Spirits still high among Research In Motion employees

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By Michelle Haag on 30 May 2012 01:38 am EDT

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Reader comments

Spirits still high among Research In Motion employees


I'll believe it when i see it. In 2010 RIM people DID say OS6 was gonna be 'amazing' and 'revolutionary' and look how it turned out :)

There is a MASSIVELY GIGANTIC DIFFERENCE between when Jim Balsillie was there (OS6 era) and now.

I'm sorry you feel the way you do, but you have to acknowledge the changes that have happened at RIM as far as re-structuring is concerned, along with everything you may or may not have seen from the Dev Alpha device.

Honestly though, my main point is: I consider what you said in your post very similar to when people TODAY compare a 9300 to some ridiculous Android device or some new iPhone. :)

All the restructuring means nothing until we see the final product.

This site just looks at everything through rose colored glasses. Very pathethic!

I'm sorry sir, I just don't have an entitled consumer mentality.

Entitled consumers have a very small vocabulary so while you may feel I need to REMOVE my "rose colored glasses" I feel as though you, and others like you, need to be a little more creative.

Also, if you're such a cynic, why in the high holy mother of f**k are you even here?

Wow so creative! Many plaudits coming your way. And just so you know, I will still believe it when I see it. Now go back to your room!

There is a lot of irony to a Troll telling somebody to go back to their room, like they on on a higher maturity level or something...

Restructuring means everything; it means change, it means they admit errors were made, it means they want to succeed.

This is a BlackBerry fan site, it is expected that they will put a positive spin on BlackBerry related news.

Take off your Sh!t stained coloured glasses and open your mind to the possibility that RIM might succeed.

That's a good idea ! Have RIM start a pre-order right now so they have some type of mark to start with on how many BB10 to build . Then there will be a more accurate "guesstimation" so they don't make too many and have to write down the overages . I'm in ! How about you ! ? !

Great idea! I'm in. Create certainty of demand,buzz. Create a virtual fruit store lineup. Set up a trade in value for any current Berry (Berry Bounty?) that scales with age or gen of device. Something like that!BTW is BB10 going to be a simultaneous global launch like BB7 was or roll out market by market, starting with Canada and US. Centralize the preorder list so you can use it as a predictive tool for operations and marketing!
Sent from my BlackBerry Playbook :)

Go back to iMore and stop trolling Crackberry.com. BB10 will kill it. Everything coming out of RIM since OS7+ Playbook has been killing it. Innovative, fast, cutting edge.

Research in Motion forever.

'Go back to iMore'

Ah, the typical unintelligent comment from blind fanboys.
I'm pretty sure i've put more money in RIMs coffers than you in the past 2 years. 2 Playbooks, 3 Blackberry devices...all 100% unsubsidized.

Keep flaming me for speaking the truth.

"Ah, the typical unintelligent comment from blind fanboys"

Wow. Why do you buy RIM products if you are so upset. That seems unintelligent. Maybe just go to iMore.

I'd rather be a blind BB fanboy than a hater or blind fanboy of the other companies.

Is there ANYTHING in my comment that shows a leaning towards any other company?! What's the issue with you comprehending simple written English?

I buy RIM handsets mainly because of BBM and admittedly good keyboards...that's an exclusive feature that perfectly justifies the need for me to acquire one. It does not preclude me from being unimpressed with RIM's software failings.

i just hope they dont put all their focus on the software and not so much on hardware bb10 phones need to kick some serious ass

They need to tick the right boxes when it comes to the spec and ensure that they are high enough, but realistically the software is the main area where they can actually compete.

Look at the android market since that is very much driven on spec and as a result, you have Samsung dominating because there is no way for the others to keep up with them and you could see that market ending up being basically just them and the likes of Huawei and ZTE within about 18 months.

I have high hopes for BB10, but I wont have an upgrade until quite a while after its out. Please do make BB10 awesome. The world will be a better place.

I know BB10 will *Not* please everyone, but what platform really does. I think It will suit my needs just fine and will be way above all my expectations. And that right there is all that really matters.

