Speed Dial for BlackBerry 10 - making phone calls easy

By James Richardson on 24 Jun 2013 03:16 pm EDT

If you phone a lot of people on a regular basis then Speed Dial for all BlackBerry 10 devices will be the perfect application for you - just to save a few seconds. It works in two ways and which you choose to use is up to you.

First up you can launch the app and have up to 128 contacts with a photo in a grid fashion taking away the need to search your contacts or even open the phone app.

Secondly, and the one that I prefer is you can also add these contacts to your home screen. If you need to call that person just tap their photo and a box will pop up confirming if you want to telephone them.

The app won't be for everyone, including myself as I don't make many phone calls these days, (BBM does that for me!) but that's just me and I'm fairly certain that Speed Dial will come in jolly handy for many of you out there. For less than a buck this one's a beauty.

Full features of the app include:

  • Create up to 128 speed dials in the application with custom pictures
  • Create unlimited number of Home Screen short cuts with custom pictures
  • Manually add speed dials or do a lookup in the Contacts application
  • Use any PNG or JPG picture for the speed dial
  • One touch dial with Home Screen short cut (note: with BlackBerry 10 you will be prompted before dialing. This is not Speed Dial limitation)
  • Easy to use and there is no setup
  • Compatible with BlackBerry Z10, Q10 and Q5

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Reader comments

Speed Dial for BlackBerry 10 - making phone calls easy


What speed dial app is in the phone on the Z10? On my old Torch 9810, I could hold down anybody the keys on my keyboard. On my Z10, when I launch the keyboard (two fingers up from the bottom) it does nothing. I can't even do a universal search.

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The Z10 has speed dial tiles in the phone app. Go to thw contacts within the phon app and click on any contact then long press the number until the side bar opens and press the star to create the speed dial.

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I knew that I could have the three at the top as speed dial entries, but I didn't know that I could do more than that. I've never read anywhere that said I could do more.

I use it daily and it works great, I even use it over BT. Wonder what the difference is? WON'T work in areas with bad data connection as it is server based - how's your data connection?

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Usually pretty good. She always dials the wrong number no matter what I say, and most of the time, she can't understand me, which is an issue I didn't ever have on my Torch 9810.

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The only times I've had that happen was when my contacts weren't yet properly linked and organised, so there could be multiple entries for the same person with different numbers; ie not the voice assistants fault.

Make sure you are using the right format for the voice commands... That will help a lot. It's 'Call... A Person... Mobile'. Beyond that I can't imagine the problem unless you have a weird accent or something.

$0.99 for this tiny snippet of code? wow kind of expensive considering it only makes shortcuts on your homescreen with tel::5551234678 saved as a web shortcut. You can almost do this manually only BB10 won't let you save it to the homescreen as that option is greyed out, you can only save these as bookmarks.

I use voice command almost exclusively and it's amazing how well it works but I can see how someone would want to use this.
Hopefully native speed dial ala os7 come to the Q10 as its sorely missed by many.

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No Q10 yet, but a feature I truly miss on my all touch Z10

Please be there soon on the Q!

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Whata shit app. This will be obsolete once BlackBerry drop the new updates to address the speed dial issue.

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You mean, "Once my carrier drops an update", and as we all know, that may take a VERY long time.

Dude, why crap on an app just because you don't want it?

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Awesome app. Exactly what I have been waiting for.

Only problem is that it doesn't come with Jen's number built in. I would pay $2.00 for that!

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You know all I see in the forums is complaints that devs won't develope for BB. Waaaa! And then when they do .............just read some of these comments. I get that it is not for everyone- but there is no need for some of the negativity here. If you don't want it -don't buy it.that simple.
Grow up!

maddie1128, I agree with you.

I don't really get the bitter complaints about an app that costs all of 99 cents.

One of the things that really went backwards with BB10 compared to the previous Blackberry platform is speed-dial, the current system stinks. Yes, there is a speed-dial function, and it is a pain to use.

Even with the Q10, speed-dialing from the keyboard is not enabled by default, and I'm told even when you enable that, there are extra steps you have to undertake to speed-dial a number.

If I use the "speed dial" on my Z10, my call log/phone screen is cluttered-up with a bunch of junk that takes up way too much room since I use that screen for other things too.

I think having shortcuts on the home screen is a way better way to go, especially if like me you have already placed most items in folders so you have some "extra empty screens" which would be a perfect place to put speed-dial shortcuts. (And this app certainly isn't the only one that can create homescreen speed-dial shortcuts, but I don't begrudge him making a dedicated app for a sorely-needed function and selling it for a paltry 99 cents.)

agree totally, its a nice and simple Speed dial app. Its the way I used my short cuts on the Bold 9900. I had 5 short cut folders / Fav folders : One folder was for my Family numbers , then my friends , general folder, two business folders, my team and my clients. this worked great.

I bought the app when it first came out, and I use it daily. My only complaint is the prompt after tapping the icon, but that's not a deal breaker. I give it 5 stars for usefulness. I have thousands of contacts and trying to find one for calling is tedious. This app saves me time.

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Ah, another excuse why I phoned my girlfriend ten times during the past hour.
Woops, I hit the quick dial icon ....

PS: I don't know 128 people whom I want to talk to on the phone :)

You can also use the "At Home" app, this does the speed dial for contacts as well as for other media like mp3 files, videos.

I like to keep my speed dial folder and contacts like active frames but some times i make accidental calls.
How about a feature which you press and hold on the phone screen and it freezes the screen then a simple swipe up activates the screen, I know there is the lock button but I like to see my phone screen colored not a dark screen

If your service provider has you set up for a favorite numbers plan then this app is amazing! I will never forget who's on my fav 10 again!

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I downloaded this. Whenever I try to make a shortcut on the home screen it comes up with an error and annoyingly, it makes a new images in the image gallery for every contact you make and if you delete that image, it removes the image from the speed dial.
If this review had said all of that, I wouldn't have bought it.

make sure you set all the permissions in the Settings->security privacy->application permissions for speed dial app. when you create a short cut you need to have a custom picture. if you create the shortcut with the default icon (the man icon) then you need to select a custom picture.

I added my "Speed Dial" contacts to the Phone app. Speed Dial Contact pics appear above the "ALL Missed VVM" labels.