Track your speed with Speedometer, now updated for BlackBerry 10

By Alicia Erlich on 11 Mar 2014 01:01 pm EDT

Whenever my family traveled by car, one of us usually had our smartphone mounted for taking phone calls via the Bluetooth speaker or for listening to music during the ride. Another reason was that we would run a Speedometer application to check how fast we were going. Not that we didn't already have access to the one in the dash, but it was easier to view the more engaging and informative one on our device.

Speedometer by Value Apps has been around for some time and worked well on legacy devices as a useful tool to view your current speed whether by car, train, bus or bike. As a former user on my Bold 9900, I'm glad to report a version compatible for BlackBerry 10 owners is now available to download.  

The capabilities users have come to expect remain the same. This includes the option of viewing speeds in miles per hour (MPH) or kilometers per hour (KPH), changing to landscape mode, or switching between digital and analog displays. 

The application is rather simplistic but all of the information you need is right there on the large dial in the center of the screen. There is a settings option in the lower right where you can toggle between the digital and analog views, enable the alarm, and reset your top speed. 

While the updated version for BlackBerry 10 is an Android Port, I have tested while using my car and public transit and it performs well. While there is always a margin for error, it was never too far off from the built-in dials. You can grab it for $.99 and it also supports the BlackBerry PlayBook and most legacy devices.

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Track your speed with Speedometer, now updated for BlackBerry 10


I can also confirm that this is a port. I was quite disappointed after buying the app because the author never mentioned in the article that this is a port, it doesn't even fill the whole screen on my Z10... Once more frustrated for the lack of testing before posting a positive app review on CB :(

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This is a ported Android app, not native.

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"The one in your dash" is not accurate.

Car manufacturers add a bit of tolerance, and that app or any GPS -based solution (tomtom, Navman, etc) will reveal it for you.

In my now defunct Holden Barina I had to do approx. 104 on the dash speedo to get a 100kph on the GPS / Navman.

(that's why times, kilometres on the highway signs and arrival never really match accurately in real world, when relying on your dash speedo)

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

Some badly calibrated speedos are up to 10% faster, believe it or not, also tyre wear and size make a difference

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

I like that. Actually a lot of vehicles show around 10% extra speed to save you from speed tickets?

Even my car's dash-board speedo and GPS speedo show different speeds.

"it was easier to view the more engaging and informative one on our device" how much engagement do you need to something that isn't the road when you are driving? More informative? I have (as most cars do, I assume) a speedometer in my dash that I can glance at as necessary, and doesn't use my phone battery.

What a pointless app. What kind of an idiot wants to see his speed on the phone as well as his built-in speedometer of the car?

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If you ever did that, you'd have noticed the difference between them. See post above.

Not pointless at all, if you want to see how much the dash speedo is ahead

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Yeah, that's right but at the end of the day you get that the build in speedometer is always, depending on how accurate the car is, 5-10% lower than what it shows...

That's simple math, once you get it you know by watching at your dash how fast you really drive...

So, after this epiphany... it becomes a useless app...

Ferrari ZetaDieci

Yes, I get your point, sure.

Unless you have a whole car collection, or you're always in a hurry...

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Well, may be a bit pointless when you're driving but the app will be of a big use in following scenarios:
* When you're not the driver, may be in a back seet or may be you're the 9th passenger of a 12 seats van.
* When you're in a train or bus
* When you're on a bicycle or a boat :)

And it's very useful when you set the alarm to warn you when you go above the speed limit to save you a ticket.

If you really want a speedometer, get GadgetBox for $1.99 it has the speedometer and for your second dollar a host of other useful things.

Ouch, you just made a happy and an unhappy developer, lol

Competition is good for business

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

Usage suggestion....when teaching children to drive you can monitor their speed without leaning over them, adding to the stress.

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Good stuff, then not useless at all...

I haven't downloaded it, but "they" got me a few days ago when I wasn't paying attention. Nearly hit 75kph when I should have done 60. Not intentional speeding. Still waiting for the letter,...

If it came with a warning thingy that beeps when you go over? Dare I say know the limit for that street or pulls it in from a maps database? That would have saved me quite a few dollars.

Or better, let BB Maps warn me and screw the apps ;-)

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Note: The app has a speed alarm. Set it to 60 and it will buzz an alarm whenever you go over-limit. No need to hold the phone or even look at it.

Even set an alarm to make sure the child's not speeding. Going slow is important when learning.

Better, add a warning when speed exceeds a certain amount = good for those who don't like cruise control and are heavy on the accelerator pedal!

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Guess what, the app has a speed alarm. Set it to your desired speed and app will buzz alarm whenever you over-speed.

Lol, set it to meter/sec and if you're so fond of picometer/sec, add E-12 to whatever shows up on the meter ;)

Um, Ulyse Speedometer (Android port in BlackBerry World, free, speed warnings, average distance, avg speed, avg time), and Trapster (Google Play, free, speed trap alerts, speed warnings based on actual road speed limits). Surely I'm not the only one who knows how to use a search box...