Get space news, video, images, and more with Space TV Plus for BlackBerry 10

View NASA's on demand video, images, news, and more right from your BlackBerry smartphone

By Alicia Erlich on 5 May 2013 09:24 am EDT

For the kid in all of us who love gazing up at the stars and marveling at the wonders that grace the night’s sky there is Space TV. Not too long ago we told you about this application for the BlackBerry PlayBook and how you could access podcasts, video, and news feeds directly from NASA right from your tablet. I’m happy to say that this wonderful application is now available for BlackBerry 10 with even more functionality thanks to the Cascades framework for better performance.

Space TV by OSBB Code Labs is a simple application that grants access to video and information available in the public domain provided by NASA. This includes the Mars Science Laboratory landing, images from the Curiosity Rover, recent mission launches, educational materials, and various news articles. One of the features I enjoy is being able to set the astronomy image of the day as your device’s wallpaper. Not only does it flow from one screen to the next but is a certified Built for BlackBerry Application.


  • Live NASA TV (in HD)
  • Space related news from all over the web
  • NASA video on-demand - Astronomy Image of the Day (w/description)
  • Latest images from the Mars Curiosity Rover (Mars Science Laboratory)

There are two versions available: a limited free version for the Z10 and the plus premium version for the Z10 and Q10 for $1.99. Included in the paid version are UI improvements, the ability to share with friends and followers, the option to switch reader mode on and off, and more. For users worried over their internet usage there is a toggle button to go back and forth between HD and regular video streams.  

More information / purchase Space TV Plus
More information / download Space TV Free 

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Get space news, video, images, and more with Space TV Plus for BlackBerry 10


Why do I get the message unavailable when it try to download to my bbz10? Does anyone else get this

Posted via CB10

This is a must have app for space enthusiast and the casual observer. Great features, awesome content and an active developer who is quick to respond to questions. These are the guys we need to support in order to continue growing the BB10 ecosystem.... Well done OSBB Code Labs, Well done!

Posted via CB10