South Park sticker pack now available on BBM!

By Bla1ze on 24 Apr 2014 02:44 pm EDT

Although I'm not too sure how high South Park stickers were on the sticker pack wanted list, they've now arrived for BBM users in the US, UK and Canada. The sticker pack as expected includes all your favorite South Park characters such as Kenny, Kyle, Cartman, Stan, Chef and more with 20 in total being available for use. Pricing for the pack is set at $1.99 just like all the others and most folks should be seeing it listed right now. Fire up the BBM Shop within BBM and get them downloaded.

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South Park sticker pack now available on BBM!


These look great. This region locking and having to beg ppl to send you one just to download, needs to stop.
Next.... Family Guy!

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Actually, I like the region locking. It encourages people to reach out to make contacts in other places. Like I did to get those Indonesian ones.

Sorry, I find region locking a bad idea. Viber has more than 50 packs of high quality (most of them are free) but has no region locking i believe.

Question: if someone in a country licensed for the IP sends someone to another country outside. Can the sticker still display on receiving end?


Here is the technical answer.
If someone sends you a sticker from a pack A, and you don't have that pack A, then:
1) You can view that specific sticker
2) You can preview the whole pack A
3)You can buy the pack A in your local currency.

All this is true whether that pack A can be seen by you in the BBM stickers store or not.

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Right on! MATE!!!

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Read article.

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I'm holding out for some Nickelodeon stickers. Something like Sponge Bob Square Pants

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What the hell?!? It is $2.00; not even the price if an americano at Starbucks.

Tapped and flicked from my BlackBerry Z30!

Exactly the same reason I don't spend $2.00 at Starbucks. I don't like paying for crap!

Like come on South Park, what is this 1997! (That is South Parks first original run year FYI ;)

Where are the sports logos or just better sticker smilies? I like the idea bit I still keep the stickers for BBM app installed because the selection is still better at the moment.

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It may have been their first year, but definitely not their peak year.... The 80's ski movie (Ski Patrol?) mock... classic! And later, the Crème fraîche / shake weight episode... fantastic! Of course, they also have a lot of idiotic episodes that my admittedly juvenile mind cannot get behind, but not watching them since 1997 doesn't mean that was their peak! At that time they were comedic breaks from college studying, but seriously, you should see some of their stuff after becoming more polished.

I'm not a regular viewer of the show.

I remember after university substitute teaching 3rd graders in '97/'98---where one of the students was named Kenny and the kids saying the "You killed Kenny" tagline(without the swear word)---watched the show and thought...this show should not be watched by children...hopefully their parents realized this(brand new show, giving the parents the benefit of the doubt, no cartoons to this point on TV were so irreverent).

That being said, as an adult some of the episodes are of the funniest to me was the Jersey takeover of America...I loved "Jersey Kyle"---"You're Garbage!!". If you never watched "Jersey Shore" then this episode wouldn't have been as funny to you.

Murray Squire Marr

This was the first sticker pack I bought too! Almost instant decision to buy when I saw it there. :)

These stickers were fun for like the first one hour after being released. Now I'm bored with them...

Anything else gonna be sold in the bbm shop?

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Considering BlackBerry has probably already made a couple million $$ of "stickers" good for them and keep them coming. People are buying them.

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There are 5 more stickers that aren't shown in the preview. One of them being a naked Cartman. It really is great. I have already gotten a couple WTF's from others with that one.

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Probably a "real" sticker set would cost about the same...haven't been purchasing sticker sets for some time---though "real" sticker sets would probably have many more stickers in the set, though those stickers could only be used once and these electronic stickers will be able to get used an infinite number of times...

$1.99 is NOT going to break my bank...I will purchase the "South Park" sticker set.

It would be so cool if the set included "Jersey Kyle"...I would love to send his wife-beater/gold medallion wearing, slicked backed red hair Gingerness to friends and foes "You're Garbage!, You're Garbage!!!"

Murray Squire Marr

Simpsons stickers should be made...they are a "no brainer".

Then I think music stickers should happen...groups/musicians/singers/logos/album artwork etc.

Also, include more stickers...25 minimum...and lower price to $.99. Then that would start a SRT---Sticker Revolution Today.

Murray Squire Marr

Now that I've noticed that the sticker sets seem to be generally around 25 stickers...I want to up my minimum suggestion to 50.

25 stickers/set @ $.99 is NOT enough to start a SRT.

Murray Squire Marr

Now this is what BlackBerry needs for stickers to pick up. Some food recognisable brands. I say this with all respect to people who have made stickers.
Let's jeep this trend picking up.

Yeah. Recognizable food is nice, particularly in a jeep. Sounds like a picnic coming. Jeep moving BlackBerry !