I agree completely there is no perfect platform they all have varying degrees of limitations. Its all about matching your phone to your needs.

I can't help but feel BB & RIM are getting such a hard time in the market because how good BB10 will actually be. Market traders are so into the price of Apple rising to make it a trillion dollar company they are happy to slate and burn RIM and the BB product line. You can't compare Apple Corp with RIM Corp or Samsung Corp as they have diverse product ranges.

I constantly read about the outdated feel of the BB OS, honestly how has iOS changed since 2007, nothing radical just tweaks - wallpapers, retina displays, cut and paste etc. Still can't add attachments easily to emails. Can't help but feel that BB woes are being unduly magnified.

The problem I saw with OS 6 was that it had the stigma that it was no good for developers and the hardware just didn't match what other companies had started to produce. t was written that they had designed the torch a few years prior to its release and due to software and contracts it limited the hardware.

OS 7 changed that a little and allowed more freedom for developers but the damage was there and developers were seen to be unwilling to build upon such a convoluted system. Finding the tools to design for them was a pain.

BB10 is a whole different breed and thats why people are excited - developers and the blackberry community. I can understand why employees are ecstatic but i also feel that this tweeter post is a bit of a facade because well... a lot of people are getting LAID OFF at RIM... that's not something to cheer about. (obviously keeping your jobs is a little win I guess)

I think the new blackberry 10 phones are going to be great as long as they keep it uniquely blackberry in nature but open for 3rd party development (games, productivity, social) you'll see an improved company and products.

I think blackberry will succeed if they focus on creating one phone, they have failed in the pasts by creating more than one versions of a phone and losing focus on making the one version the best it can be.

With bb10 they should only make 2 versions touchscreen and a keyboard version, and make the specs as best as it can be. No more cheap phone builds, holding back when they release a phone with 512 mb of ram and sell it to people only to release another phone 4 months later with an added 256 mb.

I'm sure im not the only customer that has bought a bb only to see a next one released with a little bump in specs and your like so what am i doing with this phone and i dont have the money to upgrade :( they need to drop this formula that they had going to succeed

I think that's fine in theory but to ignore a sector that could potentially be worth a lot to RIM would be silly. It obviously needs to be standards so that fragmentation and development isn't hindered but I'm fine with more than one phone because the apple way isn't the only way. catering for businesses, Consumers whether thats the high end or the low end should still be in the Blackberry sights.

I doubt companies are going to buy in bulk business phones when some of them don't need the bleeding edge and a lot of consumers would like to see a phone that concentrates on the experience then one that last only 2 hours.

I think you see that formula in a lot of companies, it's just that the blackberry we know (RIM) weren't extending themselves far enough in the incremental updates :P

Here's the problem: Release a freaking BB 10 phone ASAP. What's wrong with RIM management? Get a BB 10 phone out the door by end of June, even if you have to sell it as a beta version or something. You could probably sell a million BB10 phones fully marked as "beta" within a week if you get it out the door in 30 days.

Please please take the company private. It will let them focus on what they need to get done and quiet down some of the negative news.

good to hear that the spirits are high, positive attitudes and excitement in the team definitely helps in winning the game. The new platform has more potential than ios and android, (performance wise that is) that's something to be excited about. Now to deliver and convince the media... That's not going to be easy after years of being on the backfoot...

Just a question...

Since when does one individual using a social media outlet to comment on the situation of RIM become the voice of the entire corporation?

I have been cycling through Blackberry devices like a fiend since I can remember...from the 7300 to the 9900 inclusive (even the Storm 9500) but I can honestly say that I am eagerly waiting for the new BB10 OS to make its debut. Until then, I'm using a Droid Razr because although I miss the keypad TERRIBLY, the OS 7 became so unappealing. And even with the ability to bridge the phone to by Playbook, I can honestly say that OS 7 has been increasing frustrating as time has gone on...This is my opinion, and you can rip it apart all you want....if you want to waste your time...:)

And to the admin at Crackberry.com, since RIM has been the critical aspect for all of what we see on this website, I would put forth that you lead this community in becoming a constructive influence at this time.

