Speedlock for BlackBerry - Win 1 of 50 copies!

By Jared DiPane on 22 Dec 2011 01:49 pm EST


Looking for a new way to unlock your new shiny BlackBerry device? It's possible you have heard of SpeedLock for BlackBerry, an application that allows you to use your devices touch screen instead of a physical key to unlock it. Well, whether this is your first time hearing about it or you have just held back on the purchase for any reason you are in luck. The folks at BoardWalk Mobile got in the holiday spirit and wanted to give away 50 copies of the application to you, our favorite readers.

Contest: BoardWalk Mobile has provided us 50 copies of this application to give away. Simply leave a comment here for your chance to win. Limit 1 entry per person, contest ends Sunday. 

More information/download of Speedlock

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Reader comments

Speedlock for BlackBerry - Win 1 of 50 copies!



Dammit!...I bought it a few weeks ago. I've tried 4 different ones, and this is the best "lock-your-BB" app out of them all. I like how it has the slider, or you can hit the back button twice. Maybe if I win...you can give me the $2 back, or a different app?

Unfortunately the can't give money or other apps, they usually don't pay for them. They just get free copies ;) #Marketing

I'd love this app. It would be my first slide to unlock app I've ever actually wanted. The other slide apps weren't appealing. i think this one would be pretty cool.

Enter me please :)!

This would be perfect for me! No more using the top button on the Bold 9900! No accidental touch screen or anything while the phone is in my pocket :)!

Good luck everybody!

lemmi in on this action... jus got the otterbox for my 9900 so i need a lock app! tired of fighting the top button through the rubber...

Please pick me.. I am new to crackberry but have started following the tweets. When I saw this competition I got really excited and wanted to comment but I had to sign up and by the time I did, the initial number of 16 people became 54! I hope I would still have a chance. Thank you!

looks pretty nice.i'd love to try it on my 9850. I tried a free screen lock slider but it wasn't anything special.

Boy, would I love to get my hands on this app! Every other locking screen app I've tried for the Torch 9800 has given me grief!!

I'd love to win one copy of speedlock! It would be perfect on my Bold 9900.

Thanks for the giveaway, CB!

Wanna Try Try Try this lock apps on My 9900..
Hoo hoo hoo..
Thanks CrackBerry Santa..^^


This would be perfect for when i'm driving and need to make a quick call. Speed lock and Vlingo go hand and hand

This would be a really cool app for my 9930, slide to unlock, yes. I don't want the whole android or apple unlocking.
Thanks in advance CrackBerry & SpeedLock!

I've heard good things about Speedlock from a couple people now. I'd love to try it out, thanks!

I haven't tried any of these lock apps but it sounds like this one really works. I guess I will wait until Sunday to get it in case I win one.

Come on... let this post be a winner. Just bought the 9790 based on the review I read today and would love Speedlock to lock and lock my shiny new toy.

I actually went ahead and just bought it since i need a lock app and I can't get it to work. downloaded fine but it doesn't do anything when i tap the APP.

EDIT - Never mind. It simply started working. WOOT!

I don't have a blackberry but I am getting one for Christmas I might get the blackberry torch but I hope I get this app for it :)