FREE Must Have BlackBerry 10 App: Create your own Spark or CrackBerry avatar with Spark Me!

Spark Me!
By Kevin Michaluk on 6 Feb 2013 05:56 pm EST

Love BlackBerry? Love CrackBerry? Have a BlackBerry Z10? If so, you'll want to head to BlackBerry World right now and download Spark Me.

Built by CrackBerry and available FREE OF CHARGE, Spark Me is an easy to use BlackBerry 10 app which allows you to place the popular BlackBerry "Spark" notification icon or CrackBerry logo onto any image you choose from your BlackBerry Z10. You can also take a new photo directly within Spark Me and apply the Spark or CrackBerry badge to it.

In addition to adding badges to images, there are are also a variety of photo frames to choose from, which can be applied to your photo to give it some extra pizzaz! Once a photo has been cut and badged with either a Spark or CrackBerry logo, the image can be saved and shared. The images make great avatars on social sites like twitter, and at 500x500 pixels are an ideal size for using as your profile image on!

Download Spark Me for FREE Today for BlackBerry 10!

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FREE Must Have BlackBerry 10 App: Create your own Spark or CrackBerry avatar with Spark Me!


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If you're not familiar with the Spark story, it's a good one. Formerly the Spark notification icon was referred to by BlackBerry as the "splat." CrackBerry had a contest to rename the splat to something more fitting given that it was now appearing in BlackBerry's "Action Starts Here" ad campaigns. The Spark name was suggested by a CrackBerry member and the name stuck! 

With a story like that, we just wanted to get the Spark out there as much as possible. BlackBerry built a way to do through Facebook, but we figured with BlackBerry 10 now here the better way to do it was on the phone.

Enjoy it! It's a gift to BlackBerry and CrackBerry Nation! 

Hi - Thank you for the great little app. For those that have the BBElite Spark - is there a way to allow that as a replacement for the normal Spark?

Just great fake bikini model get's more free advertising..

5 stars because it's crackberry made over her though. Good work :)

Does Kevin even realize the backlash and resentment she caused? Does he even know the story?? Or is he just not gonna admit he got duped? Or did he already and I missed it?

Who cares. Sure it was pretty lame, and I think an apartment of five guys, away from their girlfriends/wives, probably clouded their judgement, but this so called backlash and resentment is just as lame. Anyway, consider it a modeling fee for the app.

Coming **very** soon.

We're going to roll it out in phases. In the next couple of days you'll see the first version, which has fully working forums (super amazing) and then blogs with more of a basic RSS view.

Once we finish the CrackBerry site relaunch coming soon (mid-month), then the app will get updated to fully featured blogs. We need the new site up before the fully featured blogs go live in the app.

But it's coming really soon... the forums part of the app is gonna knock your socks off. SO. FAST. 

Wow very nice. Seen some stuff on the CB homepage and it looks as sweet as honey. Oh yeah and the app is fantastic! Thanks for that!

The other guy isn't a model. That's Jose.. he's our graphics designer (he did the graphic above!). He's a good looking dude. Might have to get him to do a speedo blackberry shoot for all our female readers. Gotta keep things in check. 

i work out 4 or 5 days a week. Heck i'll do it :) The back of the speedo can read "bedside Mode"

Yeah! Spark love! Downloading as soon as I can afford to get a Z10. #BB10Believe
Is this a certified built for blackberry app? :)

Hey Kevin, the app is not loading pictures... I can not open a picture or make use of camera within the app.

When the app loads for the first time it asks for access to your shared files.  If that permission is not set it can cause what you are experiencing.  You can either delete the app and re-install and it will ask you again.  Or go to Settings > Security & Privacy > Application Permissions and set the permission there. 

Ha Ha nice one CrackBerry. Now I know where to put those :sparky's on our "full monty"photos of our recent boy"s fishing trip. That'll make it presentable on our Z10 homescreen and show our love for BB too!

Hey Kevin love the app, but you should allow to choose from the media card aswell and not just the device or box. just a thought.

This is off topic but I was on the Berry Review site and they posted a story that the BlackBerry Super Bowl ad is currently battling for the #1 spot with the Coca-Cola ad according to a viewer poll on Seems like the NFL fans like the BlackBerry ad after all, although we don't know what percentage that voted are actually American. This is a great boost for BlackBerry in the US.

Please doen not forget the millions of BlackBerry 5,6,7 OS users who also lover the BB spark!
So please an app for us!

Since 10 came out people with OS 7 and older have been led to the wastelands to fen for them self. Kind of reminds me of the Movie "I Robot"

It's just the honeymoon phase. We haven't had a new device in a long time, and this one is completely new, so there will be a lot of content for it. Don't worry, we haven't forgotten about OS 7 or before. It will all even out soon.

So I downloaded the app, very nice interface, but for whatever reason, it's not finding any of the pictures that I have taken with my camera so I can't add the spark to anything... Anyone else had this problem?

EDIT: Nevermind, turns out I had to select "SD Card" instead of "Device" in order to find my pictures. I'm an idiot.

Would DEF love to see this come to OS 7...We have a couple months we need to fill waiting for that sexy WHITE Q10!! *grins* By the way Kevin...any chance you could drum up some more photos of that WHITE Q10 in the wild??? You know you have a horde of followers salivating for every juicy pic......LOL

BlackBerry NATION!