Special Edition CrackBerry Podcast - Randomness and Goodness... Live at BBJam 2012!

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By Adam Zeis on 26 Sep 2012 02:06 am EDT

OK Podcast fans, we got it done. We were tired to the point of deliriousness, but we did it. Kevin is passed out from exhaustian (not booze - carrying around all that hair all day long is hard work), so I'm stealing this post. It's been a while since we've done a podcast at all, and for this one we took it super old school.

Listen up as we run through a quick recap of what we've seen here at BlackBerry Jam so far - the Dev Alpha Bday one keynote and a few other things. We drop off a bit and ramble on about nothing towards the end, but long-time listeners will appreciate this one. There's a lot of Randomness and Goodness in it (click the link... you'll be surprised). Enjoy the show!

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Special Edition CrackBerry Podcast - Randomness and Goodness... Live at BBJam 2012!


my only concern about this is the battery life, i think with all that multitasking and such going on the battery capacity is just too weak, take into consideration the display and lte also.

I purchased your Book Adam. If all goes well with Amazon's "Whispernet" should find it on my PB tomorow while I'm sitting around at work :)

Dorkiest looking crew I've ever seen:) Y'all got faces for radio! (Or audio only podcasts) However, I must say that Bla1ze is looking more alive than he did on that last podcast!

So now RIM is shooting for the number three spot. TH says: "We've got a real shot at being number three". Hey TH - even coming in second in a race is called "being the first loser".

How the mighty have fallen.... A couple years back, RIM was number one! Now they're "shooting for the third spot".

Thorsten is being realistic, realistically BB won't be number 1, or even 2 ever again sadly. Number 3 however, they can fill if BB 10 launches strong, and with that, RIM will continue to survive.

I agree that Mr. T is being realistic, but just because he says they are shooting to be number three now doesn't mean they will never be number 2 or number 1 again. It sounds to me that the first battle plan is release the innovative product without major bugs and with the perceived necessary apps. Second, secure a spot in the standings, then build from there. Turn the tide of public opinion to lock in a strong and solid #3, then ramp it up to increase sales and win back the US market.

Business is not a race. Which would you rather be: an engineer working for Ford, General Motors or Porsche? If you were a fashion designer would you rather work for LVMH, Burberry or Mulberry?
Being third in a huge market can actually be more financially stable, creative and rewarding than working for #1 or #2. What matters is the net profit per employee.

A maker of business products was always going to struggle when the smartphone market democratised. The problem is called "Supporting the installed base". My own belief is that issues of security, robustness and consistency will always plague iOS and Android, and as the IT department has to deal with the resulting problems RIM has an opportunity to regain lost ground- perhaps not in the USA which is a unique market, but the rest of the world increasingly does its own thing, as does Japan.

Tired is no excuse. Maybe just me, but felt kinda down after listening to this audio... On the other hand after listening to the keynote yesterday I was totally pumped. Again my take only but I see no value in comparing to other platforms... Do Apple reviewers refer to Blackberry on a regular basis? I don't know because I can't stand the Apple BS so wouldn't be caught alive listening to that crap.
PS - I get my daily BB fix via CB.

Apple doesn't believe there is anything else in the market which is not a copy of their products. Officially...
Did you know there was a Powermac G4 tower which had an Apple internal part number of 9900? I'm amazed they didn't sue RIM claiming that the Bold would cause confusion in the minds of buyers.

Hi, i would be interested in your take on the UI. Because i am worried that it may be convoluted with the 3 layers of hub, active frames and app grid. It seems an awful lot to manage and especially that you have to think about where you are and how to peek from there just doesn't seem simple to me. Maybe this will be a mute point once you use it and it will be very clear and easy to use. I am just worried. What about consistency? What i love about the playbook is, that no matter where i am, i always know where a gesture will take me to. I know that a swipe to the right will always take me to the adjacent app. What i get from BB 10 is that sometimes it will take you to settings and sometimes it will take you to hub and sometimes it will take you to the active frames. How is your take on that?
Great podcast btw.

Hello Kevin

Did you discover anything about the so-called must-have apps like skype, netflix and the like? Can't say these are an issue for me as I would not use them even if they were available, but it seems to be a recurring nightmare theme in the forum on here.

Kind regards