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Speck Announces New Fitted, PixelSkin and SeeThru Cases for BlackBerry Smartphones

Speck Cases
By Adam Zeis on 13 Jan 2010 02:41 pm EST

Speck had long made some pretty awesome cases for BlackBerry, and last week added to their extensive lineup with the announcement of their new Fitted, PixelSkin and SeeThru cases. The new cases are sure to add some flair to your device, and will come in a variety of styles for the Tour 9630, Bold 9700, Storm2 and 85xx devices. The Fitted cases feature a snap together fabric covered hard shell that offers all around protection for your device. The PixelSkin (my favorite) is a pixelated rubber case that provides both protection and grip. The SeeThru cases are simply clear ("smoke") hard cases that will include a detachable holster and rotating belt clip. These new additions will add some flair to Specks great line of products, and should be available sometime in February. The Fitted cases will retail for $29.95, while the PixelSkin and SeeThru will sell for $19.95. Check out some photos of each after the jump, and for more information, head to

Speck Cases
Speck Cases
Speck Cases
Speck Cases
Speck Cases
Speck Cases


not a fan of pixel skin for 9700


Its a shame they have to plaster their name on the case, otherwise id get the plaid one.


there really arent a wide variety of cool cases for blackberrys, especially the storm. so the more the better

see thru case is ugly as hell, but the fitted case is really nice


Guess I would need to see them in person but not really liking what I see at the moment. Style only obviously can't comment on the durability or feel.

With all of the case options out there lately kind of surpirsed someone hasn't just made the all around perfect case yet.

Opinions will obviously vary but you combine the Otter box Commuter with the Seidio 360 and pretty much get real 360 degrees of durable protection that isn't overly bulky.

Maybe even throw in the screen protector from the Body Glove snap case for the 8330. That's some real screen protection.

If they can somehow make the keyboard cover removable (does get annoying at times)then that would be my ultimate case right there!


its not bad but i like my bodyglove case


I like the pinstriped one


thats not cool they have all of the cool ones for the other phones and not for the storm boooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!rip offf


I am very interested in picking one of these up for my 9550 but i cannot even find a case for the 9550 on their website.

I know the post says they will be adding but what about a date or something :)


"These new additions will add some flair to Specks great line of products, and should be available sometime in February"


There is no storm 2 love on the website!!!!!!!!!!


I think these new ones are going to be sweet and I can't wait to see what's available for the 9700! :)


Ugly if you ask me


Awesome! I've been rocking a semi-transparent Pixel case on my iPod Touch for a couple of years now and I love it. From the pic above, it looks fantastic on the 9700 too, I'll be ordering ASAP. I also like the look of the black fitted cases with the white dotted diagonal stripes--pretty slick!


Oh I just realized the article says they won't be available until sometime in February. My RIM 9700 silicon skin is way too loose and I'm not sure I can hold out that long! I'll try...


I like the Fitted among all three. But the other two seems to be okay. I just like this better


I will be rocking the plaid case on my 9630 when it comes out.. I use a blackberry silicone case now, and can't imagine it holding up any worse than silicone does, plus its way more unique :)


would love to have one of these cases


It seems that most case makers focus on designing for the back side of cases. Sure, these unique but the front looks like Ottercases. If they are trying to market towards female audiences by coming up with those designs, I think it would be a bit tough sell...


Def could use one for my new BB tour i just got for x-mass


I like the PixelSkin and SeeThru cases. They look cool and functional.

Don't really like the fabric cases though...


Please pick device could sure use it:)


i wouldn't mind a new case for my storm2 =)


Some of these skins seem pretty interesting. I'm open for something new. I bet I'd get a lot of my friends interested.


It's so cute! I want one!!


I'd really like to wrap my Tour in one of these new cases.


I would love this case.
Good luck to me.
Crackberry contests are awesome.


Enter me in the contest please :D


My Tour needs some class - love that black and white Fitted case!


Some love them, some hate them. I'm loving them, especially the plaid one - would look great on my 8520!


How different, sturdy yet classy!


Please hook me up with the stripes. It looks just like Burberry accessories.