Speck Fitted case for the BlackBerry Bold 9700/80 - Check it out and enter to win!

Speck Fitted case
By Michelle Haag on 24 Aug 2011 02:36 pm EDT

Enter to win this awesome Speck Fitted case for your BlackBerry Bold 9700/80 - details below!

BlackBerry cases aren't just for protection. Though keeping your BlackBerry safe is a top priority, there is nothing wrong with wanting a case that looks good while providing peace of mind. The Fitted case from Speck Products gives you both a unique look and durable protection in a snap together design. The back is covered with a classy black and white plaid fabric which makes it eye-catching as well as easy to grip. It's a hard shell case, which offers more protection than a shell or skin case. The back, sides, and front bezel are all covered, with cut outs for the camera and side buttons and ports.

I really enjoy using this case on my Bold 9700. It fits really well and looks awesome, and the texture of the fabric was a nice change from the norm. The only drawback I can see with this case is the potential for the fabric to look dingy after a lot of use, but I'm sure it can be spot cleaned as necessary - just don't forget to take it off your BlackBerry first. You can see a few more pictures after the break, and to get your own Speck Fitted case for your BlackBerry Bold 9700 or 9780 head on over to the CrackBerry store.

Contest: Want to win your very own Speck Fitted case for your BlackBerry Bold 9700/80? Leave a comment below and you could! One entry per person please, contest ends Sunday at midnight PST. Good luck!

More information/photos and to purchase a Speck Fitted case

Speck Fitted case
Speck Fitted case
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Speck Fitted case for the BlackBerry Bold 9700/80 - Check it out and enter to win!



First!! It was always my dream to be first. Clicked on this article one minute after it was posted. What luck!

This is proof that dreams do come true. :)

Second!! (Ok Third) Want one for my aging Bold 9700!! hope it last until the QNX Superphones arrive!!

nice one! will be usefull since my 9700 will be around for a while, since none of the carriers in my country seem to be launching the new bb's anytime soon :)

Now that is what i think a case should be. Work great on my Bold.
Thanks for the contest.

Yeah, why not, I could use some protection for my 9780. It has to last till QNX phones, should I not be graded with free OS7 devices. :)

That looks sooo goood!!!
Being a guy who loves fashion and trying new stuff, I would love to win a case :D

Good luck everyone :D

Waiting for a QNX based bb before upgrading. Thus my old 9700 still needs to survive - best with a speck case :)

Count me in. My 9700's holster case is getting a bit worn/threadbare and it looks like I have quite a wait for AT&T to get the Bold 9900...

This is one of a hell protection and case for my bb9780.

I love my blackberry - Speck case protects my blackberry :)

It's been a while not giving a new case to my 9700.I think this Speck case would perfectly suit my need :)

I'm sure I wont win anything just like the other contests I entered before but I'm just trying again.. :P

Wow coool
I want one for my rogers blackberry got it from Canada and it's naked now :(
and good luck everyone all of us deserve this chance
and thanks CB for keeping the cool gifts for us

so I'm guessing sales on 9700/80 accessories have slowed down with the newer devices and accessories arriving. Any hoo, I'll take advantage of that, my 9700 is still going strong.

Oh boy! I sure hope I win this one! All the more reason to LOVE my Blackberry!! :p

Speck cases are one of the best cases out there, providing both protection and good looks for your smartphone! :p
Blackberry Bold 9780

Pick me! Pick me! I need to keep my 9700 breathing until the QNX launch next year. Or later this year. Or whenever it happens.

Do not argue with an idiot. He will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience.

I've used this case before, on my Bold 9700. I loved it, but it broke and I need a replacement! Thanks in advance CrackBerry!

I literally got sick of my Otterbox today and took it off my 9700. Two hours ago I dropped my phone and it has it's first huge gash after having it a year :(. I need a cool new case!

Love these cases. Haven't had on for my 9700. If I can't get a new BB I might as well have a new case for my old one! Thanks.

Maaaannnn , , Really love the appearance at the back side , , totally OUT OF CROWD!!!

Please let me have one for my fav onyx 2 . . ;)

I didn't think the 9700 was still getting some love around here. But I'm glad to see that it is. I would love this case!

In Before Sunday!

While I have moved on to greener pastures with the 9900, I would love this to give to the lucky person who is now using my 9700! :)

GimmeGimmeGimme!!! (Pretty please) Since it doesn't look like I'll be getting a Torch from T-Mobile any time soon, I can at least sexy-up the ol' 9700!

Case for my 9700! My carrier won't have the new phones probably for 2 years! So my 9700 is going to be around for a while

I would love to have that Speck Burberry Blackberry case on my whiteberry baby!!!! Contest is over, no more comments needed. I win!!!