SPB TV - Bringing Television To Your BlackBerry

By Bla1ze on 8 Oct 2009 02:46 pm EDT

SPB, more commonly know as a developer for Windows Mobile devices has launched a new application specifically for BlackBerry. SPB TV, is a streaming tv application which utilizes publically available channels (Selection is not the broad) in order for them to be streamed to your BlackBerry. The list of features for this is great.

  • 100+ international live TV channels, in 20+ languages.
  • Unique TV browser with quick channels preview and list of current & upcoming TV shows
  • Integrated full week’s TV guide
  • Ability to set Calendar reminders for TV shows
  • Fast channel launching and switching technologies
With a feature set like that SPB TV is something to take a look at if on the go media is your thing. However, you can expect to pay $9.95 for complete access but, a free trial is available to make sure of your purchase. SPB TV is available for all devices 4.3 OS +, including the Storm but if you are running an EDGE only device I suggest saving your money, it does not play very nicely over EDGE.

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SPB TV - Bringing Television To Your BlackBerry


I refuse to download any live streaming vidoe progran on my BB. Sick of all the grainy and fuzzy. Half the time, my BB freezes. BB is behind when it comes to streaming video.

I refuse to download any live streaming vidoe progran on my BB. Sick of all the grainy and fuzzy. Half the time, my BB freezes. BB is behind when it comes to streaming video.

Anyone know if it supports the storm. I have a sling box and would use it over this, but it doesn't support the storm yet.

Yes this supports the Storm. It works great for what it is. They don't buy and supply content (channels). They simply supply us with the free channels that are streamed on the internet. They have expressed a willingness while we were in testing (I beta tested this) to add any free streams we find upon request. What's cool and worth the 10 bucks, is the interface, that not only collects and lets you access these streams with little or no trouble, ALSO provides a TV guide of what's on the channels.

I bought this and it doesnt allow me to use the touch screen. I have to use a pretend track ball. I disabled whatever its called and it just doesnt let me do anything. Please send me the right version. vincetybor@yahoo.com

SPB TV is available for all devices 4.3 OS +, including the Storm

You didn't read the fine print didn't you? LOL

Not only do they support the Storm, they wrote a storm specific version, that is fully touch. Just make sure you download the Storm version. :)

Make sure your system meets the following minimum requirements before installation.
o BlackBerry Tour 9630,
o BlackBerry Storm 9530,
o BlackBerry Bold 9000,
o BlackBerry 8800 Series: Ev-DO 8830, WiFi 8820
o BlackBerry Curve: 8330 Ev-DO, WiFi: 8900, 8320, 8350i
o BlackBerry Pearl: 8130 Ev-DO, WiFi: 8120, 8220HTC

I'll stick with my slingbox for now. I'm sure that Slingbox will deliver a new app for the new Storm2 that will most likely work on the Storm1 with a full picture.

OK after looking this over, I found out that you have to have 3G, Wifi, or something else in order for this to work, on Tmobile there is no 3G and I use Wifi at home, and I can TV there. So what is the point to this??? and before anyone says when you are at a hotspot you watch tv there, Ummm one that's too few, and second the only time I am at a place that is a hotspot is too eat or buy a book, which is like for on 15 minutes if only that long. So they need to get this work a lot better than craptastic Wifi, 3G. "R"

No mainstream network feeds, just the news or weather feeds that are out there. It's GREAT for news feeds. :)

Too bad the app does not ask me for my language and zip and then provide me with a selection of channels based on that.

I personally will never buy any SPB products again. They have the worst support, a lot of bugs which when you report do not get attended to.

When you buy, you're good to go. Once you're a customer, that's it. No more care for you.

I know, I come from WinMo where I used a couple of their products.

I had this on WinMobile and it wasn't thar great, just downloaded the trial Blackberry version and the only message I get is...

Sorry this channel is temporarily unavailable.

I like the fact SPB are now developing for the BB but this one sucks!

I keep getting the "Sorry this channel is temporarily unavailable" message

Is it due to me being in the UK?

on the trial, no channels play; hitting Play just pops up a message saying that you would be watching video now if you buy the full version. So the trial is useless.

On other forums, those who had bought this for their BBs say it simply doesn't work well. Maybe when LTE rolls out and we all buy new phones?