Splashtop 2 arrives for BlackBerry 10 - Easily access your computer apps, files, and data from your BlackBerry smartphone

By Bla1ze on 30 May 2013 03:09 am EDT

Although the remote desktop access offered by BlackBerry Link with BlackBerry 10.1 is insanely awesome, there are a lot of folks out there who need full on access to their computers while on the go. Looking to help in that situation, Splashtop has now brought their remote computer access software to the platform. The app looks as though it was created using native tools (it's certainly not an Android port) and although I've not spent a ton of time with it, I have to say the five minutes it took to get myself up and running was all pretty painless. Download the app, install the streaming software, and you're good to go.

Let's have a quick look at what features it brings:

  • Access all your PC / MAC applications and files with 100% compatibility, including PowerPoint, Keynote, Word, Excel, Outlook, Quicken, IE, Chrome, Safari, and other personal and business applications
  • Faster and more productive than traditional RDP / VNC and VPN solution for remote access and remote control and support of PCs & MACs
  • Watch all the videos / movies / music content stored on your computers -- iTunes, DVDs, and Windows Media Player even Netflix
  • Play all the 3D games running on your PCs and MACs

I'm not sure I'd want to run a full on 3D game over it but the ability to access everything on my Mac as if it were in front of me is pleasing. Splashtop 2 is offered as a free download but if you're looking to be able to access your stuff from anywhere, not just over your own network, then you'll need to consider purchasing an "Access Anywhere" subscription which goes for $1.99/month or $16.99/year.

I should note though, the app does have one small bug on the BlackBerry Q10. When you go to purchase the Access Anywhere pack, the purchasing option is cut off, so I expect an update to correct that. The BlackBerry Z10 version, however, does not have this small bug in it.

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Splashtop 2 arrives for BlackBerry 10 - Easily access your computer apps, files, and data from your BlackBerry smartphone


File access from anywhere comes free with BlackBerry Link and BlackBerry 10 - why does one need an app for that? :)

Posted via CB10

You clearly didn't even read the post.

Think of it this way, say you forgot to leave BB Link open on your computer for file remote access... this app.. would allow you to login and actually fire up BlackBerry Link from where ever you are, provided you have a subscription.

Ahh but bla1ze BBlink doesn't need to be open after the one time set up

But I still do see the use for this app though

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I've never had it work unless the app was open. Though, come to think of it.. that might be more a setting on my Mac in regards to wake on LAN access.

Once again we see using a Mac puts one in an inferior position. Apple got you to pay more for an inferior product. Enjoy!

Posted via CB10

As Sir Jes has said correctly - BlackBerry Link does not need to be open (on Windows).

For remote access to the screen that app might have a use (I'd rather have a TeamViewer though or plain old rdp).

But remote file access is available for free to BlackBerry users :) (if the PC is on - but that is a requirement for any software)..

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No, there's definitely value here. The ability to stream (without having to download to the phone first) and the ability to remote your computer is actually pretty cool. Might have to check this out.

Yep. Lots of reasons you may need full on access. I use it on my pb to access a special program on my work computer. That program annoyed the heck out of me before because it doesn't link to the cloud. I had tried using hamachi but it lagged terribly and I couldn't use it from my pb. The splashtop app though has worked perfectly.

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It is always good to have more remote access solutions to cover varying user requirements. On my BlackBerry PlayBook there is Remote Desktop which allows me to connect to Microsoft Windows Small Business Server, Microsoft Windows, and my GNU/Linux desktop. For remote access to the GNU/Linux servers my preference is GateOne or BGshellPlus. Splashtop adds to the options available to BlackBerry smartphone and tablet users.

Posted via CB10 from the BlackBerry Z10

Have not had it yet on the Z10 but looking forward to it. I ll give you an example: say you need to access specific pages that need special cerificate setups (eg Oracle remote access on a work server etc). No way you can reach those from any mobile... with this little app you get to do things that make it imperative to sit in front of your PC otherwise. On the PB this App has been a life saviour at times. Not optimal there but now with the Z10.... that is a huge deal for stuff like that! Big thumbs up for splashtop!

It works on BlackBerry 10? lol. The paid one is only for the BlackBerry PlayBook and is a tablet verison. Other than that, it's essentially the same app.

So if you have Splashtop 1 then you can access your computer away from home. Then use 2 when you are home. I find that to be much better than a monthly or yearly fee.

