'Sponsored Invites' could become a part of BBM Channels

By Bla1ze on 13 Jun 2013 12:00 am EDT

Ever since Thorsten Heins took over as CEO we've been hearing how new services that integrate with BBM could be monetized and turned into a revenue stream for BlackBerry. With BBM Channels now available, there's no doubt BlackBerry plans on expanding the capabilities and with BBM going cross-platform in the very near future, the system as a whole is going to grow. Aside from BBM Money, which has taken off in Indonesia, BlackBerry is also gauging interest in a new survey for something called 'Sponsored Invites' for BBM Channels. What is a sponsored invite? As the survey notes:

Channel owners will be allowed to advertise their Channels by sending invites to BBM users within the channel owner's target demographic.  Users will receive the invite, and be able to preview the Channel, then choose to subscribe or decline the invitation to subscribe.  This will be a limited ad unit, with users never receiving more than 3 sponsored invites in a single month.

The potential there for small and large business owners to reach a new audience is pretty huge but the survey is mainly for end-users. The survey contains two simple questions regarding the placement of the invites, should BlackBerry decide to go forward with adding them to BBM Channels. If you have a few minutes to spare, go ahead and fill out the survey and let BlackBerry know what you think about the idea and don't forget to subscribe to the CrackBerry Channel as well PIN C00012B19. 

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'Sponsored Invites' could become a part of BBM Channels


First, and this is so awesome. Definitely see the purpose in that. Glad it won't allow too much spam either.

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Are you 12 years old?! Anyway...

Yes this is a good idea with the sponsored invites. And will cross platform BBM, it opens these channels up to a greater audience.

They should also link Song Purchases to BBM so that you can buy a song that your friend is listening to from blackberry world by simply clicking on it (which will trigger loading BlackBerry world).

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Google throws ads in your face, on launch and in between switching media. I think BlackBerry is playing a little timid here but I give them credit for paying attention to the user experience as they begin their roll-out. Good $$$ opportunity here.

From a business perspective it might seem like an attractive idea...
From a consumer perspective it is just spam.

It reminds me of the "promoted tweets" or however that rubbish is called which generally run around the notion of "be an idiot and waste money on our overpriced service" (saw something like that for "cloud storage").
Does anybody really think they work? Only if you are stupid....

In this note, any advertising is the last thing I want to see on my BlackBerry.
I suppose it could be fun if you can send replies such as "why would somebody be so stupid as to pay that much for your product" or "my experience with the quality of your products has been horrible I prefer so and so".

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The point is not to spam you. they are promoting channels, so if anything, it'll beinvites to stuff that might be of interest to you. Like an invite from the PS4 channel or Blue Jays channel for me... I'd join those. Might get the odd invite that really isn't for me, but then that's what the ignore button is for. So I wouldn't worry about the same kind of promo that others do and DOES qualify as true spam.

Dude don't you realize? Facebook, Twitter, etc... is all spam. they exist for one reason. To make money.

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Dude, I understand the concerned RE spam. But they doo have to make money somehow since they are effectively giving the software for free (on other platforms at least). It it wasn't going to contribute to their bottom line somehow, why would they do it. They aren't a charity.

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Subscribers to exclusive events or premiers of products or services before the scheduled release.

There is a real opportunity for revenue for BlackBerry .

O2 does a similar job with a first choice tickets for events at O2 concert venue for its customers.

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I like the idea. I run a small business and BlackBerry users would be the kind if people I would love to market. As a consumer I'm always curious about the mom and pop businesses so why not at least read what their channel has to offer?

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BBM / BBM Channels will be the share standard along with Facebook, Twitter and LinkenIn.
BBM/BBM Channels will be the best Social e-Commerce Enterprise Brand messenger period !

I guess this is a great IDEA from folks at BB and it could be huge. Also BBM Money app in partnership with Visa, Amex and Master Card could be really amazing.

But please please please I request to implement these things ASAP now that you have announced your plans. There are many people and app developers who can easily copy what BB does and spread the same on stupid IOS and Android. These days even Apple does not mind copying. So please BB do this ASAP & shock the world and the SHORTS ;)

Corporation with Visa/Mastercard and make BBM Money available via NFC... that would be awesome...

BBM Channels with paid invites... not the best idea.

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I see their point in building a revenue stream. I just hope there is a way to opt out if the user does not want to participate.

I am registered for the beta zone but cannot open a BBM channels account, if I had a channel i could promote

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