Special pricing offers now available in India for the BlackBerry Z30

By Bla1ze on 20 Jun 2014 02:08 pm EDT

While consumers in India have loaded up on the BlackBerry Z10, there's a new deal now rolling that will bring some more attention to the BlackBerry Z30. BlackBerry customers looking to pick one up will be able to take advantage of the offer across all retail networks in India. So what's the deal? Sameer Bhatia, Director – Distribution, BlackBerry India has laid it out.

We have seen a phenomenal response to our initial promotional offer on BlackBerry Z10 and are confident that we will see similar take off on the upgrade offer on the 5 inch BlackBerry Z30. At a price of Rs 29,990 , BlackBerry Z30 offers a combination of latest technology and style quotient in a single device at a compelling price point.

The stylish 5-Inch BlackBerry Z30 combining good looks and powerful features like longer battery life, provides a unique communications experience of BlackBerry 10. We are delighted to be able to bring it closer to our loyal users with this unique opportunity.

That's a pretty sweet deal really. Looking around on some online shops, it works out to be approximately a Rs. 10,000 price drop. Recycle some old devices, get cash back and get a new BlackBerry Z30. Those are the kind of promotions BlackBerry customers both want and need to see happening. To take BlackBerry up on it though, customers will have to act on it within the next 60 days.

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Special pricing offers now available in India for the BlackBerry Z30


These guys always ignore LATAM.. anyway.. take a look at Mexican Telcel, it is priced at 4200 mexican pesos, that is $310 USD give or take. 1USD = 13.5. It is by far, the best deal I ever got for a quad core gpu dual core cpu, 2gb ram, 5 inches, long lasting battery, smartphone...

I got a STA100-5 in Mexico with Telcel for 5,999 pesos, which is about 460ish US Dollar. This was an out of contract price for pay as you go mode (Amigo Kit).

Also got to pay it in 13 months, no interests rate... A Sweet deal if you ask me!

Morpho4444 mentions a lower price, not sure if he is referring to post paid plan.

All we need now is for Telcel to sell some OEM accessories, I want the transform case!!! :D

Loved the Q10 but now it's Z30 power time!!!

Discount for the US? Some of us are still waiting for a release of the actual phone that works with our carrier on LTE. AT&T anyone?

Its a Good move! It would further help to reduce it by say 5k more. That's the only way I see this keeping-up with other offerings within sub 30K range which here in India, fetches you pretty good phones. I hope at-least the technology bloggers promote Z30 well now that price is reduced.

Let me give you some perspective - the pricing now compares with a samsung galaxy s5.

Its not competitive at all, but will entice those who wanted a BB10 but were sitting on the fence

Waiting for the BlackBerry Passport!!

That's a good offer! that's at least 15% cheaper than the current market price.But, the problem with BB India is the products are not marketed at all.They put out 1 small ad and go into a deep slumber.If I remember correctly they had a attractive offer on Z10 too some months back which unleashed a huge demand for it. BB India never was able to meet the demand for some strange reason(they have huge unsold inventory right) By the way own a white Q10 for which I had visit quite a number of stores all over Bangalore( not many dealers keep BB devices anyway).BB india never makes it pleasant experience to own a BB device

Is this a big reduction from the normal price?

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Looks to be about a 10%-15% price drop, give or take. India is kind of an open market so shoppers really have to look around for the best pricing. But judging from some online Indian shops, it was being priced between Rs 33,000 and Rs 34,000.

Not too bad then! Every little bit helps

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It's a reduction of around Rs.10,000 from its initial price. When I bought mine, I bought it at Rs.39000. However, within 5 months of launch, BlackBerry slashed the price to Rs.35000..

Looking at the current offer, Z30 is a steal.

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Even though the Z30 has been out for a while it would be nice if the US market offered it on more carriers.

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Except it's fully compatible on T-Mobile network. Buy it on shop BlackBerry. I guess you just can't afford it and need carrier to provide you a subsidy.

Poetry in Motion

Sporting mine on tmobile yo. Thank God for ebay's billmelater.

Posted via z30 STA100-5 the only high end business device on the market

As I've posted above, I ordered mine yesterday from amazon at £299, $509, €374. I'm a happy chappy!

First result on Google shows 34,650 which is about $619 Canadian. Not sure if that is the original price in store though since it is from an online retailer

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CB is saying Rs. 39,990 now down to Rs. 29,990. 8 months for roughly $160US decline.


The Z30 was retailing at about us$600 in india... I am planning on keeping the Z10STL100-1 and get the Z30. seems like a good deal as the iPhone 5c is also retailing at the same price. One of the galaxy phones is also available at the same price point. So competition is tough. Hopefully the big battery gets people coming for it.