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I also am using Splashtop, that I originally paid on the PlayBook, on my Z10 and since one of their first updates after the Z10 was released, it has been working just fine. Same features as Splashtop 2, unless it has something more to provide, I don't see why we'd get involved with paying a montly/yearly subscription.


Is 10.1 a must for this app to work? I'm o. Vzw and every time I open splashtop it shuts down immediately

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This is good news and should be a good app. I'm looking for one to replace logmein

Posted via CB10

"The remote desktop access offered by BlackBerry Link with BlackBerry 10.1 is insanely awesome"??? That is not "insanely awesome" but just insane. The most terrible piece of junk ever programmed...

Posted via BlackBerry Z10 (24C682D2)

I never said "BlackBerry Link" was insanely awesome, I said the remote access feature in Link was insanely awesome. Oddly enough, it's one of the only things that actually does work right.

Have to agree 100%. I have MS XP on SP3 and desktop access has only worked once over wifi for me. Now it's cable all the way. If inconsistency does not reduce BACKUP software to junk status, then what does?

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Why is this free? i paid for Splash Top the first one. I'm curious if this one is free for the time being? or is it that they are just doing a different payment model with this guy? Will i still be able to do all the things i've done with my previous one?

I think Bla1ze's post said that access beyond your own intranet will cost $1.99 per month or $16.99 per year. Basically, it's a subscription model. But, please feel free to double-check in the original article and with Splash Top.

I did read it but I was trying to double check. Previously it was paid from my understanding prior to it being released on BlackBerry 10.

Posted via CB10

I don’t understand either. Only the original paid Splashtop shows up for me in BB world, but doesn’t mention a subscription needed for 'anywhere access.'.

Which subscription does seem like a rip-off...JumpDesktop on the other 2 platforms has a similar Google login access method, no fees for remote access...it's not very remote if I'm in the same building.

Works beautifully. I had the PlayBook version installed and it wasn't read able or responsive. This version brings a new interface and works as well as the PlayBook.

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I remember Splashtop 1 works on z10 as well, I remember trying it and being able to access my PC.

Posted via CB10

How secure is a remote access like this? Dows it open our home or work network up to attacks?

Posted via CB10

Well yes, it opens up to the Internet in certain way. And you need to install some application onto the PC.

If you want it the save way: use native RDP (there is an App called Remote Desktop) via BES connection. Save, no VPN necessary, no port open against Internet, no software needed to be installed on desktop or Server. And you can use IPSEC routing, that means, I can connect via BES to all servers of my customers that persist in my IPSec-network. That's an awesome possibility.

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Why did I not know that BlackBerry Link offers remote access until now. Guess I need to research it tonight

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Splash top 1 works great for remote access, so I'm still not quite sure what benefit I'll get from this version. The biggest limitation for me with splash top 1 is the video streaming - it's horrible. If it's much improved on ST 2, this might be worth it. Can anyone comment on the video playback? Is it smooth? Is there a buffer?

I didn't even realize there was a remote desk top option with BlackBerry link....ill have to investigate.

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Ah CB no edit when posting in comments here come on Crackberry fix this.

Now like I was trying to post about is BBLINK is free and can access files away from home, just make sure no screen saver is on and also make sure sleep mode is set to never cause as soon as the pc goes to sleep or screen saver is on, then no more access.

So think if your miles away and u can't access your files it would suck.

This goes for most remote access apps anyways. Nothing new here.

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Yes, BBLink gives you remote access to your files. This is one of the 'remote desktop' programs, that lets you run your desktop programs, remotely. So, it is more than remote 'file access'.

So Splashtop 1 has a one time fee to use it, but you can use it inside and outside of your home network.

Splashtop 2 is free for use in your home network but you have to pay $16 a year for outside of your home network access.

Can someone articulate what value Splashtop 2 provides for the tremendous increase in price???

Posted via CB10

If they are losing money the correct measure to take is to take the old price and multiply it by 6?? This is for 2 years use vs. a perpetual license? Interesting model.

He didn't say that BB link was insanely good, he said that REMOTE ACCESS OFFERED by BlackBerry Link with BlackBerry 10.1 is insanely awesome.