Funny, vpblaze's avatar above, is that a Hummer or a Jeep, sorry down under it's all Nissan Patrol or Toyota Landcruisers...

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

The possibilities with TV shows is endless...needless to say...what would be really cool is "classic 70s"/"classic 80s"/"classic 90s" categories.

70s..."CHiPs", "Dukes of Hazzard", "Charlie's Angels"

80s..."A-Team", "Knight Rider", "Different Strokes"

90s..."Beverly Hills 90210", "Friends", "Bay Watch"

70s/80s/90s/00s/10s...Saturday Night Live.

A very few(obvious) suggestions.

Murray Squire Marr

If all the sticker sets are going to be cartoons then I need to suggest just cartoons...

70s..."Speed Buggy", "Jabber Jaws", "Scooby Doo", "Justice League", "Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids"

80s..."The Smurfs", "Pac-Man", "He-Man and the Masters of the Universe", "Heathcliff"
90s..."The Simpsons", "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles"
00s..."Aqua Teen Hunger Force"

Murray Squire Marr

I forgot a cartoon from the 90s that definitely should have a sticker set..."Beavis & Butthead"

Murray Squire Marr

If someone gets them please PM me, I don't have them available in my country and need someone to send me one.

Yet to see a sticker pack I'd be prepared to pay for. Or, even one that I'd use that often. The novelty wore off very fast for me.

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That's because there isn't enough options.

It will take off with more stickers connected to something well known such as South Park. Think about if BBM had Mickey Mouse stickers - Charlie Brown, Sports Teams, or the Geicko Gecko. Stickers that people really know about. Well at least these are nice examples for the US.

Just need more well known options.

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Option won't help. They are obnoxiously big, can't write message with sticker and are only cute for about a nano second. Bring Push-to-Talk to BBM not more useless stickers.

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You purchase them from the BlackBerry shop.
Have you updated your BBM? If not, update, then you should be able to view and purchase.

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But if someone how get them, send you one into a BBM Chat, you just have to click on it and buy !!!
Whatever the region !!!

Hey can someone with the stickers add me and send me a sticker so that I can purchase them?

I'm in the Cayman Islands and don't have access to them in the store. Thanks.


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stickers are the dumbest shit ever. however i loved the free WWE pack. and i just bought the south park pack.
i don't even anyone to send them to. they have to get these (and pics) to work in group chats.

I couldn't get the WWE and now can't get south park would you like to share them pls 2B6217B3

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Dammit. The only thing I would use and it's not available in Germany. BlackBerry You still have much to learn about running a successful Business.

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Im in the US and I don't see them also I don't see the WWE stickers anymore. can anyone clue me in on why

Blackberry will make $10 million on these stickers alone.

5 million of the 85 million users to pay $2.

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I don't think that they will be keeping 100% of these sales. It would be interesting to know what the royalties for sticker packs like this will ve.

Tapped and flicked from my BlackBerry Z30!

Bought to support BlackBerry, now to convince friends and family to download BBM to share my stickers :)

The only ones I've paid for, and there's 25 of em....loving the nude Cartman lol

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I don't care at all for South Park but hey I'll support BlackBerry anyway by purchasing.

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Nice pack, buying now. Now lets see some Simpsons/family guy stickers!

Sent from my Z10. Or was it my Q10? Either way, it was sent from an awesome phone.

Although I didn't have South Park on my list of wants I think this makes a lot more sense than many of the people requesting sports packs. This likely has much broader appeal than a specific sport.

Sports followers can be very regionalized and I don't see people spending money on a sports pack when there would likely only be one sticker (for their team) they are a fan of.

For sports a think it would make more sense to have team specific packs, although this would also limit the audience.

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For sports packs they should wait until the start of the season when the fans are geared up to cheer and jeer. But I agree, sports packs would sell but they have to overcome intellectual property

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What about a gifting option for stickers. My iOS buddy said he would never buy a sticker pack but he uses the free ones. I would buy him a 2 dollar south park park for sure!

Great idea, instead of other useless bric-a-brac that's just filling up and polluting the environment, stickers are free of environmental toxins and 100% digital...

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Someone just hooked me up with the Stickers so I'm paying it forward. Add your pin and I'll send the stickers to the next person as well.

Thanks for the stickers btw.

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Bought it to support as best one yet. We'll see if I use them after this week.

Seriously though, we should be able to delete a pack but still have them available in the back end somewhere.

From my new z30

Yup, kinda the same as apps. You can uninstall them but still have them available for download later. I hope they work out a similar system soon for stickers too.

Can someone please be so kind to spread the love :) 2B65D767 I will do my best to return in any way possible :)

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Tell them to update their BBM in App Store and they will see it! They will be surprised... especially if you send them a funny one.

