Special Edition Podcast: BlackBerry in Europe. Interview with Rory O'Neill and Mike Kirkup of Research in Motion!

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By Kevin Michaluk on 28 Nov 2009 04:11 am EST

CrackBerry Podcast Episode 040: Best CrackBerry Podcast Ever!

The 2009 BlackBerry EMEA Alliance Summit is now over and the event once again was a great success. Speaking to many of the alliance members in attendance it was made clear to me that RIM has been listening and is doing their part to ensure those in the business of BlackBerry in the EMEA region are equipped with the tools and knowledge to be successful, and that events like the EMEA Summit help build those vital relationships.

Following up on our 2009 Innovation Awards, I caught up with Rory O'Neill and Mike Kirkup of Research in Motion Friday morning for a special edition CrackBerry Podcast. Rory is the Senior Director of Business Marketing in the EMEA region and Mike Kirkup is the Director of Developer Relationships (this is Mike's 3rd CrackBerry Podcast!). 

THIS IS A MUST LISTEN TO PODCAST for anybody wanting to learn more about BlackBerry in Europe. If you're a developer based in North America trying to conduct business over the pond, you'll want to listen. If you're in the business of BlackBerry and based in the EMEA (Europe - Middle East - Africa) region but are not an alliance member, you'll want to listen also. And for every CrackBerry addict who listens to our shows, you'll defintely want to tune in to get educated. HUGE thanks to Rory and Mike for taking the time to join ous on this one. Enjoy the show! 

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Reader comments

Special Edition Podcast: BlackBerry in Europe. Interview with Rory O'Neill and Mike Kirkup of Research in Motion!


Nice to get some Europe focused news and an interesting listen. Some good times ahead for us Blackberry users here in Europe!

Don't mean to critsize as i don't know whats been going on but i been listening to the same four podcasts all month when im at work! you guys said 2 to 3 podcasts a month! what happened?! i love you guys anyways tho :) llol

Between the BlackBerry devlopers conference, EMEA Summit and holidays all happening in the past month, made it a little difficult to have time to sit down and do that many podcasts. But hey, we brought good coverage for those events fair trade no? :)

Sorry, i didnt mean to sound like a jerk. i love listening to you guys. when im at work im always at your podcasts llol. even repeating them its still cool and all but i was hoping that there was another coming soon. i liistened from episode 32 to 43 like 3 times llol no exaggeration. anyway, i dont blame you guys at all, you guys did a great job on this podcast, i listened to it right after my comment. good job :) and bla1ze i cant stand that wretched storm either. your not alone.i dont like any berry without a physical qwerty llol

Hey! Kevin's fancy new microphone records in stereo! It is throwing off my listening experience a little bit.