Spotify for BlackBerry now in Beta

Spotify for BlackBerry
By Kerri Neill on 19 Oct 2011 10:31 am EDT

Spotify has officially released their new BlackBerry app into public beta. Spotify is a music  streaming company that has become quite popular as of late so the app couldn't have come at a better time. There's only 2 slight problems, you need to be on a GSM network (no love for us CDMA users yet) and it's only been tested on the following devices: 9780, 9700, 9300, 9000, 8520.

Features included in this release are:

  • Million of songs available instantly on your BlackBerry
  • Offline playlists – listen to music with no mobile connection and avoid using your data allowance
  • Create and sync playlists
  • Star your favourite tracks
  • Search tracks, artists, album
  • Browse “What’s new” and “Top tracks”
  • Scrobble tracks to
  • Receive music from friends via the inbox

As with all Spotify mobile applications, you will need a Premium Subscription ($9.99 a month) to stream songs from their catalogue. Also, remember this is in beta so you should probably back up your device before installing just to be on the safe side. If you're one of the daring ones and download the app onto one of the devices not listed above, leave us a comment down below of which device and how well it's working.

More information / download Spotify for BlackBerry beta

Reader comments

Spotify for BlackBerry now in Beta


Was adventurous and installed it on the Torch. It said "Spotify requires an SD card" and gave a blank screen. So, bubkus.

I hope they'll incorporate Torch and the Playbook soon!

Do you know how long I have been waiting for this? A long time! I guess everyone bombarding their forums paid off after all. All of a sudden, I don't need an iphone anymore. Happy days!

Good news. It's working just fine on my 9800. Now if only the people at work would quit sucking up my 3G speed. lol.

Damn Americans.

I say this cause it doesn't work in Canada. Well, I can't create an account. @lucifer lannock, are you using a proxy?

i signed up using my desktop with hotspot shield running in background using the spotify invite pages available online....once you have a username set up, you are good to go!

Call me crazy, but why get this instead of BBM Music? Double the monthly price (if BBM Music does end up being $5/month).... I thought this was supposed to be the main reason NOT to get BBM Music... at double the cost though, BBM Music looks pretty wicked to me.

The lack of restrictions on your music is what you are paying for with spotify, no artificial 50 track limit or being dependent on others to get more tracks you want, also this one works on multiple platforms too so you can run it through better speakers when you are at home.

The bbm music app is more solid than this one right now and the other people's playlist stuff is much better, but neither point outweighs the downside of needing to micro-manage bbm music too much to get the most out of it.

My ideal app would be one with the polish of bbm music, the catalogue of spotify, the features of the desktop spotify client (artist radio etc isn't in the mobile apps) along with the playlist creation and sharing of bbm music that is much better than the current version in spotify.

BBM Music is better in some ways.

I has Spotify when I was in France ... it's good for getting anything you want.

But BBM Music is better for *discovering* new music (via Contacts). Spotify's radio stinks. Slacker is let's say .... unimaginative. I have discovered more new interesting music on BBM Music in a month than I did in a year with either Spotify or Slacker.

Finally got over the "no Spotify for BlackBerry wall" only to get hit by the "not for CDMA bus" This announcement made my day and then shot it down like Cheney playing Duck Hunt.

Depends on the country, it certainly works in european countries where spotify has been around for quite a while anyway unlike in the states.

I thought I would give it a try and install it onto my 9800. So far it is horrible, program constantly locks up and crashes. Not one song has played all the way through without stopping. Also it keeps going into offline mode and only songs I have starred and downloaded are available to play. My phone is extremely slow while this program is running. Hope future releases will be better.

seems to be working fine for me over WiFi so far... and i don't have a premium account... who knows how long it will last... in the UK by the way

I have a Torch 9800 for ATT it says its not compatible but it works perfectly, don't have a premium acct either. Love It! Thinking about upgrading to premium just wish it had a "radio" option to play genres

BBM Music will work if they:

1. Could overcome copyright issue and launch it globally - their biggest market is outside of the US, so they have to target ALL of them.
2. Offer UNLIMITED songs rather than just 50!
3. Make it cheaper than their competitors!
4. Make a desktop/web application too - people paid for the music so they should be able to listen anywhere they want.

No 4 is probably too much to ask for Blackberry, they're even struggling to release Playbook OS2 on time! Grrrr

Working very well on my Torch 9860 in Canada. If you sign up for Spotify with a US proxy but continually access from Canada, it will eventually tell you that you need to sign up for the $5 plan - at minimum - because you visit Canada a lot. I've been paying with my Canadian credit card no problem since the US launch and upgraded to the $10 plan today.

Works not as good as on Android or IOS.
Music stop playing or skip a few seconds.
Hope it gets better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Finally! Why took this so long time...?
BBM would just be a failure here in Europe. I don't know anyone outside my company that use BB so my playlist would then be really limited...
So, hope for a 100% stable Spotify-client but meanwhile I just rock on! Yes!

So excited to finally be able to get this.
I use this religiously on my PC, and now I can suppliment
BBMMusic with Spotify.

torch 9800 works fine, only thing that bugs me is that i can't seem to download the offline lists to my media card, instead they are stored directly on the phone, which isn't enough...

You can download directly from the Spotify website BUT it still won't work if you are CDMA. BUT anyone will be able to download so it might work IF App World just hasn't updated for you yet.