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I think it's because of intellectual property that they can only sell them to certain regions

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Stickers is great for BlackBerry make money. As well should be the customized pin idea. Hope this is coming soon too.

My awesome Z30 just impressed you again!

Still too expensive, that's more than I pay for most apps. Southpark stickers are sweet, but I just can't justify the price. Its a money grab.


+1, and there are no free packs? not even one? except for a lousy enlarged version of emoticon. i won't even consider them as stickers.

While get your point about having some free sticker packs, you have to understand that big brand stickers will come on-board only if they are paid royalties. Handing out South Park stickers for free would mean BlackBerry is spending money for you to get stickers, which is something they don't have the luxury of doing in their current financial state. WWE did have the free sticker pack available earlier when they were promoting WrestleMania and those kind of freebies are the best you can hope for.

Once BBM Stickers takes off a bit more, maybe they can afford having a few more free sticker packs but I wouldn't hold my breath. For now, BBM Shop exists to generate revenue for BBM.

Respect my authority! - Cartman

Chocolate salty balls- Chef

Mmmkay!- Mr. McKay

Heidy Ho! - Mr. Hankey

Terence you farted in my face...No that was my bunghole! Ahhhhh god dammit Phillip! - Terence and Phillip

Good times!!!

Cartman says: Screw you guys I'm going home!

We need some more freebie packs to keep the momentum going maybe some BlackBerry icon packs and maybe some packs dedicated to emotions, I dunno such as ones entitled love or different stickers for happiness etc. It's a good start though :)

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We need at least 3-4 packs of high quality FREE stickers. Yes free stickers. Why? because a lot of people in Indonesia, India or in the subcontinent have no credit card. They won't be able to buy stickers. Yes, its only $1.99 but still many won't be able to use stickers. For example, Viber has more than 50 packs of High quality stickers, and plenty of free stickers too. I see most of my friends using stickers these days in Viber. BBM has just one free pack that too nothing but a enlarged version of emoticons. My friend in BBM assumed that BBM stickers are just enlarged version of emoticons. He won't buy any stickers cause he don't own a credit card. We need at least a few high quality free sticker, I hope it will come soon.

Free rechargeable prepaid VISA (travel) card? I get that at the Post Office here in Australia.

MasterCard Debit card? No hassle to get, and can be linked to PayPal no worries.

VISA and MasterCard is not really about credit anymore, but more about easy payment. You can use your own money with the two ways described above.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

I agree Prem, but you live in Australia. I was talking about people living in South East Asia and Indian subcontinent. Where most of the average people don't have credit cards or even debit cards, but they own a smartphone. Cheers.

It's actually easier to just buy a prepaid card that has "in carrier billing". No need to go through the banks.

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How do we design stickers? If I have a license for a product and it's image how do I get it done@

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Okay, stupid or not, I bought these just so I have the "you must over my authoritiye" and the "you bastard!" stickers....

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Purchased within seconds of seeing the title of this article. My only question is, how is there not a timmy, a Mr hanky, a towlie or even an alien in these??

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Would be cool to get them :) but not in Germany maybe someone want to send me one?

Wenn du mir sagst, was dort draußen richtig ist, werde ich nicht mehr versuchen dich zu küssen... (Sayumi Whisp)

I never understood what the point is in having these stickers. You pay $2 and then what? For ex: you send someone a character and then what? What are they supposed to do now? Send another retarded sticker? Lol

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What if you are in Middle East??? Is there a way I could download South Park stickers here in Middle East!


Post your pin and someone who bought them can send them to you. If you scroll you will find ppl that are sharing it. Just send them your pin...
You can are friends too!!!

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Family Guy and Breaking Bad would be nice but all these popular TV show are INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY And will cost BlackBerry $$$.

Lest see if they can close the deal. I'd buy!!

Keep up the good work BBM.

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Is there a reason they don't show up on the recipients side? All phones in Canada, including my own q10 for work only show a text notice that a sticker was there something you have to do to see if?

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Does this bind to bbm account? Cuz I wanna upgrade to z30 soon but wanna buy the stickers now

 BlackBerry Q10 

The last few stickers that came out I didn't care much about. These south park stickers make me lol. Great buy

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Erm... and the growing market still goes not get the stickers released for UK, US and Canada... Can someone throw some light when India is going to get them?

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I would love to have these stikers! can someone send me one I see if I can buy? thanks 2B653D9C

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I updated my OS to, there's no South Park stickers anymore. Cannot restore them, not even available to buy/download. Anyone experiencing this issue? If anyone send me can I restore? My pin is 2AC03F29. Thanks