Speed Test Your BlackBerry Storm's Internet Connection!

By Bla1ze on 24 Feb 2009 07:40 am EST
Speed Test Your BlackBerry Storms Internet Connection!

Now we all know of Wireless carriers claims for their networks, wether it be the claim to be the "fastest 3G network" out there or heck even now they been using "the largest 3G network" in the world. Ever want to know just how fast it really is though? I know I have for sure. And just like I test my home internet connection, BlackBerry Storm and iPhone users can now test their WiFi and Cellular networks with a new application from Cisco called GIST (Global Internet Speed Test). The test works by placing your speed into classifications of "grades" and then helps you judge how good of speeds you are actually getting, as well as allowing you to share the information with others.

  • Web 2.0 Grade: surf the web and collaborate, you’re on a solid wave (150 – 449 kbps)
  • Music Grade: download/listen to your favorite tunes, you’ve got the bandwidth (450 – 749 kbps)
  • Video Grade: get your popcorn—it’s showtime, you’re in the fast lane (750+ kbps)

The application looks great on the device and provides a lot of great information for those of you out there that are gadget junkies that just need to know how fast your internet is actually moving. I know when I get my Storm this will be one of the first apps I download. Seemingly though, there is no OTA for this one it needs to be installed via Desktop Manager. Hit the link below , check it out and be sure to post your speeds in the CrackBerry forums.

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Ill give it a shot, I should be pulling in on the 3G network, but then again i don't really use to many apps as this phone isn't as cool as the I Phone


Gave it a try and its a cool app but I will say that if Im using it correctly and reading it rite then I think my signal is way low. the results are my high= 53 world high= 2641, my avg= 49 world avg= 132 and my low = 42, world low= 10, this is my cellular test results in Kbps.


But I am indoors, at work, where my signal sucks. I'll try it tonight at home where I get an awesome signal.


An application that tests your 3G connection and no way to get it OTA?


I'd love to win! Plus, I feel lucky!


Bmac You have the wrong thread lol... Anyway on topic my high is 274 my avg is 155 and my low is 124. Im in NYC and have a 9530 with os .103


I'm trying to dl the speed test for the blackberry storm directly from the storm, but have not been able to. I zoomed in, refreshed the page but to no avail. Anyone else have this problem and can help? Thanks!


From Cisco's website when clicking BB version a new window opens with instructions but no download button.


it seems do not run with my storm under VODAFONE italy


it seems does not run with my storm under VODAFONE italy


Installed it on Verizon Storm - I clicked on indoors and it has been contacting server... for last 5 mins. Same result 3xs. Any solutions?


From various locations in Northern Colorado. Indoors and in the car. Probably within a four mile radius.

high 244
ave 162
low 80

Verizon BB Storm


Please pick me! Thanks for the awesome articles and giveaways!

Keep up the great work....


My top speed with Telus in Toronto was 275kbps avg 169kbps
Low was 104kbps


I'd love to know what kind of sppeds VF's much-lauded 3G+ network really does achieve. But this app just could not connect to the server after about 10 attempts. I also notices my app memory went through the floor - could be coincidence, but I've uninstalled for now. Also, the text on the blue buttons is too big and cannot be read


It says "CELLULAR Contacting server... 2/24/09 11:34 AM" and its been like that for 15 minutes already.

I changed the permissions to all Allow in Options > Advanced Options > Applications

and I also turned my GPS on in Options > Advanced Options.

No such luck for me...I am indoors in Times Square, NYC. Blackberry Storm 9530 running OS Verizon never had a problem here in the building. I'm sitting next to a window staring at the New Years Eve ball. They did install wireless repeaters on each of the floors here to boost all the carriers signals (but I know its specifically T-Mobile who's signal always dropped in the elevator banks, LOL :P )

Anyways, any suggestions on getting this to work?? Previously I would tether my Blackberry Storm 9530 to my PC and just went to www.speakeasy.net/speedtest


high 257
avg 212
low 163

Vancouver, BC


I ran the Cisco Gist test on my storm running on Verizon. The results are as follows

your high=89 kbps
your average=73 kbps
your low=43 kbps

Doesn't this seem rather slow. Has anyone else run this on their storm with Verizon. I would be curious to compare results


221 Verizon WA state .103


Nice App will try! But also for those who have orb, you can see your speed at the bottom of the page when you visit mycast.orb.com on your phone


I'm in the Charleston, SC area with Verizon.


