Spoof Commercial: Without trackballs, you get done more!

By Kevin Michaluk on 1 Nov 2010 01:07 pm EDT

Gotta love school these days! Especially when for a marketing class project the task is to make a spoof video, toss it on youtube, and get graded on how many views the video gets! Straight from our CrackBerry forums, member tuffy_82 decided to do up a spoof commercial for his beloved BlackBerry Torch 9800. Funny. Check out the video above and watch it knowing you're helping a student get a good grade.

I gotta say though... I reallly love the optical trackpad that's now standard on BlackBerry phones, but every now and then I do miss my sticky balls. :)

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Spoof Commercial: Without trackballs, you get done more!


They are college kids what do you expect, Kubrick or Spielberg? Just click on the link and watch the video, they get graded based on the amount of views. Lets make this thing go viral!

The video sucked, so what. Help them out. Its hard enough in college as it is. Take it from a guy that is finishing his Engineering Degree, any help is God sent...

That's just from a site where someone puts in the dialogue and the computer does the rest. They put some effort into this.

While I can be forgiving about the poor quality of the recording I must say I am dissappointed that there is no real funny or intriguing idea about it. Just an emberrasing childish movie, that's all. Wouldn't get me interested in the Torch or even make me buy it.

There's nothing wrong being childish. I think these students did a pretty good job. I laughed at least. And I bet they did it just for their assignment, not trying to make you buy it.

Thanks for posting Kevin. We're not trying to be film producers. Just something silly to learn about how to market things.

Thanks for posting Kevin. We're not trying to be film producers, and don't worry, I'd never work for RIM's marketing! hahaha

What did the girl say?? Dang soft-spoken Asians (I'm Filipino myself, but I'm not that soft-spoken, LOL)! I couldn't hear her over the toilet flushing.

"you guys, just cut off your ball..." She was very loud and clear...maybe your speakers are bad? Not being an azz, just saying...

There is a mirror on the wall that would make you think that, but that's definitely a urinal there. They show pretty much the whole thing near the end.

If you guys are on the site its not like you were busy. Video made me smirk fobby asians are just funny. Lucky kid whatever uni your at, I just finished Engineering I wish we got to do stuff like this!

This was not only unfunny but it plays on the obvious crude jokes of a ball joke and tries to pass it off as comedy. Its freaking youtube, being that unfunny is not ok.

I'll give you that. It is youtube and with videos like annoying orange and kung fu hillbilly, it really is not OK to be this unfunny. Yet, its for school. I would be hard pressed to make homework into a comedy, so I wouldn't presume that someone else would be able to. But if you are looking for funny, the two viral vids mentioned are highly recommended.

Funny and un-funny are relative. And there's loads of trash and crap on Youtube that's a lot worse than this.

It just made by day.

First off, when I was in mexico for 6 days straight, returning to toronto on the 6th day in the evening, one of those 6 days was a fireworks show that occurred everywhere. I saw, what this video was joking about, 9 cockinballs in the sky, no wait, a total of 18, from the strange smoke formations in the night sky from all those fireworks. It was the funniest moment of my life and i have never seen that shit in toronto ever.

So, this video is funny, cockinballs are even better LOL

The Torch at the end made me forget for a few seconds that I watched a lame vid with 3 geeky fobs in it.