SplitCosts Beta - A New BlackBerry App To Help Making Splitting Costs Easy

By Bla1ze on 22 Mar 2010 06:14 pm EDT
SplitCosts Beta - A New App To Help Making Splitting Costs Easy

I love simple applications that make my life easier. Even more so, I love simple apps that make life easier and look good doing so. Splitcosts fits right in that category nicely. The application which was essentially developed using simple code UI offered by Research In Motion that shows how easy it is to make something simple, look great and functional.

As the name implies, Splitcosts offers an easy solution to splitting up bills and debt between any number of people. At a business meeting and need help figuring out the splitting of the bill? Split costs can figure out your part of the bill in just a few quick seconds. At this time, 20 different currencies are supported, address book integration (non touch devices) is in place and you can even take pics of receipts and email them off for accounting purposes. Splitcosts is currently free as it's still in beta. If you download it and find any bugs, be kind and pass them along to the developer using the "send feedback" button in the menu. Be sure to leave some comments on what you think of the app as well folks.

Reader comments

SplitCosts Beta - A New BlackBerry App To Help Making Splitting Costs Easy


But can your calculator create neatly laid out emails for expense reports and attach receipts? Sure, you could do this in 5-6 steps using your BlackBerry but when a simple app has it all integrated, it makes it easier.

It's easy to say just use a calculator but for those out there that need a little bit more then numbers in an email sent off to who ever, this is an ideal solution.

The calculator doesn't work too good in a 5 days trip of 10 members where this guy pays for the beer, the other guy paid for the accomodation, another guy bought the entrance tickets, this guy borrows this guy's money, some guys don't drink beer, and etc.....At the end of the trip somebody has to do the bill and it really does come in handy!!!

It so funny but at the same time there are people that can not use a calculator. To use a calculator you need to know math, so maybe this app will free them of additional thinking lol

If it could keep a running tab. Specifically I think it would be great not just for one time bill splitting, but saving a "house bill" to split between room mates, etc.

So many people thought exactly what I did upon reading this. Huh, cant you use your calculator? Hey, Im sure it will be a real bargain once released, $9.99? Maybe next they can come up with an app that will tell us what time it is. Yeah, the could bundle them both for $14.99!!! Crackberry deal of the day.

Since when does everyone's meals cost the same?? Are people so unconfident and scared of seeming cheap in these times that they are afraid to ask others for a larger cut because the others meal cost more? Its not always a direct division by the number of people...If someone else got a steak and you just had a salad don't be afraid to ask them for what they owe...You are not the cheap one, they are the cheap one if they don't want to pay for what they ordered. This does not make your life simpler. Life was a lot more simple before we had apps and blackberrys to create expense reports.

Come on people. You need to go back to your rotary dial home phone if you truly need this application.

I am sure people love it and good for them, whatever floats your boat man.

If you're looking for a receipt reader, ProOnGo Expense handles that with ease while toting a whole lot more features for tracking expenses.

It's a free download at AppWorld but there is a subscription for the receipt reading.