I ran one this morning indoors 267, then one @ lunch 205, then tried outdoors 220. Avg is 231.

I think I go to a larger metropolitan at the end of the week, i will try there.


Any Idea if this will be available for the bold?


I tried several times, indoors and outdoors, it says its connecting to the server, I give it 10 minutes, and never get a result. Verizon in Portland Oregon. Kinda surprised it doesn't have an OTA install as well. Looks like the infrastructure isn't quite ready for primetime yet.


verizon network in utah.


I got a 79 inside, so I went outside and scored an 85. Then I did that Verizon *228 thing to possibly upgrade my roaming capabilities just in case and scored a whopping 66...

Is this ridiculous? Is this what Verizon 3G is all about?


I'm in Houston TX, ran it 7 times inside and outside

got 282 outside and 279 inside
seems to jump around as the wind blows
for a 3g network i would think that this sucks
wifi would be nice


anybody from european union?

I can't be able to use this application

no result every time


this is giving some kind of misleading results. If I teather
my storm and do a speedtest at speakesy.net I get 1.5 mbps or right around that it varies but always real high. I was wondering why it seems so slow browsing on the storm then teather and my laptop goes super fast. any ideas?


Just thought I would say just so you guys dont think its the 3g that slows your storm down! I set up networks the wifi I set up at work. I was curious. A guy I work with just got the new curve 8900 and was on our wifi that is connnected to a 45 mbps router we loaded crackberry side by side my storm on 3g against his curve running wifi I loaded faster than he did.


Its the ability of the phone to process data more than actual speed available. Just the teathering tells us that.


Indoors with 3 bars (2x):
High - 143
Ave - 136
Low - 129


I went to their site but it is not provide me the file to download but it showing the instructions how to put the file on to storm.


my speed with Telus in Toronto is Top-138kbps avg-133kbps


In WV.... outside with all bars

High: 134
Avg: 118
Low 99

running .109 and upset this seems extrememly low!


250 kbps, Staten Island, NY indoors. Just started running 109


Like some of the posters before me, I just get "Contacting Server..." I've tried at the office where we have VZW repeaters in the building, at the house, and random places between the two. I'm not seeing any indication of network activity. I wonder if my BES server is interfering with it?

The Reverend

For all of you looking for the link to download the app, in the first sentence of the download and installation page, are BLUE LETTERS that is what some of us internet users call a LINK. That LINK, when clicked will start the download process.
Sorry I couldnt resist. I had a problems finding it at first, too. Downloaded, but have yet to install.
FWIW, My storm got beat in a internet "race" by a the new curve. I've been somewhat dissapointed in the speed of this 3G network. Kinda scared to actually run this app.


all i got was a lousy 120 kb/s on my storm


nice app :) works for me in the Netherlands with Vodafone. Their network appear a lot slower (average 65kps) to the T-mobile network used by my colleague with the i****e :(


West Texas vzw 9530

indoors and in vehicle

high - 121
avg. - 100
low - 86

seems a little low no?

Jeff Stone

I checked the other mobile platforms and found other alternatives. Specifically I tried Speedtest on my iPod Touch and it seemed to work well and is also available on BlackBerry.



Was curious and downloaded because I like all the cool colors..... Ha! anyway i too was a little disapointed in the results i received
High 274
Avg. 208
Low 133

compaired to world averages the high is very low and the average and low are..... well... a little above average

Now it does say that it only measures conections made by Cisco GIST? Maybe they do not have great coverage in my area. I will say with .109 and as well as on .103 my connection speed thru the browser, bolt, Viigo or any of the other apps i have seem prety d a m fast.


NE Florida

How accurate is this test really? Because to me this seems disappointingly SLOW. When I try speed tests via internet they are all over the place! What do I believe?