South African students are more than impressed with the BlackBerry Z3

By James Richardson on 9 Jul 2014 11:09 am EDT

We told you last week that the BlackBerry Z3 would be available to buy in South Africa in mid July. It looks like someone has been doing some research with the students of South Africa and as you'll see in the above video they are certainly enjoying what the Z3 has to offer.

I love the way that at the end of the video they are all asked how much they think the BlackBerry Z3 will cost. They certainly were not aware that the latest device is a low cost one and it's great seeing the look on their faces when they are actually told the price.

Once again, if BlackBerry can produce some marketing like this themselves and get it on the TV I see no reason why Z3 sales shouldn't be good. The students were more than impressed with the handset, even before they were aware of it's low price.

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South African students are more than impressed with the BlackBerry Z3


South Africa is a great market for BlackBerry.....

Great video....

Marketing/messaging is so very much better without Frank Boulben....

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Ya but if they would have marketed more aggressively right away then they would have seen more sales which would have enticed more developers to develop apps on the platform which would have brought more users, then more apps, then more users again, etc.

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Z10 with 10.1 was everything I needed. My friends who primarily needed a communications device also agreed. 10.2 brought some great enhancements that made BB10 much more mass market friendly. With 10.3 I think they'll really have something that they can mass market. I'd love to see 10.3 release accompanied with a marketing push.

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I largely agree, but not having banking apps really put a damper on things for me. With 10.2.1, at least I can rely on the Amazon store for the banking apps I need. That bank of America one in the BBW is completely useless.

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I 100% agree with the poor marketing argument.

I'm in South Africa and I've seen one article on the Z3 launch here. Zero television exposure as far as I can tell.

I'll probably end up getting a Z3 despite it having lower specs than my current Z10. There's one feature I'm uncertain of on the Z3 that could be a deal breaker and that's HDMI out. If the Z3 has that I'll get one, if not I'll probably stick to my Z10.

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Ny....the bigger screen and battery are both superior to Z10...

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Z3 has Miracast. Looking forward not confusing the two at night trying to charge my phone.

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Marketing and wrong prices were the culprit for bad sales.
This video is awesome. And should be used as a commercial. Though it will have to be cut down a lot. Take snippets of the best comments.

I LOVE the reactions when they were told the price.

Even though it might not be as low-cost as some of us wanted, it sounds like it's still well within "affordable" range, if not approaching "steal" category.

BB ftw, IF they continue this type of advertising and step up their marketing...

Great reactions....wonder why the Indian marketplace is so hung up on price when it's their taxes that are the problem...

Hopefully out if a billion plus Indians....we can find 10 million who are willing to cough up $40 more for pure BlackBerry....

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Indians enjoy a good bargain. It is the rupee that is free falling, silly import taxes and lack of carrier support that hurts the Z3 pricing. The plus point for Indians is the total cost of ownership of a 5" device is lower with the Z3 over the past BIS devices. Finally, I see Indians willing to side load apps. Just seem to be smart with technology and huge fans of it. If someone thinks of buying a Motorola G Or E, they are not a Blackberry fan. BlackBerry only needs to sell to the BlackBerry lover who value the features that BlackBerry offers. They no longer need to give up apps for a Blackberry device.

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Now it's time to use this advertising and sell these bad boys!!!

Via The BlackBerry Z10 Experience.

Great! It is an impressive looking device, and for most people more than capable of doing what they will need it to do for them.

From my Neutrino Powered Z10

The more advertising the more they will be selling

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That's the beauty of the BB10 platform. The Z3 is an entry level BlackBerry, but the software gives it a high end impression.

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Exactly, and this is the best way for BB to compete with the cheap Androids that flood the Asian markets. For a few more dollars, you get a great and reliable value phone that doesn't crash 3 times a day. Very attractive indeed.

Totally agree with you. Software just feels so upscale than others. That's just me though.

