Spot the differences with Photo Quest for BlackBerry - 50 free copies to be won!

By Michael Hepples on 10 Aug 2010 02:23 pm EDT

I can still remember spending hours as a kid playing "spot the difference" games with a pen and paper in my activity books. When I got a little older, I used to steal the newspaper to play it before my parents got down to the crossword. Now, thanks to BBerryGo, I can play right on my device, any time I want. The latest game from the same company that gave us apps like Show Me the Images, Photo Quest is a simple, very time-consuming game. You will be presented with two photos, and you need to spot and mark the changes between the two. The game will randomly choose a set of differences every time, so you'll get a lot of replay value out of each set of photos, and the timer ticking down adds a great challenge to the gameplay. Online leaderboards allow you to compete against others trying to post the highest score, a feature I'm happy to see is making it's way into more BlackBerry games. Available in the CB store for $4.99 for all devices running 4.5 OS and up.

Contest: We have 50 copies of Photo Quest to give away! Just leave a comment on this post to enter. Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST. Please only leave one comment, multiple entries won't count.  

Reader comments

Spot the differences with Photo Quest for BlackBerry - 50 free copies to be won!



I would love this. Im not a game person but this type of game is my most favorite. Hope I win!

I play this every weekend in print from the Post. It'd be awesome to have it everywhere I go. You know you want me to win.

Oooo, i love these types of games... Especially the ESPN one where they use nothing but cheerleaders to spot the difference.

omg hours? used to spend a day in front of that machine. was just talking about this game and tri-towers the other day.

I've played variations of this game at bars and on my it love it love it! I want a copy!

Brings back memories of the old newspaper days! The last one was so often times so difficult to find.

If you google 'difference games' you can find hundreds... what a great way to start the day while you're drinking coffee or during a lunch hour. Would love to have a handheld version.

My daily routine needs a break. This Photo Quest for BB games can refresh my mind, please give me a copy please

oh man I did the same...use to love to do pages and pages of these in the activity books and even MAD magazine had some from time to time. Im in!

Every week got to play the Hocus-Focus, as the strip is called in my Sunday paper, to try to figure out the 6 differences. It's a comic, but occasionally I'll play the ones in other papers that are real pictures. Wow, those are even harder. Love to get this game. Please pick me!

I use to LOVE the photo comparisons in the magazine when I was a child!! I would rather play these than go outside!! Heck, if I put this on my smartphone, I'll never get anything done!! Oh well, such is life!! LOL