Play your balls right with Spinballs Special Edition

By DJ Reyes on 5 Feb 2014 05:01 am EST

Looking for a new addictive game? How about Spinballs Special Edition? If you have seen some of the games I review here on CrackBerry, you’ll know I love puzzle games and this one is a nice addition to my puzzle game collection. It has awesome sound and visual effects and I’m totally addicted.

The object of the game is to connect the balls that have the same color together. There are seven circles with with six different colored balls on them, just tap the side of the circle to turn the balls around match others on other circles to make a chain. Tap the right for the circle to go clockwise and the left side to go anti-clockwise. Once you’ve connected three or more balls of the same color, tap the flashing area at the bottom of the screen, where it indicates how many balls you have connected, to collect the balls and gain points. There are four bonus balls dotted on the corners of the game area and if you connect matching colored balls to them they load up bit by bit so you can use them as power-ups.

There’s a x2 power-up that doubles your points for a certain length of time. There’s one that wipes all the balls away in one fell swoop, one that helps connect matching colored balls for you and another one that freezes the timer for a short period of time.

There are two modes of play - Classic and Zen. Classic mode is normal gameplay where there’s a timer and Zen mode lets you play at your leisure.

It has some great colorful graphics and I love the sounds effects. If you do a search for Spinballs in BlackBerry World you will find a lite version and a regular version. The lite version is free while the regular version costs $1.99. This special edition combines the two together so if you wanted the full version there’s no need to download it again. The special edition basically includes a free trial, then if you want to go ahead and purchase the full gameplay just do it through an in-app purchase.

I recommend Spinballs Special Edition for puzzle lovers. It’s a great game and highly addictive. Available for all the BlackBerry 10 devices and also the BlackBerry PlayBook. It’s free to download and if you want to the full version it will cost $1.99. Well worth the addiction.

More information / Download Spinballs Special Edition from BlackBerry World



First! This is actually a great game, have it in my z10


Good game! :-)

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Chris Westwood

Awesome..... downloading it right now :-)

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Kobe Barksdale

Play your balls right?

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I thought it was an interesting title too.

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Someone found the chance, and they took it :D

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Thats what she said

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True story.

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If you play your cards right, you might get your balls played with!

See what you started DJ! LoL

Keep The Faith  BlackBerry Q10 


I think it was intentional. DJ Reyes be saucy!


That title hehehe... balls... hehehe

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Seriously I had to read it twice because my subconscious mind made me read it as "Play With Your etc, etc" at first glance.

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Looooooool the title is ultra catchy!!! Loool for a second there I thought it was some kind of advice post on how to use BlackBerry and play ur balls right at the same time! I knew 10.3 would be cool but i never expected it to be that cool!

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Love to play my balls hahahaha

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Wtf title

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Hey! I don't need someone to tell me how I should play with my balls. :P

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As if I didn't have enough balls to play with already!


Like when you get bored with playing with yo' balls, play with these balls for a break. God forgive me bwah ha ha ha. Funny sh**! I better read the game review, I guess. ;)

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I hooked up my Z10 to my TV by using the cable I bought on so I was able to play on the big screen.