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Why? What makes it that impressive? Being able to access settings when you are within an app? Or is it that you will possibly have a better experience using Android apps? For power users it's probably a great update for businesses purposes. As far as I can tell 10.3 does not do a whole lot for average consumers. What they should have done with 10.3 is make it more customisable with themes and give people something to customize and truly make it their own.

My opinion on 10.3

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Putting the phone to sleep and muting a ringtone simply by turning your phone over are pretty impressive to me (and those are but two of the features).

Cheers. :)

I have yet to see all of the features to be added on 10.3. I'll welcome additional features but I'm looking forward more on design changes and improvements.

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They need to do this in the U.S. too. This exact same exercise and make a produce a marketing video out of that.

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Problem is that most consumers in the U.S. have. Gotten used to the subsidized prices and their 2-year upgrade cycle.
Don't know how much support the carriers will give.
Given a choice between $200 flagship or $200 off-contract, most ppl here with data plans opt for the former.

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Good luck getting the iPhone and Android crowds to lose their current phones without a smooth transition. With phone apps being extremely integrated into users' daily lives, it's going to be hard shifting to a different ecosystem... But only time will tell.

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Good luck getting people in the US to even sit down and look/learn about the Z3 for 20min. Most will dismiss it as soon as they see its a Blackberry.


No. They would need to do the same survey in America and show that. An advert showcasing what people in another country thinks of your product is as effective as no advert at all.
People want it to be relatable

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Little to no marketing is why android is slowly but surely winning the market in South Africa.

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The 1st cool and attractive marketing Video. That's the Ouah.... but........ z3 is not for business strategy. so what does it mean from BlackBerry....????

If it comes to the Dominican Republic, I'll probably replace my z10

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Great video; more marketing like this will make it a sell out. A BlackBerry University Tour in all major emerging markets would be really smart!

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finally some fresh air in Blackberry's advertisement!
Now that they focus there ad on people let get the products in their hands!
Once you try BB10 you are amazed at how simple and efficient it is, if you give it the right price tag then you'll easily gain back some customers.
Fingers crossed (for the 'premium' devices to come, may Mr Chen price them reasonably!)

"Android app compatible " Classic, most standard users won't know how to find APKs with out a preload app store. Even your average android user doesn't know you can get apps for amazon.

PS if your reading this your probably not an average user.

I guess you assume things will remain the same forever on BB10 phones, right? Maybe you haven't heard about the "coming soon" Amazon Appstore preloaded? Times are changing. :)

No...never heard of it, my first day on CB...

My point was that it's not available( pre-loaded ) on the Z3 right now so it may not be a good idea to advertise it.
Snap, 1 Mobile, Amazon and Sideloading are things for advanced users and are not something the average user can or will deal with.

Anyone know if this is coming to US? I'd like to get my hands on one and I heard somewhere the current version won't run LTE on the carriers here.

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I think Blackberry should go in the first 5 universities in the USA and give BlackBerry devices as a gift tothe graduating students. Just stating that as they are going to face a new and hard part of their life, looking for a job or maybe starting a job by their own, probably a BB 10 device shall make the task a lot more easier becuase of being always connected, up to date and productive...

Now that an agreement with Amazon has been made and integration with 10.3 will be easy (from a user standpoint) BlackBerry can effectively market to the "lack of apps" perception. I can see Mr. Chen's step by step approach. Unfortunately some want things to change overnight and that is just not possible. I do believe a concerted marketing effort is forthcoming with the upcoming Passport and Classic /Q20 (hopefully Q20)

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What a great video! Like someone else said, it put a smile on my face the entire time. Well done. Hope BlackBerry uses it a lot.

Maybe because you are not in the "Emerging Market". Your income per capita is higher and you will be the first to complain that the device is sub par.

Weird that I can't find the Z3 review on the CB10 app in the "reviews" tab.

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This device can be successful every where but the potential customers need to know about it.
The most important is that BBY strength their relationship with the carriers in order to offer their products

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Going to south Africa in September. I don't know if I'll be able to control myself if I see this in the store. Especially for a good price. Hopefully the LTR version will be just around the corner by then. Anyone rocking multiple BB10 devices.? How do you manage to keep them in sync?

