Sportrate Fitness Tracker gets updated with heart monitor features plus more

Sportrate for BlackBerry 10
By James Richardson on 28 Feb 2014 03:56 am EST

You may remember that in late 2013 we brought you a quick video review of Sportrate Fitness Tracker for BlackBerry 10. The developer has been hard at work and today sees an update drop for you folk that like to keep an eye on your exercise routines. 

There's both a free and a pro version of the app so testing it out won't cost you a penny - and it's pretty darn sweet in my opinion. For you fitness fanatics you'll be able to connect your BlackBerry to a heart rate monitor if that's your thing as well as a few other enhancements. 

You can catch up with our initial video here, but if you like to keep fit I'd recommend giving the native BlackBerry 10 app a whirl. 

Full changelog (

  • Heart Rate Monitors support (BT 4.0)
  • New Activities
  • Calories counting improved
  • Better Energy Saving
  • More accurate data at low GPS coverage
  • Some bugs fixed

More information/Download Sportrate Fitness Tracker (free) for BlackBerry 10

Reader comments

Sportrate Fitness Tracker gets updated with heart monitor features plus more


Been using it for months and didn't regret paying the full price for it! Developer responds really fast and that's the 3rd update in a little over 2 months now! :)

don't remember the exact price, there are two upgrades available. "Basic" and "Advanced". I bought advanced cause it let's me export detailed gps records. (.gpx file)

Haha! Let's go lift....some donuts.

Posted via CB10 with my T-Mobile USA  ‎BlackBerry Q10...SON! (Soon to be the almighty Z30!)

Will this work with the Z10 and which blue tooth heart monitor works best with this app?

Posted via CB10

Yes, Sportrate works with all BB10 devices. We support Bluetooth Smart (Low-Energy) ready heart rate monitors, like Polar H7, Zephyr HxM Smart(BT 4.0)

Hello, I just loaded a free version, but am unable to pair the app with my H7 monitor. When I select "Connect HRM", I am take to a screen asking me to upgrade.
Am I missing something?

UG! If you guys can make this for the BB then why can't Nike make a version to support their Fuelband SE for BB too GAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

works very nice but I can not find the option to sing in into the mobile to check in the web site.. maybe it's not posible to do it, like endomondo, right? then I prefer endomondo, except that these support Hear Rate Bluetooth 4.0