Spider-Man: Total Mayhem HD and Eternal Legacy HD by Gameloft now available for BlackBerry PlayBook

By Michelle Haag on 18 Oct 2011 03:52 pm EDT
Gameloft brought us 6 new games a week ago, and today released a couple more. Spider-Man: Total Mayhem HD and Eternal Legacy HD both share the same awesome graphics and gameplay you have now come to expect from Gameloft and the BlackBerry PlayBook. We'll have reviews of these games up in the next few days, but in the meantime you can grab either one for $6.99 at the links below.

More information/screenshots and to purchase Spider-Man: Total Mayhem HD
More information/screenshots and to purchase Eternal Legacy HD
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Spider-Man: Total Mayhem HD and Eternal Legacy HD by Gameloft now available for BlackBerry PlayBook


Really thinking of getting a Playbook now, but don't wanna get it then RIM comes out with a Playbook 2 a month later.

Why do you keep saying there will be reviews for all these new game releases? This has been stated about every game it seems and we have seen only a couple actual articles and even those it would be hard to call an actually review.

I agree. Don't say reviews will be made if they aren't going to be, no need to follow in RIMs footsteps of false promises.

You do realize there has been like 15 games if not more pushed through App World is the last week or so, and we've got most of our staff in San Francisco to bring you DevCon news as well as all the planning that led up to DevCon?

The reviews will get done, when we're not flying between countries to bring you all more of the information you want. :)

Also note: We actively post USER reviews as well, so if you want to submit one -- you can and we'd post those. You've waited this long for the games, surely a few more days for some "better then quick and dirty" reviews is worth it.

Nice to see more games coming.. Having had an iPad before I can say that the gaming experience is a lot better on the 7" Playbook tablet rather then 9.7" iPad..

Agreed. Much easier to hold and move the PB compared to the iPad. I don't think many people get what the big deal was with Mike L. keeping on mentioning using the PB with thumbs during the keynote today, but I agree, it's a lot easier on the hands.

Hmmm how about keep your spider man & final fantasy and give me Netflix. Now that I'm paying like 8$ a month for streaming i want use my all powerful tablet to steam video not play shitty ps2 videogames.

Good to see Gameloft bringing out the play in PlayBook.
It would also be good to see someone bringing out the professional in Professional Tablet!

I'm still waiting for good 3D games for OS7 devices! 3D Roller Coaster Rush is ok, Need For Speed Shift is awful, and that's it! They need to release Eternal Legacy for the OS7 phones too!!!

I really don't care much about the games, what I NEED is a good app for pdf files and more work related apps. I guess I probably should have waited for the BB Workbook.

Can we try them for like 20min before we buy them? I don't wanna buy and then be disappointed. Im interested in Eternal Legacy hd

The two Gameloft games I have, Let's Golf HD and Spider-Man, have a bit of lag here and there. Awesome games. However, this seems odd to me since Dead Space runs very smooth as well as Need for Speed. Hopefully, with updates, all of that will disappear.