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After BlackBerry brought out the offer for Z10, I did start seeing a few Z10's here and there in people's hands. I hope this offer can do the same for Z30.

Though, I'll forever hold a grudge against BlackBerry for slashing prices of Z10 enormously. From Rs.43000, at which I bought it, to Rs. 17000. At the time of buying my Z30, I got peanuts as cash back for my Z10 in open market.

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repeat after me.... "all cell phones are a loss, not an investment.".... (replace "cell phone" with "any technology product").... LOL

Although true in the greater picture, this does not have to be true for every buyer. Some people only have enough money to invest in a smartphone.

With due respect, more than a few loyal BlackBerry fans jumped headfirst for the Z10, got shafted by both the (lack of polished) features, and the price...

And a HUGE price cut for Z10 not too long afterwards...

To add insult to injury, heines later described Z10 as a low end starter device... at prices that once matched top-of-the-line iPh*ne and S*msung G*laxy phones before the huge Z10 price cuts??

I got mine from Malaysia around$475 net Canadian. Which is pretty decent. I know it can go a bit lower if one has the patience to negotiate and shop around. Yes , within the same location one offered was $600.

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That's very pricy considering I paid 400 for mine two months ago 530 is still steep, oh hope they move a boat load, it's truly an awesome phone.

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The Z30 is awesome! Screen size, Miracast, excellent reception, FM radio, fantastic battery life. The hub is fantastic, SD card where I can store my music, photos and movies.. and the onscreen keyboard is the best in the business..People can easily get great Android apps on their phone since 10.2 was released and10.3 will make it even easier.

Getting the Z30 will set you apart from the crowd in a good way... a very good way.

This is smart...offer BlackBerry promotions for top tier phone to keep the BlackBerry name out in the market for z3 release

From my z30

"While consumers in India have loaded up on the BlackBerry Z10" - Well we know where all those unsold Z10s went, don't we? Not that that is a bad thing... One thing to remember folks: BB took write offs in the billions on un-sold Z10... and then turned around and sold them. Some of the increased cash flow and profits from this qtr are likely the sale of those written off units.

In India they mostly have to buy the phone outright. There's not much option to purchase a phone. Any sale is better than no sale.

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Come buy in Malaysia most shops are selling at US$400 range

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I don't think ppl here are yet ready to pay 30k for a blackberry. Remember the Z10? It didn't sell for 45k or 30k. It finally got sold for 18k. Since there are more cheaper category phones being sold in India than expensive ones, what India first needs is cheaper category blackberrys to feel confident about bb10 os. This will help spread the word. And may be then, indians will be ready to shell out 30k for a Z30. My advice would have been to launch Z3 first. Wait for a few months and then slash the prices of Z30.

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I don't thin BlackBerry has as much inventory on Z30 compare to Z10. Unless they get Foxconn to manufacture a new batch to sell at a lower price.

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I'm not sure if i misunderstood, but when I was speaking with my Rogers Business Rep about paying the early upgrade to go from z10 to z30, he said he only had 4 z30's left but they were going to be 'retooling' the z30 and doing another manufacturing run. Does anyone know anything about this?


Not 4 months ago,I bought mine for the full retail price i.e Rs 39990 ($666 at the current exchange rate of Rs 60/$). So, this is definitely a welcome price drop (and yes, I am a little miffed & jealous). However, given the lack of aggressive marketing,it may end up being lacklustre. But, you never know.

I agree that the price as listed is still too high. The Z30 is currently trading for about $350 USD, which should be about 20,958 rupees, €257, or £205.

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This means in india this device is selling in between the 20,000 to 25,000 rupees which is $500 ish USD dollors. I can buy out this device for 450 Canadian Dollor without contract, to me it's way expensive in india. They will buy no matter what price range it is.

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Different market place. Unless the Indians have excess to some one flying in and out of the country. The price drop might be good enough for some.

