Special Edition CrackBerry Podcast: Smartphone Experts Crew Reports from CTIA 2010 in Las Vegas

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By Kevin Michaluk on 24 Mar 2010 03:04 pm EDT

CrackBerry Slider Special

CTIA 2010 is taking place right now in Las Vegas and Dieter Bohn, Phil Nickinson and myself are on hand representing the Smartphone Experts crew. With the biggest news of the show already said and done, we sat down this morning to reflect upon the event. Take a listen. Show links below.

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to bad RIM didn't say anything at this show about anything but a lousy twitter app...


I'd like to win one of these.


Europe was driving smart cars for at least 11 years already. If they werent smart cars they sure as hell were the same size... so the form factor was already there.

On to the fact about the Crackberry team cursing... Look at the name of the site. CRACKberry. with a name like that who would actually care about a little fbomb droppings. Or maybe people find it funny, that Canadians (usually one of the most polite societies) curse.


I enjoy the regular crackberry crew and these special cross-section platform update podcasts as well. It's always interesting to hear what the other smartphone companies are up to. Keep up the good work (putting the podtrapper to good use)


Choose dammit...Deeterr Bone lol jk Dieter...palm pre gsm ftw...Arak not IRAQ, lmao...keep WebOS it's great...NINJA NINJA...Nokia? WEBKIT...super AMOLED...#FAIL Go EVO


It really appeals to all of us device nerds...


Lots of info there...lol, was good. keep up the good work guys! always good to hear about other smartphones manufacturers and where things stand with them as well!


I thoroughly enjoyed the podcast!
Keep up the good work, and awaiting the next podcast.