Want to know your data connection speed? You now can with Speed Tester for BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 27 Nov 2013 03:34 am EST

On most mobile platforms testing your data connection speed is a piece of cake as the popular app speedtest.net is available. We're not that lucky (yet) on BlackBerry 10 - unless you are happy to side load it. So I was rather pleased to see a native BlackBerry 10 alternative pop up in BlackBerry World recently in the form of Speed Tester. 

The application works for both your mobile connection and Wi-Fi and will provide you with the your download speed in Mb/s - which is something I tend to check on a regular basis. As well as just showing you your own results you can also view rankings from other users around the world and BBM is also integrated - allowing you to share your speeds with your buddies. 

Within the settings tab you can change the maximum Mb/s that your provider allows - which will alter the colored bar on the testing screen. You'll also see the name of your provider when performing a speed test - whether that be a mobile one or home broadband. 

The native application does what it says on the tin and the user interface is pretty sweet - set on a black background. And best of all the app is free to download for all BlackBerry 10 devices. If you are a Q10/Q5 user the app does look a bit odd as it was clearly designed for all touch devices, but it works perfectly and that's the main thing.

*Update* - As if by magic the app has already been updated, bringing improved support for the Q10 & Q5. Nice work Mr Dev. 

Being a new app it's performance accuracy is still questionable in my mind but that's just me. Give it a shot and sound off in the comments with your thoughts. 

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Want to know your data connection speed? You now can with Speed Tester for BlackBerry 10


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5.56Mb/s on Telus in Northern Alberta. Says ELUS Communications. I guess someone made a typo when they typed the isp name in for this app.

Share your internet speed with the community :D

I know that I have 4/, but I get only just below 10Mbit/s, but when I measure it with anothe phone I have around 70, so....

Posted via CB10

Speedtest.net chooses a server neat you to do the test to help give an accurate reading of your top speed.

Does this app do the same? If it uses a server in Belgium (for example) then Belgium users will see accurate readings, but people on different continents will get inaccurate low readings...

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These tests on done of dedicated servers, so the numbers are pretty much theoretical at best. They have little to do with what your speed would be in real-world scenarios.

Also, speedtest.net uses corporate servers for testing. These have a lot of bandwidth and can handle heavy loads.

If they have underpowered servers for testing, then you may get a low speed due to server overload and not because your actual speed is bad.

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I guess this comes down to how much you trust Square Cloud services for global testing versus Ookla (who makes speestest.net).

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Fanbloodytastic! There's no excuse not to download and 5 star review this app!! Well done developer!!! #BlackSwan

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Unfortunately it's unavailable for my VZW Z10 running 10.1. Have to wait since I don't go the leak route. Oh well.

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Smooth, native UI is clean and simple ( maybe a little too simple) no upload speed, and I'm not sure about the actual speeds,
However very nice, will probably get better with the next update

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I can safely say that the app isn't very accurate in speeds. Way off base versus testmy.net. Which I have always found to be dead on reliable and accurate. Thanks tho.

Only a fool thinks they know me.

Nice app but nowhere reliable im sorry to say, im on a fibre connection and should be getting close to 78mb down and this app gives me a 23mb down. Even worse on my 4G connection, deleted and will stick to my sideloaded speedtest app.

Not available for my device.

I tried Testmy.net and I got 12.9 mbps down and 3.1 mbps up in Victorville, CA on the Verizon network.

Hopefully Speed Tester will be available for 10.1 users soon. Or Verizon releases the 10.2 update. Would like to have this native app on board.

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BlackBerry World says it's not available for my device (Z10). *weeps*

Posted via my WhiteBerry ZedTen :)

Hard to comment. I have no idea when I read the those numbers and comparing to different countries users. Just confusing.

Posted via CB10 by Z30

Err... I don't get the right results
I should get 18mbps+ on my wifi but instead it says my speeds are 6mbps :/

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Fail... NOT available for 10.1

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I'm MongezaurioBerry

Got an update a few minutes ago. Since I installed the app earlier this morning, a assume this is a new version.

Nowhere close to accurate on my Z10. I have 25 Mb/s Internet connection, sideloaded Speedtest on the same phone says 21, this app says 2.7!

I like the look of it, but as others have said it is way off. Checking my home ISP I got 0.49 Mb/s. Using Speedtest.net in the browser I got 22 Mb/s, which is the speed I'm paying for.

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This app is awesome. I just emailed the dev to give him the French traduction, the app should come in French in few times ^^

Download speeds FROM WHAT? Your default gateway? Some external website and if so where because that will drastically alter the results.