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I am. Just retain the same BB ID. Only draw back right now is that you can't have your BBM running simultaneously on all the devices.

It's funny that so many videos show how great the BlackBerry 10 OS is and yet BlackBerry doesn't know how to market it. They got rid of the marketing team finally BUT they replaced it with crickets

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This is great news and a great way to spread the word about the low cost Z3, but also about what BB10 can do. They need to do this with all of the markets that they will be selling the phone and also even in North America. They need to change how people see BBRY and that it isn't what it used to be.

Instead of spending millions on failed Superbowl advertising, they should go for commercials like this on Youtube. A lot cheaper and at the end people will know more about the brand and the particular device compared to that silly Superbowl flick or Alicia Keys crap.

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Think about it they are already doing advertising marketing just Take a look at what we are doing they are doing it without is even knowing.

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Would have been nice if BlackBerry actually made videos like this. I have no faith in their marketing so I'm only expecting mediocre sales.

I'm in Waterloo and I'm still surprised when people say "BlackBerry makes touchscreens?" They have no idea about the new phones or operating system and most don't even care to look at my Z30. They all pick it up and say "It doesn't have apps"


Dear Mr. Chen,

Find the person who made this video and hire them to do your marketing.

This video hits the right points. It's got music that appeals to the young and shows average people using and enjoying the product while talking about the things they like. Far better than watching someone walk down the street while spontaneously combusting and falling through manholes.

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I'm from South Africa and I can tell you that this is a funny article. It doesn't take a lot to impress them...

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And what's that supposed to mean that "it doesn't take a lot to impress them...". Elaborate or hold your peace. SMH.

They need to do this commercial in the United States, but somehow hide the fact that it's a Blackberry till the end. Make sure it's running 10.3 and already have Amazon preloaded.

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Great idea!! Hiding the blackberry brand at the start would really add more surprised reactions at the end I believe.

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All BlackBerry 10 devices are great, once people use one for a while, they'll never know how they functioned without Peek, Hub, Flow design of the interface.

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I'm from the Caribbean and BlackBerry is loosing it's loyal customers to android and ios, strange thing is most people think of the old os and not bb10...blackberry need to step up their marketing! bb4life. Z10 all the way!

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Nice. A low cost one would sell here in the USA. If that could make it around 100 bucks. For Boost Cricket and other low-cost providers.

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Great Video, well done, that's the kind of viral thing, people telling people... not crappy salesmen... Great... that's something Boulben wasn't able to...! and it didn't cost 4m...

For a Masterpiece, like the sugar coating on top, they should cut in some video sequences of what the users were actually doing and seeing on the phone, like when they were flicking words, or the app store(s), when they took their selfie show off with time shift etc etc...

We Crackberryans know what they saw when these students used the phone... iOS and Android users not...

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the add is great. Forget all the celebrities and stars, only real people like us can give true and unbiased opinion. Like that. Do same in other countries. BB on right course addressing it to the right audience.

Best advertising is to cover up the name and the logo then give it to typical American students.

Then ask them what they think .

Then reveal the name of the device and the price.

This way people can finally change their opinion on BlackBerry.

You can then end the advert with the tag line.

BlackBerry...surprisingly Brilliant.


BlackBerry...Get it done!!!

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Im from south africa n i cud pick up frm ths vid,these folks dno nothing bout bb10,so maybe it will do better on entry level bt for some ppl like me i will wait for the Beast#TeamPassport

I think this is actually a way it's great but in another way it's actually sad.
Great of course is that people praise the unit...great no problem there.
The sad part is that none of this is actually new, BB10 has been out there for more than a year now, people should already have known about this.
It just boils down to marketing and the broken record : you can have the best product in the world, but if people don't know about it, they are not going to buy it.
Plain and simple, BlackBerry needs more advertising

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Very well done.....too long for a TV commerial.....perhaps the TV ad could just point everyone to this YouTube clip. Give away 1000 Z3's if you watch the commercial and then put your email in for a chance to win.

