Sports fans score with new Slacker Radio and ESPN deal

By David Boyd on 9 Jan 2012 05:30 pm EST
Slacker Radio ESPN

I have long been a fan of Slacker Radio, and today they announced a new deal with ESPN that locks me in even more. Starting tonight with the BCS Championship Game between LSU and Alabama, Slacker will begin live streaming professional and collegiate sporting events on their ESPN channel.

Initially this will be done via their web channel, but mobile offerings are anticipated to become available in the future.  Future live programming will be available to all Slacker Radio Plus and Slacker Premium Radio subscribers.

Slacker is at CES this week, and I'm sure we'll have some more things to show you from Slacker later in the week. 



Shweeet! They think of everything dont they?


Just another reason Slacker is a better choice than Pandora. Show Slacker some love so we continue to see app development for Blackberry, especially a Playbook update!


Nice...VERY Nice......Slacker is on board the consumer train :)

Alpha Omega

That's why i like slacker unlike Pandora the keep the Blackberry updates coming. Pandora told me the cant provide an app for my playbook due to hardware limitations, but I downloaded the Android Bar file for it and plays well. what's up with that Pandora.