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Need to ask family members across the border to get one.
Pakistan is one deprived piece o poo when it comes to BlackBerry availability or deals or accessories.

i dont see how 29000rs pricing will help the sales.truth is there is barely any advertising for blackberry.i follow the launch of mobiles carefully no matter what company and for blackberry i dont see any ads on tv/news paper.sometimes there will be a small news in the inside pages ,one or two lines saying so and so blackberry phone launched...and most of the lauch pricing are laughably expensive.z10 launched for 40000+rs.the inventory piled up and they had to reduce the price to rs17000! one of the most drastic price fall i ever noted here..and with the non existent advertising people dont really know much about the features and availability of these phones.
rs 29000 is not a competitive pricing for this mobile.the latest nexus phone is available at same price i think..that has a snapdragon 800 and a full hd display with latest android and much better ecosystem support.and there are countless chinese android phones available at this price point and much less which dont really have the after sales support but still has good sales due to the initial value for money.there is an alcatel phone with full hd display available at rs16000! and gionee phones at rs 20000 range.and moto x is available at rs.23000.and the old iphone 4s is available in that rs 25000price range..

what im saying is its cut throat competition at that price point.majority people prefer android due to the options and widespread availability and ofcourse "apps". with insane launch prices and non existent marketing blackberry is doing themselves no favor.i like comparing prices of various launced mobile models and i often baulk at bb launch prices..{only exception is rumored price of z3}.

if they dont want to repeat the inventory pile up again ,they have to price it competitively like motorola does..make people aware of the strong advantages of bb10 over android.
believe me high launch prices doesnt help..it just turns the customers away...even high end nokia windows phones,doesnt move much despite the heavy advertising ,and the good will nokia have in india.most of the movement in windows phone is in the lower segment.

and we have to buy phones at full prices..no contract.that too is a factor which makes the high launch prices a bad thing for sales

Product, Price , Promotion, Place (Or whatever the current marketing language is) has been a tricky combination for blackberry to maste for the last four years. Especially so the first two.
Its great to see that is changing now.
BlackBerry has gotten it right with the Z3, Let's hope they get it right with the Classic and the Passport too.
Waiting eagerly for the Passport.

Always BlackBerry

Not to be US-centric, but any article with a foreign currency in it should include a conversion to US dollars. That is just good writing. This will help all readers since no matter what country you are in you probably know how your currency exchanges for US dollars.

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u know its not mandatory to know the dollar exchange rate..then maybe pounds and euros should also be given..why just dollars?

I didn't like it actually... blackberry does this every time.. the price drop.. first with the z10 and now z30.. I took z10 for 40k and now its priced as 15k... same scenario with z30.. what about the fans who bought this things during the initial launch with the price above 40k?

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That's the price you pay for being the first. This is not new in any product launch not just BlackBerry. Next time wait for the initial hype to be over.

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Who's gonna pay double the price of Z10 for Z30 and who's gonna pay 12k for Z3 when Z10 is available for 15K. I don't understand what's going through their heads. It’s high time to re-define their pricing strategies.

If Z10 was launched at 25K instead of 42K. It would have been huge success. They slashed the price to 15k after losing many potential customers. Same is the case with Q10.

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You mean my z10 has a resale of just 5000 INR? ( $84 )

Honestly I was dreaming for an upgrade to z30.. but at a better price.. just to appreciate the loyalty of the fans who bought the very 1st smartphone of BlackBerry 10.. no matter how stupidly priced it was, we were crazy and lovestruck.. and we just went ahead and picked up the z10.. though I still love it.. but performance wise I need the z30.. but come on a little appreciation for the loyalty? No?

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Price isn't that great you can get z30 for 350-400 brand new on Kijiji in canada.

I think they should have reduced it more.

Problem in India is that BB tries to compete with Apple and Samsung in terms of pricing their phones. Z10 was priced almost 20 dollars less than iPhone. And casual users like me went in for other options, HTC one in my case. They need to price phones around 35k. Just like bold 9900. And BB will sell phones like anything. They have launched Z3 for 31k, that phone arnd 25k wud have been an instant hit. People have to pay so much upfront and what you they rather buy a S5 for 35k or z3 for 31k. Bold 9900 was such a big hit that even after an year it was selling at the same price.

Earlier BB has curve at around 12k, then another bold5 at around 22-25k and bold 4 at 32k. And people were crazy for them. So much so that people paid 30 to 40 dollars in excess to get their hands on bold 4 when it was launched.

Bb lost the plot the moment they prices bb10 phones 35k. Z10 at 35k wud have been a killer phone for bb in India.

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FYI Mr. Singh..
The z3 is launching at below 12,000 INR on the 25th of June.. in India!

Did you mean the z30 at 31k?

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A friend got one. Maybe he meant Z30 and not Z3. Haven't been to a store myself to check it. But I feel more aggressive pricing in India is a must. BB classic shud be priced around the price of Bold 9900. It wud sell like hot cakes. Any attempt to price them around iPhone or Samsung or even HTC as a matter of fact will spell disaster for BB

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Bought a z30 direct through a friend at BlackBerry for $199 CDN......I think it is cheaper than that now

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It's around £300 in the UK via Amazon...I've been teaching it,it comes down on average about £17/mth...