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Bandwidth test on my computer on wifi says 15 Mb/s but using the same wifi connection on my Z10 speed tester says my download speed is 0.8 Mb/s... Shouldn't the rate on my phone be comparable (maybe not equal) to the rate on my computer?

The app does not keep the phone awake so the screen blacks out when performing the test!

Doesn't seem very accurate at all. Saying I am only getting around 2-3 Mbps here in my office. If I use s speed test via the browser I get a reading of 15.5 Mbps and if I use the Speedtest.net app from 1Mobile Market I get 17.2 Mbps.

Is there a reason CB articles no longer state the  minimum OS version needed for new apps? This omission has been fairly consistent since the release of 10.2. For whatever reason people have chosen to avoid downloading a leaked/unofficial OS, it's clear there are many that are still on 10.1. Has Crackberry adopted a "let them figure it out for themselves" attitude? Or is it  reflective of a  "those Americans that would destroy our dear BlackBerry can go F themselves" sentiment? This effects more than those on a US carrier. I DEMAND TO SPEAK TO YOUR EDITOR, AND I DEMAND ANSWERS! I WILL BE ON A HUNGER STRIKE UNTIL SAID ANSWERS HAVE BEEN PROVIDED!

Note: the above referenced hunger strike will commence after I've had my lunch. There will be an intermission for the Thanksgiving Day holiday, and the following weekend. It would be a shame to waste all of those leftovers. Said hunger strike approach will be evaluated on Sunday evening, and may be adjusted. With the exception of the caveats noted above, THE HUNGER STRIKE BEGINS NOW!

The app has a great design! I really loved the user interface. Test speed is actually not accurate at all, but hope that will get fixed in the next update! Way to go! :)

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Speed test in not accurate, sometimes it takes forever to start the test and when it starts I get 12 Mbps peak and 4Mbps average. Using speedtest.net or testmy.net I get about 33 Mbps download and 12Mbps upload on LTE with Rogers Canada.

Why do I get different results than my laptop browser on the same wifi network? I mean vastly different 0.95 Mb/s vs 15Mb/s?!?

Not working for me. Just stays stuck with a waiting clock when I tap "Begin Test". Running maybe that's why?

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Great looking app, but totally inaccurate. I have a 3 Mb/s broadband service, on a line that can't deliver more than 4 Mb/s (old telephone infrastructure on an outdated exchange), and this app tells me I have 7.91 Mb/s download (1st try), 12.50 Mb/s (2nd try), and then 14.11 Mb/s (third). Speedtest.net consistently gives a figure around 1.4 Mb/s. So, not much use here then.

I have mixed feelings after trying it for few times. I'm with Rogers in Vancouver. I see full five bars of LTE on my Z10 but the max speed shown by this app is 3.59Mb/s. I find it hard to believe. Also, I don't see Canada on a country list and no Rogers on ISP list.

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Full bars means nothing for data speed. Depending on how many people are connected to and utilizing data where you are can play a part on what your data speed actually is.

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This app isn't accurate for me at least.

I think it's better suited for European clients. There's no way my max peak speed is 13 MB/s when I'm on LTE Max. The average was 1.65 MB/s!!!!!!

I've hit 93 and and average of at least 40 when I use the speed test app.

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For me this app shows 3Mbit but Speedtest.net android app shows 50Mbit in the exact same location and connection. I don't think Speedtester is very accurate.

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Well, I clicked Begin Test... It says Please Wait. Speedtest.net works just fine. Am I missing something? Z10 with 10.2 on Bell in Ontario with full LTE coverage...

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After a restart it works fine. Not sure if this apps numbers are overly conservative, or Speedtest.net's numbers are overly exaggerated, but there's about 20Mbit between them...

Don't trust this app. Says average of 8mb download speed yet constant tests with speednet shows constant 35mb on Rogers. Think I will stick with Speedtest as it seems more accurate.

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Bummer, not available for OS10.1 T-MOBILE. When is the official date OS update going to hit the US? #wantittohappenNOW

Nice looking app but nowhere near accurate and no upload test. Not sure how its gets a 4.5 star rating.

I have better success with superspeedtest.com. This app was very slow on my Z10 running Z10STL100-4/ and my Q10 running

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The update are coming (i hope tomorrow) for french support AND Select Server Option (for americans select Global 1 or Global 2). THX a lot :)

Speedtest.net on my Samsung tablet gave me between 26,10 and 30,97 Mbps
Speedtester on my Q10 gave me 10-ish Mbps

Tested on 4G and took three tests on both devices. From my experience on other devices and what friends have told me, the speedtest app is more accurate at this point. But so I would expect. I hope the devs keep working on speedtester. An app as good as speedtest.net would be lovely to have.

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