal, not windows.

Thanks, keep up the good work!
Any idea why your sideloaded App will not work on any of my two PBs (fails to login with either Facebook or my Spotify account based on my Facebook) while this works from a Win7 PC and from the earlier webbrowser work-around solution from my PB (but with limited screen size etc)?
Anything to do with authentication issues? Any ideas how to resolve?

thanks, give me heads up please, am trying to resolve the 2 to 3x/day auto-reboot issues on my Z10 (- but the webshop send me the wronng micro SDHC card, a no brand class 4 instead of ordered A-brand class 10. Well, sending back at their expense..

hey Jeroen,

Where you able to fix this bug? I am having the same issue. Not passing through login.
PD: I live in the NL. Thus I assume you have made it work for this area as well?

Hi Jeroen!
I have downloaded this app this afternoon and I still can't login!
Not through FB or my account linked with FB.
Do you have any advise? I already reinstalled it several times!

Spotify's new Web player still uses Flash if anyone cares. Also it is low bit rate, and Spotify has officially stated in their forums that high bit rate is not a priority for the web player.

Spotify is a disappointing company.

Posted via CB10

This is fantastic, thank you so much. It absolutely made my day to get a working version of Spotify on my PlayBook :)

Nope....says "JavaScript Alert. Please update"
Then prompts me to download 1.1 and won't move from there

Hi I cant seem to sideload this app. I'm downloading the bar file but when I try to side load it I'm getting "unknown argument, or bar file does not exist or I can't read it properly" in the command terminal. I have side loaded loads of bar files so I know what to do but spotify doesn't appear to want to load. I really would like to download it so any help would be appreciated guys.


For some reason, I was blocked from downloading the file with the link Adam provided. Has it been taken down?

does Spotify only work on the playbook if you have the premium subscription? I successfully downloaded this to my playbook and the Spotify radio works but not my playlists. Thanks for your help

I have sideloaded the lastest version but cannot play my playlists. The list is there but will not play. I can only get the radio to play. Have tried uninstalling and re-installing but still the same. Can you help please.

Doesn't work for me. Every time I try using the tutorial to install Spotify, it reads "unknown argument".

java -Xmx512M -jar BarDeploy.jar -installApp -device -password (password) spotify

that is exactly what I am typing in to terminal on a mac. Can anyone help?!?!?!