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Just use this clip for a tv commerical even though its 4 minutes it keeps your attention and interested in the device and the reactions.


I think it will be very very intresting to get a blackberry report on the demographics of the viewers of just this video. It will show them just how many people out there are still interested in their products, where they reside and all the other sub-divisions.

The numbers that were interested in watching it, but couldn't because of the simplest thing called bandwidth will be an eye opener. Just recently, I read an article of a facebook team that went undercover, came in undetected, to the motherland called Africa for a case study. They we appaled by their very own product, the thing just couldn't load and cost them a month's supply of data within minutes. They went back, turned their app, inside out and they released it with such enthusiasm as a child that just cracked open a Jam jar

Moral of the story, we need African solutions for African people. They need to read these threads and wonder how they can win the American market. Time this so called sleeping GIANT actually woke up!
#VivaBlackberryZ3Viva #VivaTeamCrackberryViva #VivaBlackberry10Viva!

Now if only BlackBerry themselves would make ads like these. Direct, and effective.

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That, my friends, is what you call effective marketing. It got me interested and I already have a BB10 phone.

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Wow! This is the beginning, show this video on their television and to all other countries! Brilliant ad! :D

That was AWESOME! This is the kind of stuff BB should even be sharing on their blog and twitter. Who cares if it is or isn't official, the kind of guerrilla marketing is amazing.

So let me understand...... there is an attempt to market the Z3 in S.África whose price point is about $200.00US$ but the high end device the Passport has no marketing???

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I'm in Jamaica and I've already seen a Z3 & Passport locally. To be fair, these are people that I know and they have close ties to BlackBerry.

While BlackBerries aren't as popular, locally, as they used to be, it'd still be inordinately difficult to go anywhere in Jamaica and not see someone pounding away on those famous keyboards. Politicians, students, teachers, etc. - many of them are still rocking BB10.

They critical difference, though, is that these are almost exclusively BB 5, 6 & 7 devices. Seeing a BB10 device out in the wild in Jamaica is a rare thing.

I'm z10ing. Yes, I invented a verb.

Video makes BlackBerry look "cool" that needed to be condensed into a commercial, if only to give the general population the idea that they are. Great job! Great choice in music= CURRENT and targeted for the right age group and priced perfectly!!!!

Kudos. Keep it going. BBRY stock was up 4% in after hours trading today the last time I checked.

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It would be great if BlackBerry launched the Z3 LTE Version in the States and handed out thousands of free devices to University and College students.


huh? unless you work for eBay, how does giving away thousands of devices make any business sense?

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For me and many others apps was the issue. Now with 10.3 that is no longer an issue. This maybe the home run ball they have been looking for. Great video. BlackBerry should be plastering that everywhere

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Hope Chen spends up on amazing advertising in all markets where BlackBerry coming up, got to spend money to make money

C00121953 channel for car freaks!!

Chen fired the marketing team and it looks as though he replaced them with crickets lol. I haven't seen anything yet

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BlackBerry is the most device rolling Mozambique so bring up passport to us!

Z30 heals,weed cure!

I was tracking the video's Stats up until 1:30 DST. It was getting some significant traction before being pulled (about 100 views an hour). Yup, these are significant numbers for anything BlackBerry. I'm thinking BlackBerry had it pulled.

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The video now says it's private why it's great promo even though we can't get it but the Z30 is even better

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The Z10 is R2500 in south Africa, selling the Z3 at R2999 is no way near cost effective, BlackBerry needs to sell the Z3 for R1500 or less otherwise there's no reason for a south African to buy a z3 over a Z10, BlackBerry haven't u done ur research wtf

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Wow I realy wanted to see that video the way everyone is commenting about how great it is, I'm sad now, how can I get to see it, why was it made private now?

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