Tell all of this to the employees at RIM. I have numerous friends still employed there asking me how good my 'package' was when I was part of the first 2000 last July. Everyone is scared....very scared.

Still, look at it like this: the RIMM share price isn't tanking as fast as Facebook.

Wait a minute...

Who is advising RIMM on finances...J P Morgan

Who underwrote the Facebook IPO...J P Morgan

Who just lost a tankful when the Whale went massively long on derivatives?

Is a pattern emerging here?

Do I have to remind everyone everyone again how Apple barely survived and lived off cutbacks, suing and getting MS to buy a chunk of it just to stay afloat until it came up with a product that wasn't even in its market?

Wake up people, a companies stock price or slumps doesn't mean it will die. Life has ups and downs and RIM is on a down atm. Might I remind you people that subscriptions are up and they have 2+ billion in cash.

True, but is that enough on its own to save RIM?

Jobs was lucky. He made some of his luck, true, but he was killed by a truly awful judgement call he made (to seek alternative medicine for his pancreatic condition, as a result of which it eventually proved fatal). You really cannot afford that kind of person in a critical situation. Just because it worked once, doesn't mean it would work again. At the moment RIM knows exactly what it has to do. It doesn't need a Jobs, or a Gates. It needs a focussed management team.

The only thing that is required for a company to survive would be customers. Having 2+ billion dollars in cash is utterly irrelevant - nor will it get you very far - if there is no one out there who actually wants to buy your product.

While overseas markets may be different, the current speculation by analysts yesterday and today - just do a Google Search for "RIM and market share" - is that RIM's market-share will drop below 5% in North America. England is also being forecast to rapidly move away from Blackberry products over the next year.

So again, 2 billion dollars cash - looks great on paper - but when your market share completely dries up; it's not worth a hell of a lot.

C'mon FOLKS, you know how it is. RIM could turn water into wine tomorrow and the MEDIA would still find a way to criticize them! Meanwhile Apple releases a new iPad with the only major improvement being a better display and everyone is selling their own mothers for a place in line to get one! Pathetic.

SHEEP, LEMMINGS...whatever you want to call em. That is Apple fans and the Media.

Whatever the case maybe at Rim, the current shakeup is truly needed at at Rim. I do feel for the layoff, but Rim needs this change to survive. Complacency breeds stagnation, which Rim was suffering from. The " house cleaning " will bring the company in line with its goals and loss of profits. I have been in a layoff years ago with a tech firm only to be rehired a year later. Whoes to say that these massive layoffs are permanent. When a company streamlines, it's trying to strategically cut out redundancies in various departments. Sometimes streamlining creates unknown stresses departmantally cus you have one person doing the load when there was 2 sharing the load. Maybe this is where spirits are kept high as these cuts maybe temporary.

I believe qnx WILL succeed, but it's gonna take time and will not be overnight. It's just not possible. Constant adoption of ios and android is the trend now but will flatline in the near future when malware, mobile security becomes the main issues, and lest not forget the mess of fragmentation that's is android. No real facts, just my opinion. IMHO, qnx WILL gain popularity in the enterprise sector cus of the security issues with the other platforms. Data breaches are daily occurrence these day and how long will companies tolerate this where trades secrets and patant wars are getting more ridiculous.

QNX may look similar on the outside with other oses, but on the inside it is completely written differently and unique. I believe this is where Rim will be strong with minimal effects of patant infrigment. Those companies who employ the various versions of Android will, I feel, be continually be locked in somekind of patant infrigment so because of the similar technologies used. This is where I truly believe Rim will succeed in time. Listening to the negatives is one thing, believing them is quite anotber, which Imo is mostly illusions generated by the media and the ever nervous wall street


People need to jump off the security dick and realize the advantage of a blackberry in this is now almost zero. Its not 2006 anymore. Many companies are adopting iPhones or BYOD... Even RIM has stooped and tryed to get a cut of this action by introducing mobile fusion a while ago...