Personally I cannot use software like this. Splashtop requires a "listener" to be running on the target computer. That "listener" is not allowed on my corporate network. I have been using a RDP client on my Playbook which works great. Connect to VPN, launch the RDP software, connect to any corporate computer on the network. Using my 60" HDTV, BT mouse and keyboard, and I can work from my couch all day long.

Correct, I just started to crack down on all these types of rogue services on our network few weeks ago - there's VPN, I can at least monitor/massage that flow so no exceptions, no 3rd party junk like Splashtop etc.

Screw this 3rd party, God-knows-how-insecure streaming service, I don't want to stream games, I want to connect MY PHONE (eg browser) to my internal network - give us *PROPER* VPN support in the 10.2 beta, BB or I'll have to return this Z10, period.

Version 2 offers nothing over version 1 other than a monthly or annual fee to use it with cellular service(included with one time app purchase on version 1). Nice work Splashtop.

Been using Splashtop 2 on my Android tablet for awhile now to access my laptop connected to my TV. So happy I can now use my Z10.

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I got the app on my Z10 working with my windows 7 PC, but unfortunately I can't say it is working well.

In fact it is working... but first you need to figured out the required gestures (which are not that intuitive). Than if you have a second screen, I haven't find yet how to access them on the second screen which is a pain when the targeted application open by default on that screen.
Other think is this apps is very lagging, and many times it is simply freezing, and need to shut it down and restart it, event if using it thru the same Wifi network.
I haven't found the way to show a black background, the default screen resolution and background seem to be to much demanding and pop up often show up, which freeze up the app.
My prefered choices (so far)
1rst - definitively BlackBerry Link option (there is no better way to access my files)
2nd - bVNC free very fast, efficient with natural gestures
3rth - splashtop

Posted via CB10

Version 2 seems to be much more stable than version 1, version 2 also worked from outside my local network with out paying.

Posted via CB10

ok, I've compared versions 1 and 2 and here are a few of my thoughts:
1. version 2 is MUCH better - it has the smooth and sharp video settings, which makes video playback much better - I tested this with my slingbox and it works much better now - it's actually watchable
2. I was able to access my home computer while I was away from my home network without having to pay anything additional - not sure if this is a glitch for now, but hey, I'll take it
3. version 2 has the mouse mode which is AMAZING for using it on your Z10 - you can easily navigate your mouse cursor wherever you need it to go then hit either the right or left mouse button - this is 10 times better than trying to hit a tiny box with my fat finger -which was a frustrating experience on my Z10 as the screen is much smaller than on my playbook
4. speed seems much faster and more responsive than version 1

Overall, version 2 seems much better than version 1 - it has more features and it currently works both inside and outside of my home network, making this a great upgrade. Good job splashtop!

How are you getting this on BB10? BB World only has V1 for my Z10 and the only Blackberry that Splashtop's website knows is the Playbook.

I've moved on from Splashtop after they changed to the Anywhere Access Pack. It was working nicely through Google but I guess that had limitations so they went to their own in house remote access servers, and had to charge to pay for it.
They emailed me as a paid ipod touch user saying that ipod and iphones get free lifetime AAP but it wasn't working for many. People had to go to the forums to get it enabled and when I did, they informed me they changed their minds and only meant iphone and not ipods. But they didn't send any update to inform us of this switcharoo.

They've removed the ability to edit IP addresses, presumably because you can get around AAP necessity for VPN connections. At the same time, they incorrectly report local LAN PC's as being remote, and I have to manually refresh to fix. It uses 3-4 Mbps on the LAN without much activity. Lastly, I strongly dislike that the screen resolution of 1024 x 768. Just useless for productive desktop work.

I now use Neorouter, which is free. It has tons of client support and free when hosted on your own servers. Currently use html5 client for Z10. Though I can really only see the point of remote desktop on a tablet, not phone, and phone is mostly good for file access, really.

I downloaded splashtop 2 the free version and it wouldn't even open. So I deleted it from my device went to get it again and now it's 6.99. Anyone else have issues with it in the beginning?

Posted via CB10

I'm sort of having a similar issue. Downloaded it, and it kept saying my Z10 and PC were on different networks,which they are not, and offering me the Access Anywhere package. I even turned off the mobile network a couple of times to see if that was causing the conflict. The same thing continued to happen. So I deleted the app from my phone, and the streamer from my PC. I re-installed both on their respective devices, and now it crashes after attempting to open on my phone for about 15 seconds. Turning out to be a real pain.

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