Hopefully by September it should be well affordable but obviously then that new Classic will be out!

Posted from my BlackBerry Z10...

How successful was the Z10 there? BlackBerry only moved a few million phones in total in that launch time period.

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I love my Z30. I had used Z10 before this. Both devices are awesome. Z30 is better.

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One thing I can clearly say... blackberry launching their devices at high price and drastically decreasing within a short period of time I don't know why.. it was not same with os 7 phones but, happening in os 10 devices... can anyone explain?

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I agree. Bold 4 was selling at the same price even after one year of launch. Problem with bb10 was that they tried to compete with Apple and Samsung in terms of pricing. And that did not go well..

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Ohh! I should have waited, just bought bbz10 switching from android xperia z and here in India I got z10 for 12500 rs that's a fckn steal! Just enjoying the bb10 experience it's better than android for me

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Should have gotten something else, after a year your phone will start messing up on you. This is my second z10 in the past year and it's still messing up!

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Oh no! I've had my Z10 for 8 and a half months and I haven't had any problems with it. I hope I won't have to worry about replacing my phone within the next few months.

 OS 100-4/Verizon Z10

My BlackBerry z10 isn't sending text and bbm isn't sending text. Think i might have to switch over to something else. Cant deal with an unreliable phone

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Readers and Editor - BB Z30 @ INR 29,900 (USD 500) unfortunately is not a steal for general consumers. Problems being:
1. Even though hardware of z30 is better than most other phones; BlackBerry has not marketed the phone properly in India
2. The general perception in India about BlackBerry is a company which will be sold soon (so why bother)
3. At USD 500 one has a option of picking up samsung S4; iPhone 4s (which many believe is better than 5 and value for money). Can BlackBerry really compete with them - NO

Me and my wife are BlackBerry loyals, we always end up explaining people why we are still using BlackBerry. Infact we did manage to covert few of our friends to bb, but unfortunately that was short lived. To sum it up, I think Indian consumers need more confidence in the brand

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I got my Z10 here in India when BlackBerry Was running the Z10 offer! Now, we can get the Z10 for as low as 13600 Rs down from the offer price of 17000Rs . Z10 run out of stock several Times a cross the country in India with BlackBerry India unable to meet the demand. That was fantastic, everyone I know went Z10. Now Z30 is on the offer but I don't think I will upgrade just for the sake of bigger battery and screen. I want to upgrade to a better Z series device with improve camera and of course battery not that Z10 of Z30 were bad. But, that's how the market runs here. Upgrade means upgrade in every department. Definitely waiting for a Z50 or something device from # blackberry.

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Hi I'm bought my Z30 last week, the deal price is 33.5k without any exchange. Some stores are offering 29990/ against exchange. Fabulous phone for all loyal blackberry users. A super secured stylish and classy device.

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I feel Z30 quad core graphics with a slightly better processor than Z10 (1.7 dual core snapdragon) and a Super Amoled screen is worth for an upgrade. Of course the bonus is the bigger battery. Still z10 on stores are sold 17999 across the shelf with some retailers offering meager discounts on the rack prices. Online stores are cheaper indeed.

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I bought it for AED 2,000 about $545 and it's the best money I spent! Get it India and you won't regret it! Just the Z30 unbelievable battery is worth $545, let alone the other fantastic features of Z30 and BB10!

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The price of 29900 in India is under exchange or upgrade offer. So one has to exchange his old blackberry or smart phone to avail this offer. I feel it's not a good deal.

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I bought 4 z30 sta100-5 from canada in last 2 month costed me roughly 21000 indian rupee ( $350 apx)
Lucky to have good friends in canada ;)

Himanshu's Z30

30k for Z30? Oh come on. Z10 was available here just for 15k. For 30k no one is going to buy z30. They'll spend that money on a new nexus 5. Z30 is not a HUGE upgrade over Z10. So for me the price should be 20k and then see the sale of Z30. I was thinking to get a Z30 but for 30k, a big no. If the price will drop, it'll be available through ebay for 20-22k without warranty. Hope to get one from there

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I purchased a day old, BNIB BlackBerry Z10, the BlackBerry I use, for 10k from a dealer that was shutting down. This was in January when prices were 17k at other stores and approx 16k with discounts/rebates.
With the Z30, I know I can hold on until I get it at my price - sweet spot is between 15k and 18k - just a matter of weeks if not months :-)

Posted via BlackBerry Z10 ST1 - I mean really!

Hi Z30 already popping up @ 28990/- on Mobile Store and around 30750/- on Flipkart, looks like an aggressive approach by Black berry.

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